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Tango Por Dos - 'La Historia'
By Stuart Sweeney - June 16, 2006, Peacock Theatre, London
For glamour, sensuous movement and fast footwork, Argentine tango is tough to beat. For the past 17 years, Tango Por Dos have been the main purveyors to London audiences..

Compania Vientos del Sur: Futbol Tango - 'Pasiones - Tango y Musical'
By Rosella Simonari - March 19, 2005, Teatro Pergolesi, Jesi (Acona), Italy
The Vientos del Sur Company from Buenos Aires, Argentina, has completely captured the audience's attention in their re-working of the traditional form of tango.

Eva Yerbabuna and Ballet Flamenco: Flamenco Festival
By Preeti Vasudevan - January 29, 2005, City Center, New York
A promising storyteller, Eva’s opening solo with a Gramophone was reminiscent of generations of artists using the music to live each moment of liberation that the music and dance has to offer


Forever Tango: An Extravaganza of pasión
By Mary Ellen Hunt - December 29, 2004, Post Street Theater, San Francisco

Nuevo Ballet Espagnol - 'Flamenco Directo': Direct from the Heart
By Annie Wells - October 13, 2004, Peacock Theatre, London

Jaleo Flamenco - 'The Art of Seduction'
By Elizabeth Schwyzer - September 16, 2004, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Tango por Dos - 'Tangos - A Legend'
By Patrizia Vallone - February 2004, Rome

Rafael Amargo - 'Poeta en Nueva York'
By Emma Pegler - September 2003, Teatro Albeniz, Madrid

Paco Peña - 'Flamenco in Concert'
By Toba Singer - February 21, 2003, Marin Center, San Rafael, California

Flamenco Festival USA: Farruquito and Juana Amaya
By Mary Ellen Hunt - February 15, 2003, Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley, California

Eva Yerbabuena - 'Eva'
By Emma Pegler - July 9-14, 2002, Sadler's Wells, London

La Cuadra de Sevilla - 'Carmen'
By Emma Pegler - February 2002, Sadler's Wells, London

Tango por Dos - 'Una Noche De Tangos'
By Stuart Sweeney - April 2000, London

Hola Sara! A Journey with Sara de Luis
By Dean Speer - Summer 2003, Seattle

An Interview with Elvira Andrés
By Stuart Sweeney - June 2003, London
The wonderful thing about the film is that it is completely authentic, just as would happen in a theatre.

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"I enjoy Tango shows a lot and usually see them when they come to London, but I do view Flamenco in a different light. It can be used as a form of popular dance in Fiesta pieces"

Rafael Amargo - flamenco
Rafael is the kind of flamenco dancer you want Joaquin Cortes to be. He is tall, muscly and very sexy."

Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana
Dance travels well. Dancers circle the globe, sharing their art forms and absorbing others. Choreographers make imaginative theatrical voyages through time and space."

Flamenco Festival at Sadler's Wells 2005
Tradition has it that the essential inspiration of any flamenco dancer is a duende, or demon, and Ballet Nacional's performers seem positively possessed."

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