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January 2007
in this issue

Best of 2006

A selection of our favorite reviews, features and images from the past year

Uncovering the Dance: Noah Gelber at the Kirov
by Catherine Pawlick

If I had to describe my choreographic style, I would use adjectives like complicated, complex, multi-layered, which also describe how I was as a dancer, because I rarely did something on the surface...

Irina: Ballet, Life and Loves
By Irina Baronova

Book review by Leland Windreich

Irina Baronova, the youngest of the three celebrated baby ballerinas who captivated audiences worldwide in the 1930s with the Ballets Russes, waited until her arrival in a place which offered her the kind of peace she needed to contemplate her past. 

Taking a look at Northern Ballet Theatre’s Learning & Access Programme
by David Mead
Education and outreach is an important but often unseen aspect of a dance company’s work.  We all see the results of the hard work put in by the dancers and artistic staff but somewhere behind the scenes there’s usually a small group of people dedicated to taking dance to people in a different way.

2006 USA International Ballet Competition: The Jackson Report
by Dean Speer
June 17-21, 2006 -- Jackson, Mississippi
Held once every four years, the IBC is the only ballet competition of its kind in the Western Hemisphere...The “Olympics” of the ballet, competitors enter for recognition, to see and be seen amongst their peers, and to learn from each other.

A Conversation with Yuri Possokhov
by Mary Ellen Hunt
In these days of tricks and glitz, there are precious few men who fit the mold of the old fashioned danseur noble, but of this generation, one of the most inspiring is surely San Francisco Ballet’s Yuri Possokhov.

In Search of Alberto Spadolini
by Rosella Simonari

Alberto Spadolini was a great dancer within the Parisian music-hall environment -- he often choreographed his pieces, was also a figurative painter, decorator, restorer, actor, singer & occasionally writer.

Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nicholas Ade
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin

"Debra gives a lot of opportunities for PNB dancers to experiment with teaching on her students – to try their wings as teachers...I enjoy helping a student accomplish what they have been wanting to do.

'Dance Anecdotes' by Mindy Aloff & 'Round About the Ballet' by William Cubberley and Joseph Carman
Book reviews by Leland Windreich

Dance critic and educator Mindy Aloff has been gathering anecdotes about dancing and dancers for Oxford University Press since 1988.

Bolshoi Ballet - Petit's 'Pique Dame'

DVD review by Oksana Khadarina

Bel Air Classiques’ newly-released DVD features the new production of “Pique Dame” recorded in 2005 on the stage of the Bolshoi Opera Theater. 
read more..

Mark Morris in Conversation with Barbara Lane
by Toba Singer
As Barbara Lane hectored the audience to turn off their cell phones, a forearm and hand modeling that gadget slowly crept out from behind the curtain, upstaging and substantially undercutting the authority Lane was conscientiously working to instill. The hand and, presumably, the phone, belonged to the evening’s guest speaker, Mark Morris.


Letter from the Editor

As Ballet-Dance Magazine enters its fourth year, I wanted to take the time to once again thank our many contributors and editors.  We have benefited from the talents of our diverse international corps of writers who have covered a immense range of dance styles, and from our hard working editors who have spent many hours
fine tuning articles and laying out the issues.  Their efforts have resulted in a publication that is respected by companies, dancers and dance fans from San Francisco to Scotland to Sydney.

In 2007 we look forward to covering even more dance around the world.  We always welcome new writers, editors and helpers so don't hesistate to contact our editorial staff if you have any questions or are interested in becoming part of our team.

Best wishes for a happy and healthful 2007
Kate Snedeker, Executive Editor


Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve - 'Casse-Noisette'
by Kate Snedeker -- December 17-18, 2005, Batiment des Forces Motrices, Geneva
This Christmas, one of the best balletic presents was Benjamin Millepied’s brand new “Casse-Noisette” for the Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve. “Casse-Noisette” marks Millepied’s successful entrée into full-length ballets.

