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Bolshoi Ballet in London 2007
London Coliseum, London, UK

Triple Bill: 'Class Concert', 'Elsinore', 'In the Upper Room'
August 23, 2007
by David Mead

Asaf Messerer's “Class Concert” starts so simply. Four small girls, then four boys, doing simple barre exercises that are the very root of ballet. Half an hour later, everyone has grown up and the audience is having their breath taken away by a dazzling series of virtuosic solos.

'La Bayadere'
August 2, 2007
by Ana Abad-Carles
The second programme the Bolshoi Ballet presented in London as part of their summer season in the capital was Yuri Grigorovitch’s version of the classic Petipa ballet “La Bayadére”. 
Grigorovitch’s version of the ballet does not depart greatly from the Maryinsky’s usual interpretation (prior to their reconstruction of the "original").

'Le Corsaire'
July 30, 2007
by Ana Abad-Carles
Archaeological research in dance is not a very accurate science, as there are no existing records of what any of the works actually looked like at the time they premiere. So, when a director attempts a “reconstruction” of a ballet we should take this with a grain of salt. 
Ratmansky’s new production of “Le Corsaire” for the Bolshoi Ballet is full of historical references and reconstructions from the surviving notated sources, interspersed with new choreographic material provided by Ratmanski himself. The result is a very long, highly enjoyable piece that lacks dramatic substance and radically departs from the version the Kirov brought to London years ago.

Forums Flashes
Direct from the CD forum...

more reviews, thoughts and discussion on the Bolshoi Ballet in London and other cities...

by Ana Abad-Carles, David Mead, Cassandra and other CD forum contributors.  From Cassandra:

The Bright Stream
Bolshoi Ballet
Coliseum, London
16th and 18th August (mat & eve)

It was with a slight sense of sadness that I took my seat for the final production of the Bolshoi season, simply because it signalled the end of three glorious weeks, but the sure cure for the blues is a performance of Bright Stream, the happiest, funniest ballet in the company’s repertoire. First seen in London last year, this ballet instantly established itself as a favourite with the London ballet fans and this time around we had the bonus of several newcomers in the leading roles to admire.

Bright stream is basically a story of romantic wrangles on a summer evening at a collective farm in Russia in the 1930’s with lots of mistaken identities, some intended, but unsuccessful infidelities and a rollicking happy ending...

Stars of the Bolshoi & Kirov in Cannes
by Cassandra

2007 Met Season Recap

June 14 and 15, 2007
by Jerry Hochman
As a semi-professional balletomane for more years than I care to remember, I’ve been privileged to witness many extraordinary performances; performances that will endure as treasured memories as long as what passes for my brain still functions.

'Ferri Farewell'
June 23, 2007
by Jerry Hochman
In a way, I’ve grown up with Alessandra Ferri. Already a confirmed balletomane, attending the Royal Ballet’s heralded return visit to New York in 1981, its first in many years, was de rigueur. I don’t recall how many Royal performances my wife and I attended, but I recall that overall the Royal seemed more stolid than I’d anticipated, like it was preserved in aspic.


Jacques D'Amboise: Portrait of a Great American Dancer - DVD Review
by Leland Windreich
At the age of five, Jacques D’Amboise, his parents and three siblings were rendered homeless when his father lost his job...
Before he was 20 he was partnering some of the finest ballerinas in America and assuming major roles in new creations of George Balanchine. The story of his progress and the glorious career he enjoyed as an internationally acclaimed ballet dancer is recalled in a 38-minute interview filmed in 2006 to accompany the anthology of films collected for this delightful and inspirational DVD.

San Francisco Ballet at Stern Grove
by Dean Speer

Dancers however – as a species – tend not to like outdoor performing.  Yet, as an al fresco venue, the re-envisioned Grove is as close to being an outdoor palace as you can get in the Bay Area and is a welcome change...

Two Nights of Dance
Two Views

Edinburgh Festivals 2007

Edinburgh International Festival - Scottish Ballet - Triple Bill
by Kate Snedeker -- August 19, 2007, Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland
The Edinburgh Playhouse audience might be forgiven for being a bit surprised by the afternoon's on-stage fare. The Scottish Ballet has been moving towards a more diverse, contemporary based repertory, but this year's Festival program may have been a step too far in the non-balletic direction, and too much of the same thing – three contemporary pieces, all with contemporary music and based around a group of 10-15 dancers.

Edinburgh International Festival - Royal Ballet of Flanders - 'Impressing the Czar'
by Kate Snedeker -- August 18, 2007, Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland
The best approach to William Forsythe's "Impressing the Czar" is one with absolutely no preconceptions at all. If you think you've seen it all in ballet, think again. A three-act compilation of dance, drama and controlled chaos set to music that ranges from classical to computerised, "Impressing the Czar" defies categorisation and easy description.

Edinburgh International Festival - Compagnie Montalvo-Hervieu - 'On Danse'
by Lea Marshall -- August , 2007, Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland
In the sense that “On Danse” sets out to emulate a lush piece of 18th century entertainment through fantastical imagery and lovely dancing, it succeeds. Using a seamless combination of live dancing and video imagery enhanced by computer animation, Compagnie Montalvo-Hervieu gives us goats, horses, frogs, giant bunnies, living statuary, rearing lions, and groups of floating naked people soaring through the sky, among many other virtual creatures with whom the real dancers interact, on two levels of stage.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe - 'Timeless'
by Kate Snedeker -- August 10, 2007, DanceBase, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Burklyn Youth Ballet - 'Alice in Wonderland'
by Kate Snedeker -- August 10, 2007, Zoo Southside, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Festival Fringe - DO Theatre - 'Hangman'
by Lea Marshall -- August 9, 2007, Assembly Aurora Nova, St. Stephen's Church, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Teatr Piesn Kozla - 'Lacrimosa'
by Lea Marshall -- August 9, 2007, Assembly Aurora Nova, St. Stephen's Church, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Festival Fringe -  72-hour Taster - Part 1
by Stuart Sweeney -- August 5-6, 2007, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Festival Fringe -  72-hour Taster - Part 2
by Stuart Sweeney -- August 7-8, 2007, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Festival Fringe - The 37th International Choreographers' Showcase
by Lea Marshall -- August 8, 2007, Roxy Art House, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Festival Fringe - blackSKYwhite - 'Astronomy for Insects'
by Lea Marshall -- August 8, 2007, Assembly Aurora Nova, St. Stephen's Church, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Sadari Movement Laboratory - 'Woyzeck'
by Lea Marshall -- August 6, 2007, Assembly Aurora Nova, St. Stephen's Church, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Andrew Dawson 'Leitmotif' and Au Cul du Loup 'Score'
by Lea Marshall -- August, 2007, Assembly Aurora Nova, St. Stephen's Church, Edinburgh, Scotland

editors' choice

· City Center Fall for Dance Festival
Sep 26 - Oct 6, 2007, City Center, New York City
Feel the rush of the world-famous alongside the cutting-edge, of toe shoes following tap shoes, of sold-out houses cheering. See the very best the dance world has to offer - from NYC, across the country and around the world, for $10 per ticket.

· OCPAC Fall for Dance Festival
Oct 11-14, Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, California
The Center’s Fall for Dance showcases a range of dance programs and styles. Two programs each feature five acclaimed companies from California and around the world performing one of their signature works, for $10 per ticket.



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