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A Peek at Pennsylvania Ballet:
Early 2006 in Philadephia

Tribute to George Balanchine
by Sigrid Payne DaVeiga

February 3, 2006 - Merriam Theater
The Friday evening performance of The Pennsylvania Ballet’s 'Tribute to George Balanchine' opened with the most traditional of the three pieces, “Theme and Variations.” The eyes could focus nicely on the beautiful costumes and the dancers’ delivery of the choreography...

'The Firebird' and 'Franklin Court'
by Lori Ibay
March 11, 2006 - Academy of Music
Celebrating the 300th anniversary of Benjamin Franklin’s birth, Pennsylvania Ballet presented Christopher d’Amboise’s “Franklin Court,” set to Johann Sebastian Bach’s “G Minor Fugue” (arranged by Jay Krush).

'The Firebird' and 'Franklin Court'
by Sigrid Payne DaVeiga
March 11, 2006 - Academy of Music
The afternoon performance of “The Firebird,” by Pennsylvania Ballet, opened with “Franklin Court.” This piece was Pennsylvania Ballet at its finest. “Franklin Court” celebrates the history of Philadelphia, as well as Pennsylvania Ballet’s dancers.


More Features

The New Chamber Ballet
by Natalie Bostick
The New Chamber Ballet is what its name implies: a small company of dancers who present new ballet works. The company is directed by Miro Magloire, who serves as its chief choreographer. The company was officially founded in 2004, but Magloire had been choreographing with some of the dancers for three years prior. The current group is small (between 4 and 5 dancers perform in a program), remarkably consistent and polished. Their performances are accompanied in the studio by live musicians.


Talking with Ballet San Jose's Karen Gabay
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin
I started ballet at the age of eight because two of my friends at school were going to begin classes at the Park and Recreation Center in San Diego. A few months later, I went to the California Ballet audition for “The Nutcracker,” got cast as a Bon Bon with Mother Ginger and enrolled in that school.  My two teachers at California Ballet who gave me the most in my training were Maxine Mahon and Marius Zirra.

CD Review: Volume 8: Creative Workshop
by Ana Abad-Carles

The requirements for classes and exams of GCSEs, A/AS Levels are always a problem for teachers and students when it comes to finding the right music to accompany exercises and tasks. Produced by Dancesounds, this new CD “Volume 8: Creative Workshop”, with music devised by Paul A. Jackson is intended to help as a useful tool. 



Diablo Ballet - 'Who Cares', '3 AM Suite', 'Pas de Quatre et Pas de Six'
by Mary Ellen Hunt -- March 24, 2006, Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts, CA
Dancers kick in their sleep.  Like catnapping felines, they twitch and jitter as they dream about arabesques and passes, and sometimes they deliver a good swift battement that sends the covers flying.  “3 A.M. Suite,” Viktor Kabaniaev’s restive new ballet, sends the ever-intriguing Tina Kay Bohnstedt on a journey...

by Ana Paula Hofling -- March 24, 2006, Sesc Pinheiros Theater, São Paulo, Brazil
In “Milágrimas”, a title which includes the Portuguese words for “thousand” and “tears”, and makes reference to the word for “miracle”, the dancers embodied the rhythms of South Africa. Wearing deep red costumes that alluded to elements of African traditional dress, these disciplined young bodies...

Bolshoi Ballet - UK Tour 2006 - 'Swan Lake'
by Cassandra -- April 1, 2006 matinee, Hippodrome Theatre, Birmingham, UK
If there is one problem that the Bolshoi shares with the UK’s Royal Ballet, it is that both are in urgent need of a new production of “Swan Lake”. This Grigorovitch version has always been controversial and the alterations made a couple of years ago haven’t added much to the general effect.

The Wooster Group - 'The Emperor Jones'
by Juliet Neidish -- March 30, 2006, St. Anne's Warehouse, Brooklyn, New York

Tero Saarinen Company - 'Westward Ho!', 'Wavelengths', 'Hunt'
by Cecly Placenti -- March 29, 2006, Joyce Theatre, New York City

Pacific Northwest Ballet - Choreographers' Showcase
by Dean Speer -- March 22, 2006, McCaw Hall, Seattle, Washington

Cullberg Ballet - 'Empty House', 'Aluminium', 'Negro con flores'
by Rosella Simonari -- March 19, 2006, Teatro Comunale, Modena, Italy

Pacific Northwest Ballet - Points of View Repertory Program
by Dean Speer -- March 18, 2006, McCaw Hall, Seattle, Washington

Paris Opera Ballet - 'Le soufflé des temps', 'AIR', 'Bella figura'
by Franz Anton Kramer -- March 16, 2006, Palais Garnier, Paris, France

Sakoba Dance Theatre - 'Sango', 'Iyanu (Miracle)'
by Thea Nerissa Barnes -- March 12, 2006, The Place, London

Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley - 'Romeo and Juliet'
by Dean Speer -- March 10, 2006, San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, San Jose, California

Maxine Steinman & Dancers - Harkness Dance Festival
by Juliet Neidish -- February 22-26, 2006, Ailey Citicorp Theatre, New York City

editors' choice

· San Francisco Performances - Innovative International Dance Films
May 23, 2006 - Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Screening Room, San Francisco
This final installment of the series includes works by Thierry de Mey and Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker, Alla Kovgan, Jeff Silva and Nicola Hawkins,Miranda Pennell.

· Dance Camera West Dance Film Festival
June 2-30, 2006 - Various Venues in Los Angeles
DCW presents a month of special screenings in venues around Los Angeles as well as special events with artists and journalists.



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