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AUG 2005
in this issue

& features

Dawid Kupinksi - Rising Talent at the Royal Danish Ballet
by Kate  Snedeker

Kupinski, who joined the company in 2002, recently debuted as Carelis in Lloyd Riggins’ new production of “The Kermesse in Bruges”.

Bold New Ballet - PNB's New Artistic Director Peter Boal
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin

"For the Company, I’m looking to traditions; to build on what Kent and Francia have done... I love the dancers and the audiences here and want them to stay."

Bringing New Life to Bournonville: Lloyd Riggins
by Kate Snedeker

"I think what people misunderstand is that we’re not recreating what these ballets would look like in Bournonville’s time; we are living the process of continuing a tradition. It hasn’t died; it’s still living."

A Tribute to former PNB principal Deborah Hadley
by Dean Speer

Her artistry and approach not only elevated the level of dancing at PNB but influenced many and she continues to inspire future generations of aspirant dancers.

Book review: 'Dancing Machines' by Felicia McCarren
by Carrie Gaiser

Focusing specifically on the Parisian avant-garde from the turn of the century through the 1930s, Dancing Machines succeeds in its attempt to re-place dance into the history of early modern machine culture.

No Maps on My Taps: An Appreciation
by Lynn Dally

No Maps on My Taps, an hour-long documentary by filmmaker George T. Nierenberg, emerged in 1980 at the same time my West Coast colleagues and I were creating a new format for tap dancing-live, and in concert.

dance & disability

Lee Fisher
by Ana Abad-Carles

I think that the arts in education offer fantastic learning opportunities for the young people and artists involved. There is so much and so many ways in which children can learn in and through the arts.

Magpie Dance - Mentoring New Choreographers
by Annie Wells

Presented in partnership with Bromley High School, "A Celebration of Dance" marked a new and exciting departure for Magpie Dance, an inclusive community dance company for adults and young people with and without learning disabilities.

Amici Dance Company - Celebrating 25 Years!
by Ana Abad-Carles

Amici is an antidote and a challenge that proves, in the most positive way, not only how art can enrich people’s lives, but also and most importantly, how people’s lives can enrich the art forms too.

Dance Disability Training Opportunities
by Kien Bee Ong

Dance involving disabled performers is not a recent phenomenon in the UK...Companies such as Anjali, Blue Eyed Soul and CandoCo have been in existence for more than a decade...The increasing prominence of these companies translates to a developing need for trained disabled performers.

Talking with StopGAP Dancer Laura Jones
by Ana Abad-Carles

I became the first student to complete 100% of the Dance A-Level in a wheelchair! And that's something that no one can take away from me!

Anjali Dance Company - Developing an Accredited Dance Training Program
by Susan Norwood

A pioneering company, Anjali realises and celebrates through dance the potential of people with learning difficulties. Focus is on ability rather than disability.


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Articles and Discussions

Scottish Ballet - Spring 2005
And it was the Scottish Ballet ballerinas who stood out in Thursday night performances. While then women for the most part have grasped the nuances of Balanchine's choreography, the men appear less at home with the choreography's angular challenges.

By Kate Snedeker - April 21, 2005 - Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

Scottish Ballet - Spring 2005
Set to Aphex Twin's throbbing, percussive score, "The Pump Room" has a powerful, earthly feel, as captured in Page's weighty, intertwining choreography.
By Kate Snedeker - April 13, 2005 - Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Scottish Ballet - 'The Nutcracker'
Sugar Plums and fake snow be gone With blustery winds howling across the Edinburgh streets, the Scottish Ballet blew away any preconceptions about the "Nutcracker".
By Kate Snedeker - January 6, 2005 - Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

Scottish Ballet - Spring 2004
Returning to the Festival Theatre for the first Edinburgh performance of 2004, the Scottish Ballet showed off its powerful, brash and talented new persona.
By Kate Snedeker - April 14, 2004 - Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

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Edinburgh International Festival 2005

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2003-2004 Season News

New Artistic Director Search 2002

Scottish Ballet National Tour 2002

Scottish Ballet's 'Carmen'

Ballet fatties told to hold the chips

Scottish Ballet Celebrates Hans van Manen

Scottish Ballet's New Direction 2001

Scottish Ballet's 'Romeo and Juliet'

Scottish Ballet's 'Aladdin' 2000

Featured Sites

Poland's Bytom Festival
June 26 - July 9, 2005

An Introduction to the Festival
by Catherine Peila

This year's twelfth edition of SDT’s International Contemporary Dance Conference/Festival is once again an eclectic mix of intriguing educational and performance programming...

Dance and Spirituality - Chang Mu Dance Company
by Anna Krolica

An interview with Dr Ewa Rynarzewska, a tutor in the Institute of Oriental Science at Warsaw University. Being a friend of Chang Mu Dance Company, she was taught traditional Korean dance by Dr Kim Maine for four years.

Silesian Dance Theatre - 'Glamour of mundane. Dream from a saint.'
by Marta Maniecka

Jacek Luminski’s "Glamour of mundane. Dream from a saint" is not only perfectly planned, energetic movement, but also a story about travelling and searching.

Festival Diary - Day 3
by Adrienne Katz, Movement Therapy Specialist

My Bytom day starts with a quick breakfast coffee in the hotel bar and I enjoy my “kava biawa” to bastardise the Polish language. Most of the festival faculty are staying at the same hotel and, as I have done for the past three mornings, I listen to the other dancers, choreographers and writers discussing politics and theory at 8am.

