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Alvin Ailey
American Dance Theatre
in the United Kingdom

'The Groove To Nobody's Business,' 'Portrait of Billie,' 'The Road of the Phoebe Snow,' 'The Winter In Lisbon'
by Thea Nerissa Barnes -- September 5, 2007, Sadler's Wells, London

With Ray Charles music as the score, Matthew Rushing’s solo introduces this work by emerging choreographer Camille A. Brown. It is a mix of Africanist hip hop-ish gyrations and polyrhythms with the dexterity of contemporary and ballet influences. The movement language amalgamates into wonderful crisp and quirky dynamics.

'Revelations,' 'Night Creature,' 'Pas de Duke,' 'The River,''The Firebird,' 'The Golden Section'
by Ana Abad-Carles -- Septembe
r 4 & 6, 2007, Sadler's Wells, London
It is always a pleasure to see Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and on this occasion, Sadler’s Wells has ensured that the group brings three different programmes and stays for two weeks. The audience’s response has been rapturous and, watching the company on opening night, there was little doubt as to the reason for that: The dancers seem to keep getting better and better every time they come. Bringing a whole evening of Ailey’s works made the dancers feel so at ease in their founder’s style that by the time they got to perform “Revelations” they seemed to have been born to dance that work.

'Best of Alvin Ailey'
by David Mead -- September 21, 2007, Hippodrome Theatre, Birmingham

That a ‘Best of Ailey’ programme contains three works all over twenty years old probably says a great deal about what the company has, or rather has not, been doing in the meantime. Perhaps more surprisingly, two of the works were originally made for other companies, with only “Revelations”, the Ailey company’s signature work being made by the man himself.

Forums Flashes
Direct from the CD forum...

Musings on a Master
Pacific Northwest Ballet’s “All-Balanchine” Program
Saturday evening, 22 September 2007
McCaw Hall, Seattle, Washington

by Dean Speer

Few have had so great an impact on the balletic and dance canon and vocabulary as he. A handful in his league would be Martha Graham and Marius Petipa, perhaps some others. His ballets to me always seem fresh and never dull. They are lessons in craft and composition.

To read more, click here


Alberto Spadolini Exhibition
Bolero-Spado': Una Vita Di Tutti I Colori

by Rosella Simonari -- August 10 & 15, 2007, Sala Imperatori, Porto San Giorgio (Fermo), Italy
Alberto Spadolini (1907-1972) was a versatile artist who travelled and toured to many places in Europe and in the United States. He was a famous music hall dancer in the 1930s and ‘40s who then became an affirmed painter in the 1950s and 1960s. No wonder the exhibition to celebrate the centenary of his birth was called “Bolero-Spado’: una vita di tutti i colori” [a life of all colours].

Premiere: 'Don Quixote' - Restored film of George Balanchine's 1965 gala performance featuring George Balanchine and Suzanne Farrell
by Carmel Morgan -- September 5, 2007 -- The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC

I was not born when the teenage Suzanne Farrell first starred in George Balanchine’s “Don Quixote.” But thanks to the restored film version of this 1965 ballet, I was able to witness for myself the nineteen year-old marvel’s extraordinary talent. Her performance as Dulcinea, the object of Don Quixote’s affection, was full of incredible vulnerability and charm. In addition, the film portrayed a rare stage performance of the master, George Balanchine, who was heart-rending as the aging dreamer, Don Quixote.


Birmingham Royal Ballet - 'Edward II'
by David Mead -- September 26, 2007, Hippodrome Theatre, Birmingham, UK
Given how it has remained in the memory, it seems amazing that it is eight years since BRB danced David Bintley’s “Edward II” in the UK, and ten years since it was last seen in Birmingham. Based on the showing the company gave us on the first night of their new season, the work has lost none of its impact and power.

C-Scape Dance Company - 'Guilty Fingers'
by David Mead -- September 20, 2007, Woolfenden Hall, Rugby, UK
One of the nice things about writing about dance is that every now and again you get a really pleasant surprise. That was certainly the case with C-Scape Dance Company and their sometimes hard-hitting, sometimes humorous form of dance theatre that brings together choreography and clever use of film and text.

Mariinsky Theatre 225th Season - 'Giselle'
by Catherine Pawlick -- September 19, 2007, St. Petersburg, Russia
The beginning of the Mariinsky’s 225th season began in hallmark fashion earlier this week. Per tradition, the Opera had the honors of the first performance, offering up “Life for the Tsar” on September 16th. Diana Vishneva danced in “Romeo and Juliet” the following night, and Alina Somova appeared in the traditional season ballet opener, “Swan Lake”. However, the third ballet in this case was certainly the charm, for it wasn’t until tonight, in arguably the first real draw of the season, that the devoted contingency of St. Petersburg’s strict classical ballet lovers filled the Mariinsky Theatre to witness the queen of classical purity, Uliana Lopatkina, in “Giselle”.

CityDance Ensemble - 'UnRavel,' 'Bubbles,' 'I Can Hear You. Can You See Me?,' 'Little Rhapsodies,' 'Harmonica Breakdown,' 'Salam,' 'Born to Run (Part One)'
by Carmel Morgan -- September 7, 2007, Lansburgh Theatre, Washington, DC

State Street Ballet - 'Carmen'
by Kathy Lee Scott -- August 17, 2007, John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, California

editors' choice

· Tempo Dance Festival
Auckland, New Zealand -- Auckland, 29 September 2007 - 28 October 2007
New Zealand’s biggest dance festival is back when tempo NZ’s Festival of Dance proudly returns to Auckland with an impressive programme of 913 performers dancing up a storm in over 93 performances.

· Wave Rising Series
John Ryan Theater, Brooklyn, New York -- October 17 - November 4, 2007
The series presents 22 dance companies in 6 extraordinary, full-length programs celebrating fresh, contemporary choreography.



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