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San Francisco Ballet 2007:
Maffre, deMille and Don Q  

Muriel Maffre Farewell Gala
by Katie Rosenfeld -- May 6, 2007, War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco
On an unbelievably warm and sultry May night in San Francisco, the ballet community came together for a truly bittersweet event: Muriel Maffre’s Farewell Gala, commemorating her 17-year career with San Francisco Ballet and celebrating the success of that career with a sampling of pieces that perfectly showcased her unrivaled elegance, calculated precision and astounding length.

Program 8: 'Don Quixote'
by Toba Singer -- April 28, 2007
I am happy to say that dramatically, and by that I also mean comically, San Francisco Ballet’s “Don Quixote” was anything but a tragedy. Lead dancers, Vanessa Zahorian as Kitri and Davit Karapetyan as Basilio, were absolutely perfectly cast and did justice to their roles, never missing their comedic moments


Program 6: Adams, DeMille & Tomasson
by Katie Rosenfeld -- April 21, 2007

Forums Flashes
Direct from the CD forum...

American Ballet Theatre
2007 Met Season

Any staging of “The Sleeping Beauty” that aspires to mine, but not simply recreate, Petipa’s original is thus challenged both to retain the flavor (and, of course, much of the choreography) that Petipa created, but also to make the ballet a modern work of art that appeals to audiences accustomed to life in the fast lane. American Ballet Theatre’s sumptuous new production of “The Sleeping Beauty” walks this artistic tightrope...

To read more of Balletomaniac's review, click here


The Imperial Russian Ballet
in Spain

Although the company dances an abridged version of Swan Lake, all the vital action remains intact, although some numbers such as the national dances in the ballroom scene have been scaled down, but only in the numbers of dancers as they all retain their impact. An oddity of this production is that there are two jesters instead of the usual one. Jesters in the UK have been redundant for years now as most people think that even one jester is one too many; nevertheless the ploy of having two seems to work, with a pair of virtuosos (Daniyar Mergaliev and Kirill Radev) dancing flat out to outdo one another and acting as a distraction to their melancholy prince.

To read more of Cassandra's review, click here


For Every Swan, A Song: A Farewell to Pacific Northwest Ballet's Patricia Barker
by Dean Speer
I’ve been dreading Patricia Barker’s “Farewell” event for awhile. Now that it’s nearly upon us, I’m strengthening my resolve to courageously meet and greet the passing of her talent from the Pacific Northwest Ballet boards. Each time someone leaves the stage, it’s a loss to the art and to the greater public, regardless of the reason(s) for doing so. 

Instruments of Art: OBT's Gavin Larsen
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin

I like being onstage and performing. I’m shy and introverted by nature and being onstage allows me to surpass inhibitions – it gives me a freedom and power not experienced anywhere else. I can sense the audience’s attention and interest and this is very empowering. 
One of the first times I felt this was when I was in Kent’ Stowell's “Carmina Burana” at PNB and experiencing the power of all those artists on stage was nearly overwhelming.


Sylvie Guillem and Akram Khan: 'Sacred Monsters'
by Toba Singer -- May 5, 2007, Zellerback Auditorium, Berkeley, California
Sylvie Guillem puts the body back into “bodisattva” in her crossover collaboration with the esteemed Kathak practitioner, Akram Khan. “Sacred Monsters” is the medium for the meeting of two classical traditions: Ballet and Indian Kathak, where a fluent ionic exchange leaves neither dance form nor dancer quite the same.

New York City Ballet: 'Romeo + Juliet'
by Elizabeth McPherson -- May 5, 2007, New York State Theatre, New York City
New York City Ballet presented Peter Martin’s “Romeo and Juliet” for a limited two week run. The cast of dancers poured themselves heart and soul into their roles, dancing with a dramatic intensity that is not always on display at New York City Ballet. Tiler Peck, playing Juliet, drew one’s attention each moment...

Havana Rakatan
by Ana Abad-Carles -- May 24, 2007, Peacock Theatre, London
There are countries where dance is part of their shared culture and it becomes a way of moving, a way of expressing themselves. Cuba is one of them. Music and rhythm are part of their genetic inheritance and the opportunity to see a group of Cubans displaying their skills and passion in is something not to be missed.

Doug Varone and Dancers - Navigating a New Language
by Cecly Placenti -- May 19, 2007, BAM Harvey Theatre, Brooklyn NY

Festival Ballet Theatre - 'Swan Lake'
by Kathy Scott -- May 19, 2007, Irvine Barclay Theatre, Irvine, California

Farewell to Darcey Bussell
by Ana Abad-Carles --May 15, 2007, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London

Smuin Ballet - Dancing for Michael
by Katie Rosenfeld -- May 13, 2007,Yerba Buena Center for the Performing Arts, San Francisco

Ballet Memphis - 'interiorworks 8.0'
by Carmel Morgan -- May 10, 2007, Ballet Memphis Studios, Cordova, Tennessee

'Mamma Mia!'
by Gretchen Collins -- May 8, 2007, Tulsa Performing Arts Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Royal Ballet - 'Mayerling'
by Ana Abad-Carles -- May 7, 2007, Royal Opera House, London

Oregon Ballet Theatre - 'Eyes on You' Program
by Dean Speer -- April 28, 2007, Newmark Theatre, Portland, Oregon

Royal Ballet - 'Seven Deadly Sins', 'Pierrot Lunaire', 'La Fin du Jour'
by Ana Abad-Carles -- April 28, 2007, Royal Opera House, London

La Mama Moves! - 'New Virtuosity'
by Cecly Placenti -- April 27, 2007, The Annex, New York

editors' choice

· New York City Ballet: Farewell to Kyra Nichols
June 22, 2007 -- Lincoln Center, New York
The veritable principal dancer ends her 33-year dancing career at NYCB on a high note.

· American Ballet Theatre: Farewell to Alessandra Ferri
June 23, 2007 -- Metropolitan Opera House, New York
The Italian-born international star bids farewell.



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