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JUNE 2005
in this issue


An Interview with Ib Andersen: Journey to the Desert
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin

We need to nurture audiences and it's both an educational and intuitive process. This goes slower than I'd like it to be, but I need to be realistic too.

An Interview with Matthew Boyes: Basics and Boyes and Ballet
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin

I’ve found that dancing has actually gotten easier as one gets older. Things are easier to distill and simplify. I like doing ensemble work and making something greater than the sum of its parts.

Awesome Astrit: An interview with Ballet Arizona principal dancer Astrit Zejnati
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin

My father was a violinist and introduced me to ballet. I studied at the National Ballet School in Albania. When they auditioned me, they tried my feet and flexibility, which weren’t all that great at the time but liked my musical feeling and sense.

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Articles and Discussions

Akram Khan Company - 'Ma'
By Ramsay Burt - October 26, 2004, Warwick Arts Centre, Conventry.

Akram Khan Company - 'Kaash'
By Jenai Cutcher - October 14, 2003, Joyce Theatre, New York City

Akram Khan Company - 'Kaash'
By Mary Ellen Hunt - September 18, 2003, Yerba Buena Center for the Arrts, San Francisco

Akram Khan Company - 'Kaash'
By Lewis Whittington - September 10-13, 2003, Arden Theater, Philadelphia

Akram Khan Company - 'Kaash'
By Lyndsey Winship - April 6, 2002, Brighton Corn Exchange, Brighton

Bangarra Dance Theatre - 'Bush'
By Preeti Vasudevan - October 19, 2004, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn

Angika Dance Company - 'Bhakti'
By Thea Nerissa Barnes - Robin Howard Dance Theatre, Londonf

Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company - 'Flicker', 'Transtep'
By Thea Nerissa Barnes - March 22-23, 2005, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Shen Wei Dance Arts - 'RIte of Spring,' 'Folding'
By Mary Ellen Hunt - September 26, 2004 - Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley, CA

Shen Wei Dance Arts - 'RIte of Spring,' 'Folding'
By Elizabeth Schwyzer - October 12, 2004, Sadler's Wells, London

Shen Wei Dance Arts - 'RIte of Spring,' 'Folding'
By Jeff Kuo - March 19-20, 2004 - Dorothy Chandler Music Pavilion, Los Angeles

Shen Wei Dance Arts - 'RIte of Spring,' 'Folding'
By Holly Messitt - July 23, 2003, Lincoln Center, New York City

Akram Khan Dance Company 2003-2005

Akram Khan 2002 and 2003

Akram Khan 2000-2003

Akram Khan in Rome

Akram Khan online chat Dec 5

Akram Khan Dance Umbrella 2002

Akram Khan Collaboration with Other Artists

Akram Khan 2001


Angika Autumn Tour 2001

Shen Wei Dance Arts 2004-2005

Shen Wei Dance Arts October 2004 Dance Umbrella

Shen Wei at Sadler's 2004

Shen Wei Connect Transfer at Lincoln Center Festival

Shen Wei Dance Arts 2002-2003

Featured Sites

editors' choice

If our editors could visit any two events around the world:
· Jacob's Pillow Dance
June 18 to August 27, 2005
One of America's premiere dance festivals is not one to miss.
· Lincoln Center Festival
July 12 - July 31, 2005
Lincoln Center, New York
The annual showcase for innovative contemporary and classical dance.


Coming up...
· Blue Man Group
· More Bournonville Festival
· Jess Curtis/GRAVITY
· More Kirov Ballet reviews
· More reviews
· More interviews
· More features




Tulle & Tricot: Costumes for the Bournonville Ballets
by Kate Snedeker
May 13, 2005

A number of exhibitions about August Bournonville and his legacy have been arranged to coincide with the Bournonville Festival. The largest of the these exhibitions, "Tulle & Tricot", a selection of costumes from the Royal Danish Ballet’s productions of Bournonville ballets, is brilliantly put together and a definite must see for any ballet fan in Copenhagen.

The Valkyrie Reflex and 'The Sleeping Beauty': Thoughts on Genealogy and Nobility
by S.E. Arnold
May 7, 2005

Further, the ‘bind-her-save-her-for-later’ sort of fate that Carabosse visits upon Aurora anticipates the spider-like habits of Tolkein’s malevolent valkyrie, Shelob.

An Introduction to State Street Ballet
by Andre Yew
May 2005

An arcade of shops in downtown Santa Barbara, California not some four blocks from the Pacific Ocean is an unlikely place to find one of the few professional ballet companies in Southern California. Yet for over 10 years, State Street Ballet has grown and thrived, exemplifying the best of what a regional company does...


Royal Danish Ballet

by Kate Snedeker
May 26, 2005 -- Royal Theatre, Copenhagen

One of the least performed of Bournonville’s surviving full-length ballets, “Abdallah” was revived by Bruce Marks for Ballet West in 1985, and brought to the Royal Theatre where it lives on in this lush, lyrical production.

'The King's Guard on Amager' & 'La Sylphide'
by Kate Snedeker
May 25, 2005 -- Royal Theatre, Copenhagen

The evening closed with a heart-wrenching performance of "La Sylphide", as re-imagined by Nikolaj Hübbe. Though restrained the prior evening in "La Ventana", Mads Blangstrup came alive as the doomed Scots farmer, James.

