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Advertising Information

Bolshoi Ballet in London
August 2006 - Royal Opera House

Bolshoi Ballet - 'Go for Broke', 'Pique Dame', 'Symphony in C
by Cassandra
-- August 14-15, 2006, Royal Opera House, London
“Go for Broke” takes a group of the Bolshoi’s brightest young dancers and presents them in a work that is spirited, modern in feel, but strictly classical.

Bolshoi Ballet - 'Cinderella'
by Ana Abad-Carles -- August 8-9, 2006, Royal Opera House, London

Bolshoi Ballet - 'The Bright Stream'
by Cassandra -- August 10 and 11, 2006

Bolshoi Ballet - 'Swan Lake'
by Ana Abad-Carles -- August 3, 2006

Bolshoi Ballet - 'Cinderella'
by Cassandra -- August 9, 2006
This Cinderella is part traditional fairy tale, part science fiction and part mirror into Prokofiev’s complex feelings, inspired by his ill-fated first wife. .

Dance Delights: Our reviewers check out the latest in dance books & DVDs

'Dance Anecdotes' by Mindy Aloff & 'Round About the Ballet' by William Cubberley and Joseph Carman
Book reviews by Leland Windreich

Dance critic and educator Mindy Aloff has been gathering anecdotes about dancing and dancers for Oxford University Press since 1988.

'Suki Schorer on Balanchine Technique' by Suki Schorer, Russell Lee, and Carol Rosegg
Book review by Cecly Placenti

Never complacent exploring the art he served, George Balanchine dedicated his life to outlining a new style of ballet in America.

Heinz Spoerli - 'In Den Winden Im Nichts'
DVD review by Oksana Khadarina

“In Den Winden Im Nichts” is a three-part abstract ballet comprising 18 interlinked, fleeting dances (each lasting from 2 to 6 minutes). Like most music-driven ballets, it is pure dance without narrative. Each part has its intrinsic color: ruby-red, emerald-green, and deep-blue, respectively, corresponding to colors of the dancers’ costumes...

Bolshoi Ballet - Petit's 'Pique Dame'

DVD review by Oksana Khadarina

Bel Air Classiques’ newly-released DVD features the new production of “Pique Dame” recorded in 2005 on the stage of the Bolshoi Opera Theater. 
The new version of “Pique Dame” is a spectacle with deep dramatic content and amazing theatrical choreography.

Forums Flashes
Direct from the CD forum...
The Kirov Ballet's North American Tour

"I mentioned above Ulyana Lopatkina's beautiful use of her hands. As beautiful as this is there is also so much more of wonder to her dancing. Catherine once wrote, "What can be said of perfection? When the subject at hand is Ulyana Lopatkina as Odette/Odile, the descriptions are endless."

To read more, click here


'The Lion King' Roars in Tulsa
by Gretchen Collins
With a mighty roar, Disney’s “The Lion King” packed up its trucks in Tulsa and moved on. In its wake, it left an economic impact estimated at $20,000,000...  People from 46 states and three continents purchased tickets and traveled to Oklahoma to see the musical. During its run, 101,548 people saw “The Lion King.”

One Singular Sensation - 'A Chorus Line' Returns
by Toba Singer
“A Chorus Line” opened its one-stop pre-Broadway tour at San Francisco’s Curran Theater on August 2, 2006. Just minutes after the curtain, a 4.4 earthquake struck 40 miles north of the city. The audience felt – nothing – as jazz-thighed dancers step-kick-kick-touched their way through the first number, “I Hope I Get It.”  The show is a classic: a Broadway love letter to dance chorines that has written elegy, alongside caveats and insider humor, into its book and lyrics.


Ballet Nacional de Cuba - 'Don Quixote'
by Ana Abad-Carles -- September 5, 2006, Sadler's Wells, London
After this summer’s performances of the same ballet by the Bolshoi company, to great acclaim and with certainly great standards of dancing, the Cubans had very high stakes to compete against.
read more..

Trey McIntyre Project
by Oksana Khadarina -- August 8, 2006, Filene Center at Wolf Trap, Vienna, Virginia
McIntyre expertly melds together classical ballet and ballroom dancing, creating an amazing tapestry of movements. Elaborate holds, breathtaking throws, and intricate footwork—all tinged with humor–like a samba and much more.

The Suzanne Farrell Ballet - 'Balanchine's Don Quixote'
by Kate Snedeker -- August 26, 2006, Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh
Restaged by Suzanne Farrell, for whom it was created, "Balanchine’s Don Quixote” eschews the high-flying bravura pas de deux and comic humour of previous balletic versions, instead focusing on the Don himself.

David Dorman Dance - 'underground'
by Becca Hirschman -- September 23, 2006, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco

Kirov Ballet - 'Giselle'
by Catherine Pawlick -- September 22, 2006, Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg

Kirov Ballet - Alexei Ratmansky's 'Cinderella'
by Catherine Pawlick -- September 20, 2006, Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg

Kirov Ballet - 'Swan Lake'
by Catherine Pawlick -- September 13, 2006, Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg

Bangarra Dance Company- 'Bush'
by Thea Neriss Barnes -- September 14, 2006, Sadler's Wells, London

New Ballet Choreographers
by Natalie Bostick -- September 13, 2006, Miller Theatre at Columbia University, New York

Robert Moses' Kin - 'Draft'
by Toba Singer -- August 23, 2006, ODC Theater, San Francisco

Mark Morris Dance Company - 'Mozart Dances'
by Cecly Placenti -- August 18, 2006, Mostly Mozart Festival, Lincoln Center, New York City

Edinburgh International Festival - Scottish Ballet - 'Agon’, ‘Afternoon of a Faun’, ‘Two Pieces for Het’, ‘In Light and Shadow’
by Kate Snedeker -- August 19, 2006, Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh

Edinburgh International Festival - Scottish Ballet - 'Agon’, ‘Afternoon of a Faun’, ‘Two Pieces for Het’, ‘In Light and Shadow’
by Kate Snedeker -- August 18, 2006, Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Burklyn Youth Ballet
by Kate Snedeker -- August 12, 2006, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Compagnie Didier Theron
by Lea Marsall -- August 9, 2006, Aurora Nova, St. Stephen's Church, Edinburgh

editors' choice

· Melbourne International Arts Festival
October 12 - 28, 2006
One of Australia's premier international arts festivals, movement, theatre, and performance come together for an investigation of time and place.

·American Dance Therapy Association: Choreographing Collaboration
October 19 -22, 2006 - Long Beach Hilton, Long Beach, California
ADTA, the only US organization solely dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the profession of dance/movement therapy, is celebrating its 40th birthday. Dance/movement therapists create, connect, inspire, and shape health, healing, and growth for individuals and their communities.



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