Bridget Critique's Diary: At the edge of Reason at the Bytom Festival
by Bridget Critique

A day in the life of Bridget Critique, a member of the Bytom Festival Newspaper team. Who said being a journalist was easy!


editors' choice

Our editors' dream vacation:

· Edinburgh International Festival
August 14 - September 4, 2005
Edinburgh, Scotland
An international gathering of dance, music and theatre.


West Wave Dance Festival - Program 2
by Becca Hirschman
July 14, 2005 -- ODC Theater, San Francisco
The West Wave Dance Festival has returned to San Francisco for its 14th season...Program 2 included three world premieres and two additional works.  Definitely a standout, John Kloss’ toe-tapping “Measured Response” combined crisp sounds with varied rhythms.

George Piper Dances - 'Naked'
by David Mead
July 19, 2005 -- Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham
“Naked” is George Piper Dances first full length work, something Michael Nunn and William Trevitt see as a natural development from "Broken Fall" and their work with Russell Maliphant, here credited as ‘choreographic collaborator’.

Estonian National Ballet - 'Shannon Rose'
by Stuart Sweeney
March 17, 2005 -- Estonian Opera House, Tallinn
The Estonian National Ballet already has a fine example of contemporary ballet theatre with Luciano Cannito’s “Cassandra”, and now they have added a second with their recent premiere of “Shannon Rose” by Youri Vàmos.

The nEW Festival
by Lewis Whittington
May 31- June 12, 2005-- The Arts Bank, Philadelphia
For years, dance in Philadelphia virtually stopped by the end of spring, but this June brought the nEW Festival produced by longtime Philadelphia dance mavericks Melanie Stewart and Paule Turner, who conceived it as a fresh independent framework.

Australian Ballet - 'Swan Lake': Princess Diana by the Lakeside
by Cassandra
July 20,2005 -- London Coliseum, London
To all intents and purposes this “Swan Lake” is totally new with a different though not entirely dissimilar storyline. It is however inspired by the original, and I use the word inspired in its most noble sense

Paris Opera Ballet - Soiree Roland Petit
by Mary Ellen Hunt
July 2, 2005 -- Palais Garnier, Paris
Star power came out in full force though, with Nicolas Le Riche and Marie-Agnes Gillot in "Le Jeune homme et la Mort."

Ballo del Teatro alla Scala - 'Balletto Novecento'
by Mary Ellen Hunt
June 18, 2005 -- Teatro degli Arcimboldi, Milan, Italy
Massimo Murru and Deborah Gismondi found an extraordinarily intimate tenderness amidst the roiling savagery of the groups around them in Béjart's loamy, "Le Sacre du Printemps." 

Pacific Northwest Ballet School - 24th Annual Performance
by Dean Speer
June 18, 2005-- McCaw Hall, Seattle, Washington

American Ballet Theatre - 'Swan Lake'
by Harry Matthews
July 1, 2005-- Metropolitan Opera House, New York

American Ballet Theatre - 'Giselle': Vishneva's Giselle in a Class of Its Own
by Jerry Hochman
July 12, 2005 -- Metropolitan Opera House, New York

American Ballet Theatre - 'Giselle': Amanda Transcendent
by Jerry Hochman
July 14, 2005 -- Metropolitan Opera House, New York

Mark Morris Dance Group - 'Cargo': Veneration, Practicality ... Survival Skills
by Harry Matthews
June 26, 2005 -- Tanglewood Music Festival, Lenox, Massachusetts

Anton Lachky & Eulalia Ayguade - 'Twice Read' and Anna Vnuk - 'Anna Vnuk Stages Cats'
by Lyndsey Winship
June 29, 2005 -- Purcell Room, London

Bolshoi Ballet - 'Romeo and Juliet'
by Catherine Pawlick
July 5 and 6, 2005 -- Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg

Bolshoi Ballet - 'Don Quixote': Done by Home Companies Better
by Jerry Hochman
July 8, 2005 -- Metropolitan Opera House, New York

Bolshoi Ballet - 'The Pharaoh's Daughter'
by Jerry Hochman
July 28, 2005 -- Metropolitan Opera House, New York

Tero Saarinen Company - 'Borrowed Light': The Light of Community
by Rosella Simonari
April 9, 2005 -- Teatro Rossini, Civitanova Marche, Italy

Henri Oguike Dance Company - 'Front Line', 'F.P.S.', 'Seen of Angels': The Energy Between Light and Sound
by Rosella Simonari
July 12, 2005 -- Teatro Cecchetti, Civitanova, Italy

Pietragalla Compagnie - 'Souveins toi...': Frames of a Past Remembered
by Rosella Simonari
July 17, 2005 -- Teatro Rossini, Civitanova Marche, Italy

Fugate/Bahiri Ballet NY: New York redux
by Cecly Placenti
July 7, 2005 -- Joyce Theater, New York

Concert for Amnesty International - Townley Grammar School for Girls
by Stuart Sweeney
July 16, 2005 -- Methodist Church of Orpington, Orpington

Kirov Ballet - Mixed Program: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel
by Catherine Pawlick
July 19, 2005 -- Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg

Kirov Ballet - Fokine Program: Season Finale
by Catherine Pawlick
July 29, 2005 -- Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg

Adam Cooper Produtions - 'Les Liaisons Dangereuses': Sex, Coercion ... MacMillan
by Cassandra
July 26, 2005 -- Sadler's Wells, London

West Wave Dance Festival - Program 9: Wild (yet) Mild West
by Becca Hirschman
July 30, 2005 -- ODC Theatre, San Francisco, California

mac Productions & Sampad - 'Dido and Aeneas': Crossover Virgil
by Cerise
July 22, 2005 -- mac, Birmingham, UK



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