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St Petersburg Stages
News and views from from Ballet-Dance Magazine's St. Petersburg correspondent, Catherine Pawlick

Maya Popova, Modern Dance Teacher at the Vaganova Academy
“Their constant strife to improve is a pledge to continuously increase one’s competency. The alternative would be decline. It sounds strange to say this profession isn’t intellectual. I think dance is one of the most intellectual professions there is. For a dancer, it is his life, a means to relate to the world. It demands his soul, his intellect, and spiritual attention.”


Kirov Ballet - Premiere Night: 'Metaphysics', 'The Meek One', 'Le Sacre du Printemps'
November 14-15, 2006 -- Mariinsky Theatre

Kirov Ballet - 'Apollo', 'Prodigal Son', 'La Valse'
November 22, 2006 -- Mariinsky Theatre

Kirov Ballet - 'Chopiniana', 'Spectre de la Rose', 'The Dying Swan', 'Polovtsian Dances'
November 24, 2006 -- Mariinsky Theatre

Dance Umbrella 2006 - Part II
London, UK

Rosas - 'Once'
by Ramsay Burt
November 1, 2006 - The Place

If you haven't seen it, ['Once'] is a personal meditation on the classic 1963 LP 'Joan Baez in Concert, Part 2'. De Keersmaeker grew up listening to it, and knew all the words by heart before she knew any English.

Dansgroep Krisztina de Chatâl - 'Föld'
by Stuart Sweeney
October 24, 2006 - Greenwich Dance Agency

The Cholmondeleys and Featherstonehaughs with the Yum Yum Band - 'Yippeee!!!'
by Ramsay Burt
November 3, 2006 - Sadler's Wells

Forums Flashes
Direct from the CD forum...

Commentary from the Lublin Dance Festival 2006
by Stuart Sweeney

This was the first full day of the fesival with four companies in three venues spanning some 5 hours with respite only during the walks between theatres. We saw contemporary dance in a variety of forms and, while most had interesting features, none of them quite hit the bulls-eye, in my view.

Hungary's The Symptoms performed “From Scratch” by Réka Szabó. The show had a number of good and intriguing points: the artists greeting the audience members on the way in, plenty of jokes, five highly skilled dancers and dancer/actors. Particular successes included a TV Yoga class in which the seemingly easy, but high risk demonstration resulted in the guru's leg falling off, while smiles and calm continue; later a scene where a girl looks out of a hand-held window, meets a shy man, embraces him, swaps places and, having gained her freedom, walks away.

To read more, click here


Interview with Susan Sentler: Exploring Martha Graham's "Primitive Mysteries"
by Rosella Simonari
Teaching and passing on the precious and sometimes precarious knowledge that one has about dance is a fundamental task necessary for dance itself to continue its existence. Susan Sentler is one of those key figures without whom the world of dance would be far more precarious. Among the reconstructions she was part of, she best remembers her experience in recreating “Primitive Mysteries”

'In Balanchine's Company: A Dancer's Memoir' by Barbara Milberg Fisher
reviewed by Leland Windreich

Every new book about George Balanchine adds a new and fresh perspective concerning the personality and creative processes of the great American ballet master. In telling her own story as a dancer, Barbara Fisher shows how thoroughly linked her life was to the sphere he inhabited and how important his presence was to those who worked with him.


Bayerische Staatsballett - 'Limb's Theorem'
by David Mead -- October 19, 2006, National Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan
While Taiwan’s promoters seem happy to take risks when inviting contemporary dance companies, they usually like to play it safe with ballet.  It was therefore a delight to see National Theatre director Ping Heng take somewhat of a risk and invite the Bayerische Staatsballett to bring William Forsythe’s “Limb’s Theorem”.

Birmingham Royal Ballet - 'Apollo', 'Pulcinella', 'Firebird'
by Ana Abad-Carles -- October 24, 2006, Sadler's Wells, London
As part of their annual visit to London, Birmingham Royal Ballet brought its Stravinsky Triple Bill comprising three ballets that the Russian composer created for the Diaghilev company: “Apollo”, “Pulcinella” and “Firebird”.  The programme opened with George Balanchine’s “Apollo”.

Naganuma Dance and Hydroflo - 'Cut Loose'
by Quinn Batson -- October 14-15, 2006, Merce Cunningham Dance Studio, NYC
Darcy Naganuma and Lara Luzim produced a smorgasbord of dance and choreography at Cunningham Studio and called it “Cut Loose”, a consistently tasty evening of dance at this often inconsistent venue. It was easy to miss that the evening included works by 6 different choreographers because the flavors mixed well.

The Limón Dance Company - Profoundly Human
by Elizabeth McPherson -- November 21, 2006, Joyce Theatre, New York City

Sankai Juku - 'Kagemi - Beyond the Metaphors of Mirrors'
by Becca Hirschman -- November 14, 2006, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, California

Pacific Northwest Ballet - All Premiere Program
by Dean Speer -- November 4, 2006, McCaw Hall, Seattle, Washington

Paul Taylor Dance Company 2 - 'Dust', 'Profiles', 'Esplanade'
by Stuart Sweeney -- November 8, 2006, Academic Congress Centre, Lublin, Poland

Battery Dance Company - 'Notebooks', 'Where There's Smoke', Solo Project solos, 'Shell Games'
by David Mead -- October 31, 2006, Metropolitan Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Soirée de Danse Roland Petit
by David  Mead -- November 6, 2006, National Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan

Alonzo King's LINES Ballet - 'Migrations' and 'Sky Clad'
by Becca Hirschman -- November 4, 2006, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, California

Forsythe Company - 'Three Atmospheric Studies'
by Stuart Sweeney -- October11, 2006, Sadler's Well, London

BAM New Wave Festival 2006 - Sarah Michelson's - 'Dogs'
by Juliet Neidish -- October 21, 2006, Harvey Theatre, Brooklyn, New York

Batsheva Dance Company - 'Third'
by Becca Hirschman -- October 26, 2006, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco

by Alissa Cardone -- October 27, 2006, Northampton, Massachusetts

Royal Ballet - 'Stravinsky Violin Concerto', 'Voluntaries', 'Sinfonietta'
by Ana Abad-Carles -- October 13, 2006, Royal Opera House, London

Oregon Ballet Theatre - 'The Four Temperaments' Program
by Dean Speer -- October 21, 2006, Keller Auditorium, Portland, Oregon

editors' choice

· Chennai Music and Dance Festival
Mid-Dec to mid-Jan, Chennai, India
Chennai music and dance festival is a celebration of classical music and dance of South India (Carnatic Music) held at a number of venues around the city by various sabhas or organizations.

· Sylvie Guillem/Russell Maliphant
28 Dec to 7 Jan,
Théatre des Champs-Elysées, Paris
Four works as interpreted by Guillem and Maliphant.



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