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St. Petersburg Stages
Mariinsky and Mussgorsky

Kirov Ballet - Forsythe Triple Bill
by Catherine Pawlick
February 12, 2006

To say that Forsythe’s choreography is forgiving would be amiss, but one benefit of his movement lies in its complexity. The eyes follow a continuum of ever-changing lines and poses, accented with unexpected changes in speed, sudden snaps of the head, right angles and unusual circular lines.

Kirov Ballet- 'Swan Lake'
by Catherine Pawlick
February 5, 2006
What can be said of perfection? When the subject at hand is Ulyana Lopatkina as Odette/Odile, the descriptions are endless. If “perfect” is inaccurate, she is at least much closer to this description than to other adjectives in the spectrum.

Kirov Ballet- 'La Bayadere'
by Catherine Pawlick
February 1, 2006

St. Petersburg Mussgorsky State Academic Opera and Ballet  Theatre - 'The Nutcracker'
by Catherine Pawlick
January 30, 2006

Kirov Ballet - 'Prodigal Son', 'Reverence', 'Etudes'
by Catherine Pawlick
January 29, 2006


Swans in the Fog
San Francisco Ballet's 'Swan Lake'

January 28, 2006
by Toba Singer

It may have been the swelling overture, conducted by Martin West -- all violins and trumpets, sounding ominous undertones and riveting overtones -- but the audience at San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House was primed for this opening night dazzler of a “Swan Lake.”

January 29, 2006
by Katie Rosenfeld

As story ballets go, “Swan Lake” is arguably the perennial favorite, offering something for everyone in the audience...San Francisco Ballet’s 2006 revival of director/choreographer Helgi Tomasson’s 1988 version does not disappoint.


Irina: Ballet, Life and Loves
By Irina Baronova

Book review by Leland Windreich
Irina Baronova, the youngest of the celebrated three baby ballerinas who captivated audiences worldwide in the 1930s with the tours of the Ballets Russes, waited until her arrival in a place which offered her the kind of peace she needed to contemplate her past.  Her book was published in her 86th year.

Hot Fun in Winter!  Dance Festivals in NY and NJ
by Cecly Placenti

Winter may be a time of rest and stillness in nature, but it is just the opposite in the New York City area dance scene. With dozens of companies to choose from, the season is rich with both fresh and established talent.

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University of Washington Chamber Dance Company
by Dean Speer -- February 2, 2006, Meany Hall Theatre, Seattle
Every once in a while, you come across a showing of work that impels one to shout out, “Go see it! Now!!” The Univ. of Washington’s Chamber Dance Company has ginned up such a concoction...

Impact Dance and ZooNation
by Thea Nerissa Barnes -- February 3-4, 2006, Peacock Theatre, London
Standing in for Jonzi D, Bustah, aka Susan Lawson-Reynolds, was the hostess for this presentation of hip hop dance theatre. She reminded those present of the affiliation Jonzi D has with Breakin' Convention and companies Zoonation & Impact Dance.

English National Ballet - 'Sleeping Beauty'
by Cassandra -- January 18, 2006, London Coliseum
English National Ballet has struck gold with this lovely, new to the UK, version of “The Sleeping Beauty”. Originally produced by Kenneth MacMillan for American Ballet Theatre, this is a very traditional production...

Jonzi D Productions - 'TAG...Me vs. The City'
by Cerise -- February 18, 2006, Contact Theatre, Manchester, England

Nashville Ballet - 'Firebird,' 'The Rite of Spring'
by Zan Buckner -- February 17, 2006, Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Nashville, Tennessee

New York City Ballet - Divertimento from 'Le Baiser de la Fée,' 'Friandises,' 'Union Jack': New Gems and Vintage Jewels
by Cecly Placenti -- February 10, 2006, New York State Theatre, New York City

KUNST-STOFF - 'as we close their eyes,' 'In-Sight'
by Rebecca Hirschman -- February 10, 2006, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco

Resolution! - 65 Litres Productions, Turbulance Dance Company, Semekor Performing Arts
by Thea Nerissa Barnes -- February 6, 2006, The Place, London

Impact Dance and ZooNation
by Ana Abad-Carles -- February 3, 2006, Peacock Theatre, Sadler's Wells, London

Resolution! - Trinity Flow, Race & Rhythm, innercoredance
by Thea Nerissa Barnes -- January 30, 2006, The Place, London

BalletLab - 'Amplification'
by Cecly Placenti -- January 24, 2006, Performance Space 122, New York City

David Gordon - 'Aristophanes in Birdonia'
by Juliet Neidish -- January 14, 2006, Danspace, New York City

Henri Oguike Dance Company - Open Rehearsal
by Rosella Simonari -- January 27, 2006, Annibal Caro Theatre, Civitanova Alta, Italy

editors' choice

· The Dance of the Avant-gardes. Paintings, scenery and costumes: from Degas and Picasso to Matisse and Keith Haring
Through May 7, 2006 - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Trento Rovereto
The dancing body in twentieth century art: the tale of a dream which, like a silent river, has crossed a whole century, gradually becoming its most representative icon.

· Vancouver International Dance Festival
March 4 - April 1, 2006 -- Various venues around Vancouver, Canada
Exponents of Butoh, modern dance, Noh, performance art, and fusion converge on Vancouver.  If you're inspired to write, there will be a dance writing workshop with Kaija Pepper.



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