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Bolshoi Ballet in London

'The Pharaoh's Daughter': Daughter of the Nile
By Cassandra - Aug 7, 2004, Royal Opera House
Pierre Lacotte already has a number of 19th century reconstructions to his credit, but in many ways this ballet surpasses anything he has done before simply by the sheer size and scope of the undertaking.

'Swan Lake': Unhappily Ever After
By Stuart Sweeney - August 5, 2004, Royal Opera House
The good news is that the Bolshoi dancers are on great form The corps de ballet was impeccable and I have rarely seen such well-matched, synchronised and elegant dancing by men.

'Swan Lake': Corps is the Real Star
By Cassandra - July 24, 2004, Royal Opera House
It is the Kirov ballet that presents probably the most traditional version of “Swan Lake” to be seen anywhere in the world today and perhaps it is for this reason that the Bolshoi Company feels compelled to do something completely different.

'Swan Lake': Murky Lake
By Rosie - July 22, 2004, Royal Opera House
Last night’s "Swan Lake" was a rather disappointing evening after the ebullience of "Don Quixote". Not the fault of the dancers, I hasten to add, but I just couldn’t get on with Yuri Grigorovich’s production.

'Swan Lake': Symmetry and Psychology
By Patrizia Vallone -July 22-24, 2004, Royal Opera House
The Evil Spirit may be seen as a projection of Siegfried's mind, a kind of double that transfers him into an ideal world - the lake.

'Romeo and Juliet': Love in the Modern Age
By Julia Skene-Wenzel - July 28, 2004, Royal Opera House
British theatre director Declan Donnellan, respected and admired in Russia for his innovative theatre work, was given the opportunity to create a contemporary version of this classic tale of star-crossed lovers.

'Romeo and Juliet': Theory of the Leisure Class
By Cassandra - July 26,2004, Royal Opera House
The new Bolshoi production of “Romeo and Juliet” is a pared down version in every way.

'Romeo and Juliet': Take No Prisoners
By Lyndsey Winship - July 26, 2004, Royal Opera House
The old classics ("Swan Lake" et al) pack theatres while more modern, directional works struggle to fill seats.

'Don Quixote': Falling Into Grace
By Thea Nerissa Barnes - July 20, 2004, Royal Opera House
With these notable stalwarts of classical ballet "Don Quixote" offers a romantic Spain with complex technical demands that couples exuberant energy with rambunctious characterisations.

'Don Quixote': The Finest
By Cassandra - July 19, 2004, Royal Opera House
“Don Quixote” is one of those ballets that the Russians really excel at.

'Don Quixote': Signature Showbiz Spectacular
By Rosie - July 19, 2004, Royal Opera House
Spectacular dancing is the point of "Don Quixote" (it certainly isn’t the plot, is it?) and this production had bucket loads of it.

Big Beautiful Bolshoi
By Cassandra - July 2004, London
Much has happened to the company in that time and it could be said that what marks the Bolshoi out from other companies these days is the tendency to wash its dirty linen in public.

Stars of the Bolshoi in London
By Kevin Ng - May 14, 2001

Interestingly there are three big swans instead of two in this Grigorovich version.

London Is In for a Surprise: Interview with Maria Alexandrovna
By Cassandra - July 2004, Royal Opera House
My mother wanted her daughter, her Masha, to become a little ballerina.

Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Principal Dancer
By Marina Radina - October 13, 2002
"The problem is that ballet schools in the West require one to do everything equally well."

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Bolshoi Ballet London Season 2006
"Just in time for the opening of general booking tomorrow, a revised list of casting has appeared; very frustrating for those of us who booked on the earlier 'friends' booking date."

Nikolai Tsiskaridze
I discovered this wonderful dancer when I went to see La Bayadere at the Paris Opera Ballet recently.He partnered Marie-Agnes Gillot."

Bolshoi Ballet 2005-2006
It has been rumoured that this production of Cinderella will be seen in London this summer along side, Don Q, Swan Lake, Daughter of the Pharoah and The Bright Stream."

Bolshoi Ballet - UK Tour, Spring 2006
Only two months to go before the Bolshoi's UK provincial tour and an article by Jeffery Taylor in yesterdays Sunday Express suggests that all is not well within the company ranks."

Bolshoi 2004-2005
Dancing robots, socialist fantasies and drunken shenanigans are all part of the fun in the Bolshoi's new staging of "Bolt."

Bolshoi at the Royal Opera House 2004
While everyone is champing at the bit for the start of the Bolshoi visit ..."

'The Pharoh's Daughter' Bolshoi
If you can only get to one performance, I think Daughter of the Pharaoh has to be the best choice as this is a complete first in the UK."

Bolshoi in London - April/May 2001
'Bolshoi - The occidental tourists ..."

Bolshoi in London 1956
"A trip down memory lane as The Times reprints the first review of the Bolshoi in London in 1956

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