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Mirella Dancewear Factory Photo Gallery

All photos: Terry Reed

1. Three Views of the Cutting Shop

These photos show different aspects of the Mirella fabric cutting facility. The fabric is carefully spread out on one of three 40' x 6' cutting tables in up to as many as 60 or more layers. The patterns for the individual garments in various sizes are then marked on the top layer and the stack of fabric is then cut using a special reciprocating cutting machine. A keen eye, a steady hand and considerable skill are required to do this job well.


Here what you see are stacks of component parts of a dance garment after they have been cut and separated by size -- in the background you see a vertical reciprocating knife used in cutting this kind of spread. These stacks are now ready to be combined with other component parts and packaged by style and size for the sewing facility.










In this view you see a portion of the cutting facility's fabric inventory. The fabric is specially knit and dyed to Mirella's specifications by their mill in Montreal, Quebec.







This photo shows a detail of two of the cutting tables. The table on the right shows a fabric spreading device and in the table in background you can see a portion of a small cut in process.






2. Three Views of the Sewing Facility

This is where the stacks of component pieces from the cutting facility are assembled into garments. This department contains 38 highly specialized sewing machines which -- unlike home sewing machines -- are designed and purpose built to perform only a specific task or a closely related series of tasks. Each garment has a specific order in which it is assembled and moves from one machine to another in bundles of similar unfinished units until it is completed. From there the garments are sent to the Quality Control & Packaging department where they are inspected, tagged, folded and packaged to be sent out to dance retailers throughout the world.















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