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American Ballet Theatre
2005 City Center Season
Oct. 19 - Nov. 6, 2005

2005 City Center Season Gala
October 19, 2005
by Kate Snedeker

In a gala evening mercifully short on speeches and rich with ballet, American Ballet Theatre opened its three-week long City Center season on a satisfyingly high note.

October 23, 2005
by Jerry Hochman
Without doubt, the night belonged to Erica Cornejo, whose performance as The Cowgirl in the long overdue revival of “Rodeo” was simply fabulous.  Cornejo nailed everything as if she’d been rehearsing for this role all her life.


October 23, 2005 matinee
by Lori Ibay

October 25 and 30, 2005
by Cecly Placenti

November 5, 2005 matinee
by Lori Ibay

Kirov Ballet
Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg

'Don Quixote'
by Catherine Pawlick
October 24, 2005

‘Don Quixote’ is one of the lightest & most comedic ballets in the classical repertoire. Monday night’s full-house greeted Elvira Tarasova and Mikhail Lobukhin as Kitri and Basil. Both dancers gave steady, balanced performances that hinted at the heritage of the Kirov.

'Le Corsaire'
by Catherine Pawlick

October 24, 2005
In what was a second homage to their historical heritage this week, both Kirov stars and lesser-known newcomers to the company demonstrated a mastery of artful expression and classical technique in Friday’s performance of “Le Corsaire.”

All-Forsythe Evening
by Catherine Pawlick
November 1, 2005

All-Balanchine Evening
by Catherine Pawlick
November 3, 2005

All-Fokine Evening
by Catherine Pawlick
November 10, 2005

'La Bayadere'
by Catherine Pawlick
November 12, 2005


My Dearly Beloved Wife!
A Book Review

by Leland Windreich
Bournonville was a passionate writer of letters. This delightful collection of 39 epistles to his adored wife Helene accounts for the time from March-September 1841 as he undertook a journey which took him from Denmark to Hamburg, England, Paris & Italy.

Kremlin Ballet Theatre - 'Ivan the Terrible'
by Catherine Pawlick

he 30-year anniversary of the world premier of the ballet “Ivan the Terrible” was celebrated with the Kremlin Ballet’s production in the Mariinsky Theatre. The performance is presented in the form of a historical chronicle...

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New Adventures - 'Swan Lake'
by David Mead -- October 25, 2005, Milton Keynes Theatre, Milton Keynes, England
I have an admission to make. It’s been ten years since Matthew Bourne’s “Swan Lake“ was born, and while I had seen it on film, this was the first time I saw it in the flesh.

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'Swan Lake'
by Lori Ibay -- October 1, 2 and 5, 2005, Academy of Music, Philadelphia
There is always a buzz surrounding a company’s first performance of the year, and Pennsylvania Ballet’s run of “Swan Lake” to open their 2005-06 season was no exception. Along with the usual excitement, add the expectations...

Martha Graham Dance Company in Brazil
by Ana Paula Höfling -- November 10, 2005, Theatro Municipal de São Paulo
The Martha Graham Dance Company, on the other hand, knows how to renew itself through its history. It has revitalized itself by bringing in older works that had left the repertory for almost fifty years and giving them a new life...

Oregon Ballet Theatre - Fall Program
by Dean Speer -- October 9, 2005, Newmark Theatre, Portland, Oregon

Mark Morris Dance Group - 'Somebody's Coming to See me Tonight,' 'All Fours,' 'Grand Duo,' 'The Tamil Film Songs in Stereo' pas de deux
by Ana Abad-Carles -- October 18, 2005, Sadler's Wells, London

Element Dance Theatre - 'Zoetrope'
by Eric Ray Kupers -- October 30, 2005, San Francisco, California

Birmingham Royal Ballet - 'Hobson's Choice'
by Ana Abad-Carles -- October 27, 2005, Sadler's Wells, London

Rambert Dance Company - Fall 2005 Repertory
by David Mead -- November 2, 2005, Milton Keynes Theatre, Milton Keynes

Dance Festivals in Estonia and Finland
by Stuart Sweeney-- August - September, 2005, Helsinki, Finland & Tallinn, Estonia

Birmingham Royal Ballet - 'Solitaire', 'Checkmate', 'The Lady and the Fool'
by Kate Snedeker -- November 8, 2005, Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

Quasar Dance Company - 'Só tinha de ser con você'
by Ana Paula Höfling -- November 6, 2005, Teatro Alfa, São Paulo, Brazil

National Ballet of China and City Contemporary Dance Company
by Holly Messitt -- October 11 and 15, 2005, New York City

Mark Morris Dance Group - 2005 Fall UK Tour
by Kate Snedeker -- November 4, 2005, Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

Adrienne Celeste Fadjo Dance - 'Home'
by Cecly Placenti -- November 3, 2005, 14th Street Y Theatre, New York City

Paris Opera Ballet - 'Caligula'
by Cassandra -- November 4, 2005, Opera Garnier, Paris

Paris Opera Ballet - 'Jewels'
by Cassandra -- November 5, 2005, Opera Garnier, Paris

Diablo Ballet - 'Magic Toy Store'
by Toba Singer -- November 18, 2005, Dean Lesher Center, Walnut Creek, CA

Pacific Northwest Ballet - Past, Present and Future Program
by Dean Speer -- November 5, 2005, McCaw Opera House, Seattle, Washington

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre - 'Cursive III'
by David Mead -- November 21, 2005, National Theatre, Taipei

editors' choice

· Dance on Camera Festival 2006
January 4 to 14, 2006, Lincoln Center and selected venues throughout New York City
Dance Films Association, Inc. screens over 2 dozen dance films from around the world showing the work of dancers, choreographers, and film directors working in ballet, modern, post-modern, folk, and commercial dance.

· Sydney Festival 2006
January 7 to 27, 2006, Sydney
Local and international companies appearing include Sylvie Guillem and George Piper Dances and Chunky Move's 'I Want to Dance Better at Parties' with choreography and direction by Gideon Obarzanek and original music by Jason Sweeney & Cailan Burns (Prettyboy Crossover).



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