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STREB - The War on Gravity
By Dean Speer - September 5, 2005, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle
Just when I am beginning to think that I maybe, just maybe, have seen it all in dance and might be becoming bored– somewhat like Prince Orlovsky in Johann Strauss’ “Die Fledermaus” who is bored with everything – along comes something completely different. With titles like “Wild Blue Yonder,” “Spin,” “Air,” “SLIPANDSLIDE,” “Ricochet,” “Bilevel,” “Rise and Fall,” “Gravity,” “Slapstick,” “Squirm” and “Fly”, you know you’re in for a wild ride at the theatre. Did I mention it’s something completely different?

Breaking Loose: Terry Dean Bartlett of STREB USA
By Francis Timlin and Dean Speer - September 4, 2005, Seattle, Washington
"In sixth grade, on vacation with my family in San Francisco, I saw break-dancers for the first time, which really impressed me. I began taking jazz and break-dancing classes at a studio in my hometown, Cody. This studio had a group that would perform at the Lion's Clubs, area fairs and the like. There were other boys in the class with me, but they were there because they had heard that their various football heroes had taken dance classes for the conditioning that it offered. Recital time came around and they disappeared! [Laughs.] Since the other boys didn't show up, and there were supposed to be group class numbers, I ended up doing solos."

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Elizabeth Streb
I saw Streb in the spring---obviously a different show. Very athletic, very dangerous very unforgetable. Not sure I'd call it dance---for which my daughter will scold me. I do however like her work and would go and see it again."

STREB: Wild Blue Yonder
Napa show was quite an experience. Fitting the show into a theater/stage that was about 10 feet shallower than we technically need and a proscenium arch of only 17 feet (used to a 30 foot arch...) plus a crew made up, half, of high schoolers."

STREB on Letterman
"HOw often does modern dance get seen by 20 million people at once?
yee haw!"

STREB U.S. 2004
Forget Martha Graham or Paul Taylor - Elizabeth Streb might have more in common with Evel Knievel and the Flying Wallendas. The New York City choreographer likes movement that takes risks and elicits gasps. Call it daredevil dance or "Fear Factor" live."

STREB! Pittsburgh...
Think of Streb as extreme dance..."

STREB Go! Action Heroes
I took my 9 1/2 son here in Los Angeles a few weeks ago at UCLA. He loved it and even went up to talk to the performers after the show when they graciously made themselves available. My first words to him on departure were: 'If you EVER do this when you grow up I'll kill you.'"

Interview with Elizabeth Streb
I have to say that when she brought her previous show to London last year, I was underwhelmed, as were the London critics. The crudity of her gymnastic/physical theatre left me cold, compared with Momix or Deborah Colker's company."

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