Kirov Ballet - 'Giselle' - Pavlenko Returns
by Catherine Pawlick -- April 26, 2006, Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg

The forgotten daughter of the Mariinsky, Daria Pavlenko, returned to the stage on Wednesday night after a regrettable five-year absence in the role to share with us her sublime gifts in "Giselle."

University of Washington Chamber Dance Company
by Dean Speer -- February 2, 2006, Meany Hall Theatre, Seattle
Every once in a while, you come across a showing of work that impels one to shout out, “Go see it! Now!!” The Univ. of Washington’s Chamber Dance Company has ginned up such a concoction...

Matthew Bourne & New Adventures - 'Edward Scissorhands'
by Lindsey Clarke -- February 3, 2006, Sadler's Wells, London
“Edward Scissorhands” is a tragic fairy tale with a human heart, the story of the unwitting outcast, “an uncommonly gentle man,” and a story ripe for a big-stage Bourne makeover. This is explicitly a stage adaptation of the film...

by Ana Paula Hofling -- March 24, 2006, Sesc Pinheiros Theater, São Paulo, Brazil
In “Milágrimas”, a title which includes the Portuguese words for “thousand” and “tears”, and makes reference to the word for “miracle”, the dancers embodied the rhythms of South Africa. Wearing deep red costumes that alluded to elements of African traditional dress, these disciplined young bodies...

San Francisco Ballet - 'Ballet Mori'
by Toba Singer
April 4, 2006 -- War Memorial Opera House

Breakin' Convention 2006 - The Angels, Nexus Boys, Karizma Streetvibes and Avant Garde Dance
by Ana Abad-Carles -- April 30, 2006, Sadler's Wells, London

Birmingham Royal Ballet - 'La Fille mal Gardée'
by David Mead -- May 10, 2006, Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham, England

Kirov Ballet - 'The Overcoat', 'Young Girl and the Hooligan', 'Leningrad Symphony'
by Catherine Pawlick - May 13, 2006

Fabulous Beast Theatre - 'The Flowerbed'
by Stuart Sweeney -- June 20, 2006, The Pit, The Barbican, London

Kirov Ballet - 'The Fountain of Bachchisarai'
by Catherine Pawlick - July 7, 2006

Batsheva - 'Telophaza'
by Juliet Neidish and Mark Franko -- July 20, 2006, New York State Theatre, NYC

Pilobolus - 'Prism', 'Gnomen', 'Sweet Purgatory'
by Cecly Placenti -- July 24, 2006, Joyce Theatre, New York

'Streetdance' - Myosung
by Lea Marshall -- August 7, 2006 - Assembly@George Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Trey McIntyre Project
by Oksana Khadarina -- August 8, 2006, Filene Center at Wolf Trap, Vienna, Virginia

Bolshoi Ballet - 'Go for Broke', 'Pique Dame', 'Symphony in C
by Cassandra
-- August 14-15, 2006, Royal Opera House, London

The Suzanne Farrell Ballet - 'Balanchine's Don Quixote'
by Kate Snedeker -- August 26, 2006, Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh

Ballet Nacional de Cuba - 'Don Quixote'
by Ana Abad-Carles -- September 5, 2006, Sadler's Wells, London

Zurich Ballet - 'In Den Winden Im Nichts'
by Kate Snedeker -- October 4, 2006, Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

George Piper Dances - 'Encore'
by Ana Abad-Carles -- October 4, 2006, Sadler's Wells, London

Akademi - Daredevas
by Cerise Andrews -- October 7 & 8, 2006

Smuin Ballet - 'Revealing the Bridge,' 'Shinju,' 'Obrigado, Brazil'
by Katie Rosenfeld -- October 14, 2006, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco




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Kate Snedeker

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Mary Ellen Hunt

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Azlan Ezaddin, Holly Messitt, Catherine Pawlick

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