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Uni-form - Ballet
by S. Olive McKeon

July 26, 2007 -- Project Artaud Theatre, San Francisco, California
Opening the evening was a solo by Viktor Kabaniaev titled “Fragments of…” for dancer Irene Liu. The solo had three sections set off by changes in the sound score. The first section featured Liu slowly squirming and winding her hands around her face

Amy Seiwart - Im'ij-re
by Mary Ellen Hunt

July 22, 2007 -- Project Artaud Theatre, San Francisco, California
A hand-scribbled “SOLD OUT” sign and lines of disappointed dance-goers being turned away at the doors of SOMA’s Project Artaud on Sunday night were the first signs that Amy Seiwert and im’ij-re’s much-anticipated one-night-only program was not going to be your average show.
Presented as part of the West Wave Dance Festival’s “4 x 4” series – four evenings showcasing a particularly promising choreographer’s body of work – im’ij-re’s program offered a tantalizing survey...

Amy Seiwart - Im'ij-re
by S. Olive McKeon

Forums Flashes
Direct from the CD forum...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007
by Stuart Sweeney, Lea Marshall and Kate Snedeker

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is upon us, with thousands of events in 300 venues – phew!. The word “Fringe” conjures up an image of something on the periphery - marginal, second division. But I can understand the sentiments of a number of people who told me that the Fringe is now the primary festival in Edinburgh, with a breadth of high quality work that the Edinburgh Festival will find hard to rival, especially in the field of innovation.
-- Stuart Sweeney

In Woyzeck, Sadari Movement Laboratory (Korea) assembles all the elements required for a compelling, movement-based study of Georg Buchner’s play: strong and capable movers, well-constructed set pieces, atmospheric music (by Astor Piazzolla) and lighting (by Tae-Han Gu). But taken all together, this performance never generates enough electricity to prod the audience with the sharp loathing, compassion, or despair...
-- Lea Marshall

To read more, click here


A Canadian At the Mariinsky: An Interview with Choreographer Peter Quanz
by Catherine Pawlick
Most of the choreography has been done here in the grand foyer of the Theatre itself, or up on the third floor by the studios. I work in the morning before going into the studio, because there’s nothing worse than facing thirty dancers with their hands on their hips and not having an idea. So I prepare very thoroughly. Of course these dancers expect to learn the entire coordination – the arms, head and body – at the same time. 

Small Dance Companies in New York City: The Economic Realities
by Natalie Bostick

New York City loves to see dance. This week alone I counted twenty-eight dance groups performing around town...Yet with all this variety of dance companies, most of the performances this week feature small scale modern/contemporary dance companies.



Pennsylvania Ballet - 'The Sleeping Beauty'
by Sigrid Payne DaVeiga -- June 7, 2007, Philadelphia
Entering the Academy of Music, one could feel lightness in the air on this lovely summer evening. This audience came to see a “Sleeping Beauty” that would match the magic found only on a crisp summer night such as this at Philadelphia’s Avenue of the Arts. The presence and excitement of the children in the lobby...

Kirov Ballet - World Premiere of Peter Quanz's 'Suspended Aria'
by Catherine Pawlick -- July 7, 2007, Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia
Canadian Peter Quanz’s new ballet for the Mariinsky Theatre, “Suspended Aria” premiered as part of the White Nights Festival on July 7, followed by Balanchine’s “Four Temperaments” and “La Valse”. The evening marked Quanz as a talented young choreographer with classical tendencies and a talent for ensemble work.

American Ballet Theatre - 'Sleeping Beauty'
by Kathy Scott -- July 17, 2007, Orange County Center for the Performing Arts, Costa Mesa, CA
If nothing else, American Ballet Theatre's new production of "The Sleeping Beauty" is colorful. Tony Walton created a true fairy-tale environment, with arching stone sets and scenery...
But it was the dancers inside the costumes that made the show. From the corps de ballet to the principals, ABT demonstrated why...

Modern Garage Movement - 'GREE'
by S. Olive McKeon -- July 27, 2007, The Bird School of Music, San Francisco

Mark Morris Dance Company - 'Mozart Dances'
by Ana Abad-Carles -- July 4, 2007, Barbican Theatre, London, UK

National Ballet of Canada - 'Mad Hot Ballet Gala'
by Denise Sum -- June 28, 2007, Four Seasons for the Performing Arts, Toronto, Canada

AdrienneCelesteFadjoDance - Mixed Bill
by Cecly Placenti -- June 22, 2007, Abron Arts Center, New York City

American Ballet Theatre - 'Sleeping Beauty'
by Jerry Hochman -- June 4-9, 2007, Metropolitan Opera House, New York City

editors' choice

· Kanuti Gildi Saal's August Dance Festival
August 18-31, 2007 -- Tallinn, Estonia
Some of Europe's avant-garde choreographers showcase their talent.

· Jacob's Pillow
June 16 - August 25 -- Beckett, Massachusetts
Both perennial favorites and up-and-coming dance companies feature in this annual festival.



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