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The Seventh International Competition for the Erik Bruhn Prize

Seventh Erik Bruhn Prize Competition
by Denise Sum
March 3, 2007 - Toronto, Canada
NBoC first soloist, Hirano, burst on to the stage and commanded the audience to take notice. His jumps were huge and his landings soft and secure. I have seen him dance several times, but I have never seen him look so strong.  Periera, a replacement for an injured Bridgett Zehr, was also a joy to watch.

Interview with the Royal Danish Ballet's Yao Wei and Ulrik Birkkjær
by Denise Sum
Ulrik Birkkjær and Yao Wei were in Toronto to participate in the 7th International Competition for the Erik Bruhn Prize. I caught up with the pair backstage after their dress rehearsal, the night before the performance. Despite being exhausted and jet-lagged, both dancers were cheerful and a pleasure to talk to. They danced wonderfully together in the competition, and Birkkjær took home the male prize.

Northern Ballet Theatre
Winter-Spring 2007 UK Tour

'The Three Musketeers'
by David Mead
March 23, 2007 -- Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield

David Nixon’s “Three Musketeers” has sword fights galore, humour romantic and very classical duets, and some well-crafted crowd and ensemble scenes. Above all, he can tell a story and it is entertaining.

'A Sleeping Beauty Tale'
by David Mead
March 13, 2007 - Theatre Royal, Nottingham

Today, the unknown is space and the possibility that somewhere out there are other beings. Add to this Artistic Director David Nixon’s long interest in science fiction and it’s not so surprising that when he and dramaturge Patricia Doyle were looking for a new setting for “Sleeping Beauty”, they set it in a different time and world.

'The Three Musketeers'
by Kate Snedeker
March 7, 2007 - Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

"The Three Musketeers" has all the elements of a rousing story-ballet: a classic good versus evil story, love affairs and dramatic fight scenes. Yet David Nixon's new production for the Northern Ballet Theatre is an oddly bland creation that never congeals into a coherent whole.

Forums Flashes
Direct from the CD forum...

Dance Theatre Journal Writing on Performance Conference
by Rosella Simonari

What is the language used to talk about performance? Who writes it? Who writes it for? Where is it published? How does performance engage with writing? These and other questions were at the base of a two-days conference organised by Dance Theatre Journal in collaboration with BBCF (Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund) and ADAD (the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora). As Martin Hargreaves, editor of Dance Theatre Journal, explained, the reasons that led him to organise this event were multiple and had to do with meeting the readers of his journal, raising its profile and stimulating the debate on this issue.

To read more, click here


Mao's Last Dancer: Talking with Li Cunxin
by Kate Snedeker
"The experience in Houston was far more dramatic for me, because coming from China as an 18-year old boy who didn't speak much English; all I knew was the basic ballet terminology – plie, tendu, arabesque and all of that. So I could get by in a classroom situation, in rehearsals, but not really in daily life. So that was a bit of a challenge then.

Oregon Ballet Theatre's Alison Roper
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin

My mom put me in ballet class but I didn’t like it – I did like gymnastics, piano, and tap. I was too rowdy in tap class so the teacher kindly suggested I take a combination tap and ballet class, indicating that I had a body for ballet and that I was already getting too tall for gymnastics. I kept getting pushed back into ballet! [Laughs] This was in Maine, where I grew up, and after a while, I found that I did like ballet.


Kirov Ballet - 'Pas de Quatre' and 'Giselle'
by Catherine Pawlick -- March 2 and 9, 2007, Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg
The shift ever closer to springtime in St. Petersburg was aided with a handful of unique balletic offerings on the Mariinsky stage in early March. The long-awaited “Pas de Quatre” was danced by 4 of the Kirov’s leading ladies & just a week later, Uliana Lopatkina graced audiences with her second ever performance of “Giselle”.

Kirov Ballet - New Names Program
by Catherine Pawlick -- February 25, 2007, Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg
In what could be considered a test run before greeting Moscow audiences this weekend, the “New Names” program of short works by budding young choreographers was performed for the third time ever this week in St. Petersburg. The program, which premiered on the Mariinsky stage just a year ago, offers...

Kirov Ballet - 'Four Temperaments', 'Theme & Variations', 'La Valse'
by Catherine Pawlick -- February 23, 2007, Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg
On the heels of the Raymonda triptych, the Mariinsky Ballet brought a second ballet back to the stage after a long absence. This time the “Theme” was Balanchine’s – “Theme and Variations”, that is – on a program following “Four Temperaments” and “La Valse”.  While the first two ballets were rather standard...

San Francisco Ballet - Program 5: 'Pacific', 'Fifth Season', 'Fancy Free'
by Toba Singer -- March 20, 2007, War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco, CA

Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg - 'The Seagull'
by Kathy Lee Scott -- March 17, 2007, Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, CA

ZviDance - 'Gertrud' and 'Les Noces'
by Elizabeth McPherson -- March 14, 2007, The Ailey Citygroup Theatre, New York City

San Francisco Ballet - Program 4: 'Eden/Eden', 'Spring Rounds', 'Chi-Lin'
by Becca Hirschman -- March 13, 2007, War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco, CA

Oregon Ballet Theatre - All Premieres by Martins, Tomasson, Stowell
by Dean Speer -- March 10, 2007, Portland, Oregon

Australian Dance Theatre - 'Held'
by David Mead -- March 10, 2007, Derngate, Northampton, UK

'Mary Poppins' on Broadway
by Elizabeth McPherson -- March 2, 2007, New Amsterdam Theatre, New York City

The Forsythe Company - 'Three Atmospheric Studies'
by Holly Messitt -- February 28, 2007, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY

The Forsythe Company - 'Three Atmospheric Studies'
by Toba Singer-- February 23, 2007, Zellerbach Auditorium, Berkeley, CA

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo
by Katie Rosenfeld -- February 20, 2007, Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, Santa Rosa, CA

Martha Graham Dance Company - Errand into Graham's Maze
by Rosella Simonari -- February 16, 2007, Teatro Rossetti, Trieste, Italy

American Ballet Theatre - London Tour
by Ana Abad-Carles -- February 14-15, 2007, Sadler's Wells, London, UK

Tulsa Ballet - 'Swan Lake'
by Gretchen Collins -- February 11, 2007, Tulsa Performing Arts Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma


editors' choice

· Sponsored by CriticalDance: Boston Cyberarts Festival-- Ideas in Motion
April 20 - May 6, Boston area, Massachusetts
The 2007 Boston Cyberarts Festival, taking place at museums, galleries, theatres, universities, and public spaces, is the first and largest collaboration of artists working in new technologies in all media in North America, encompassing visual arts, dance, music, electronic literature, web art, and public art.

· Underwritten by CriticalDance: Words on Dance with Tina Le Blanc
April 30, Cowell Theater, Fort Mason, San Francisco
Witness dance history, as San Francisco Ballet’s Tina LeBlanc and Joffrey Ballet’s Leslie Carothers share the Cowell Theater stage for a conversation and screening.



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