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Kirov Ballet - 2007 Beginnings
Catherine Pawlick reports from St. Petersburg

February 14, 2007 -- Mariinsky Theatre

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than taking a loved one to see the greatest fairytale of all time? That is what Russian couples of all ages decided to do in St. Petersburg on February 14, filling the house of the Mariinsky Theatre to the brim for a performance of Alexei Ratmansky’s contemporary “Cinderella”.

'Raymonda' - Part 1
January 27, 2007 -- Mariinsky Theatre

'Raymonda' - Part 2
January 31, 2007 -- Mariinsky Theatre

'Raymonda' - Part 3
February 6, 2007 -- Mariinsky Theatre

San Francisco Ballet
~ 2007 Season Beginnings ~
War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco

'Sleeping Beauty'
by Toba Singer
February 27, 2007

Divine Right reasserted itself on US shores last night when Tina LeBlanc as Princess Aurora and Gennadi Nedvigin as Prince Desiré rescued their Empire by waking up an otherwise narcoleptic “Sleeping Beauty.”  The story is well known...

Program Two
'Blue Rose', 'The Dance House', 'Firebird'

by Becca Hirschman
February 3, 2007

Program One
'Divertmento No. 15', 'Aunis', 'Artifact Suite'

by Katie Rosenfeld
February 4, 2007

Program One
'Divertmento No. 15', 'Aunis', 'Artifact Suite'

by Toba Singer
February 2, 2007

Forums Flashes
Direct from the CD forum...

Competition for the Erik Bruhn Prize
by Critical Dance Forum contributors

In terms of the companies that enter contestants for this prize, mention was made that these are companies "with whom Erik Burhn felt most closely associated." Mr. Bruhn is quoted as stipulating that the prize be awarded to two young dancers who "reflect such technical ability, artistic achievement, and dedication as I endeavored to bring to dance." What a wonderful thing to bequeath to the world of dance!!

To read more, click here


Interview with Anne Mueller
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin
I like “feisty” roles! You can guess that I like to move!! To take up space. I’m small and wiry and most of my power is in my legs and center. I like to do men’s combinations, as we get to do the steps I’m good at and like doing – and it’s how I like to move; big and energetically.

500 Years of Italian Ballet Exhibition
by Rosella Simonari

When Walter Toscanini, son of the renowned conductor Arturo, decided to start donating his collection of dance material to the New York City Public Library in 1955, he insisted on having his name replaced by that of his wife, Cia Fornaroli, who had been a famous Italian dancer during the 1910s & 1920s. The collection comprises all sorts of material dealing with Italian dance, from ballet programs to rare manuscripts & volumes on dance...the New York City Public Library organised a beautiful exhibition which showed some of this material, together with a few other items from other relevant collections.


Sadler's Wells Sampled
by Ana Abad-Carles -- February 4, 2007, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London
As part of their newly formed partnership with New York’s City Center, Sadler’s Wells presented a new initiative called Sadler’s Wells Sampled as part of their spring season. The project is modeled after the “Fall for Dance” event that takes place in New York every autumn, and serves as an evening’s presentation...

Stephen Petronio - They've Got Kick
by Becca Hirschman -- February 9, 2007, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
The program opened with what happened to be the shortest yet potentially the most fulfilling work, Petronio’s 2006 “Bud Suite,” set to the intelligent music and lyrics of Rufus Wainwright. Funky, edgy, and clever, “Bud Suite” explores the poignancy of youth and the multitude of expectations throughout life...

Birmingham Royal Ballet - Stravinsky Celebration
by David Mead -- February 14, 2007, Hippodrome Theatre, Birmingham, UK
Although Balanchine made ballets to many composers’ music, it was to Stravinsky he returned again and again. So, as part of Birmingham’s continuing “Igorfest”, what could be more appropriate than for Birmingham Royal Ballet to stage a programme of three ballets from this remarkable partnership.

Luna Negra Dance Theater - Mixed Bill
by Carmel Morgan -- February 10, 2007, Buckman Performing and Fine Arts Center, Memphis, Tennesee

Robert Moses' Kin - 'Woman Spelled This Way'
by Toba Singer -- February 9, 2007, Kanbar Hall, San Francisco, CA

Birmingham Royal Ballet - 'Cyrano'
by David Mead -- February 7, 2007, Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham, UK

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'Giselle'
by Sigrid Payne Da Veiga -- February 3, 2007, The Merriam Theater, Philadelphia, PA

Pacific Northwest Ballet - 'Swan Lake'
by Dean Speer -- February 3, 2007, McCall Hall, Seattle, Washington

Royal Ballet - 'Napoli Divertissements', 'La Sylphide'
by Ana Abad-Carles -- January 20, 2007, Royal Opera House, London

'A Chorus Line'
by Elizabeth McPherson -- January 16, 2007, Schoenfeld Theater, New York City

Complexions - 'Hissy Fit', 'Chapters', and other works
by Elizabeth McPherson -- January 11, 2007, Joyce Theatre, New York City

Monica Huggins Dance Theatre - 'Sediments'
by Gretchen Collins -- December 9, 2006, Nightingale Theater, Tulsa, Oklahoma

editors' choice

· Vancouver International Dance Festival
February 21 - April 1, 2007 -- Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Dance companies from around the world perform in multiples venues in Vancouver.

· Leap Dance Festival 2007
March 1-20, 2007 -- Liverpool, England
An international contemporary dance festival that features new artists alongside established artists.



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