'The Kermesse in Bruges' & 'La Ventana'
by Kate Snedeker
May 24, 2005 -- Royal Theatre, Copenhagen

On Tuesday the Royal Danish Ballet took to the Royal Theatre stage in the second performance of the August Bournonville double bill of "La Ventana" and "The Kermesse in Bruges". This was the first look at the second cast, and there were fine performances in both ballets...

'The Kermesse in Bruges' & 'La Ventana'
by Kate Snedeker
May 21, 2005 -- Royal Theatre, Copenhagen

On May 21, barely two weeks before the 3rd Bournonville Festival, “La Ventana” and “The Kermesse in Bruges” returned to the Royal Theatre stage. The two new productions, which represent the final chapter in the years long preparation for the Festival, breathe life into Bournonville’s portrayals of love in Spain and Belgium.

by Kate Snedeker
May 13, 2005 -- Royal Theatre, Copenhagen

There are few balletic experiences more wonderful than that of the Royal Danish Ballet's production of "Napoli" with Thomas Lund as Gennaro. The story of Gennaro, a poor but pure-hearted fisherman and his beloved, Teresina, “Napoli” is a feast of technique and mime, displaying the Royal Danish Ballet at its finest.

Robert Cohan at 80

Robert Cohan Study Day
by Ana Abad-Carles
May 8, 2005 -- The Place, London
On Sunday 8th May, The Place held a Study Day dedicated to the work of Robert Cohan, choreographer and artistic director of London Contemporary Dance Theatre for years. All one can say after having attended the day is thank you and congratulations to the organisers ...

A Conversation with Robert Cohan and Darshan Singh Bhuller
by Rachel Bagshaw

Last November [2004], the premiere of Darshan Singh Bhuller’s film about Robert Cohan, founder of The Place and London Contemporary Dance Theatre, was shown at Sadler’s Wells. It was made by Darshan’s Singh Productions to celebrate the 80th birthday of this extraordinary man.

Robert Cohan at 80
by Stuart Sweeney
May 9, 2005 -- Sadlers Wells, London

We saw three works by three companies and hopefully this is a sign of a revival of interest in his work, which has been neglected since the demise of London Contemporary Dance Theatre. Cohan looked understandably delighted to see a talented array of young dancers performing his work.

Robert Cohan at 80
by Cassandra
May 9, 2005 -- Sadlers Wells, London

Last night’s performance at Sadlers Wells was a celebration of the 80th birthday of Robert Cohan. ... Few people have done more for the cause of Modern dance in this country than Cohan and the rapid growth of the art form since the sixties is all down to a tiny band of visionaries of which Cohan is now the sole survivor.


Letter from the Editors
      In our contemporary era, 'fusion' no longer refers to nuclear reactors and H-bombs but to the heady, eclectic creations of jazz musicians, artistes of nuovo cucina, and post-colonial choreographers.
      For our June issue, we feature a selection of dance companies whose diverse dance styles and aesthetics typify 'fusion' in the contemporary dance world. Diversity also describes our selection of feature reports, reviews, and interviews from London, Copenhagen, and Phoenix.
      We have extended coverage of the Royal Danish Ballet as they lead up to the Bournonville Festival as well as Robert Cohan's 80th Birthday celebration, Sadler's Breakin' Convention, and much more.
      As always, we love to hear what you think. Please post your comments in our Magazine Feedback Discussion Topic in the CriticalDance forum. And, if you want the magazine delivered right to your inbox, subscribe!

The Editors of Ballet-Dance Magazine

P.S. If you're enjoying this issue of Ballet-Dance Monthly, please forward it to a friend!


Orange County High School of the Arts Season Finale 2005: Industrial Strength
by Jeff Kuo
May 31, 2005 -- OC Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa

Celebrating its 18th year of educating ambitious artists, writers, and performers, the Orange County High School of the Arts completed their school year with a season finale featuring student performers from their many arts conservatories.

American Ballet Theatre - 'Don Quixote': Vishneva from 0 to 180
by Jerry Hochman
May 26, 2005 -- Met Opera House, New York

Eventually, when American Ballet Theatre takes stock of its history of great performances, Diana Vishneva’s portrayal of Kitri in “Don Quixote” will surely rank among the best.

Rambert Dance Company - Two Views
by Patricia Somerset & Lindalu
May 24, 2005 -- Sadlers Wells, London

Rambert Dance Company’s current performances at Sadler’s Wells confirm the pursuit of the troupe’s mission: to encourage innovative and daring new choreographic works while at the same time performing less recent and more established pieces of their almost eighty year old repertoire.

Oregon Ballet Theatre - 'Opus 50,' 'A New Work,' 'Company B'
by Dean Speer
May 24, 2005 -- Newmark Theatre, Portland

Company B is a company marvel wherever and whenever it’s produced. Under the sheen of a series of Andrews Sisters’ songs, it really reveals the tragic outcome of war and of the results that would have been improbable without it.

Kirov Ballet - Fokine Evening: Drama of Fokine
by Catherine Pawlick
May 22, 2005 -- Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg

With Diaghilev's moor-decorated lettering, "Les Saisons Russes" was sewn onto the second main curtain of the Mariinsky Theatre last night, for an evening of Fokine which displayed the famous choreographer's ability to use classical ballet technique as a starting point for creative expression.

Breakin' Convention: Bound by the Proscenium Arch
by Cerise
May 14, 2005 -- Sadlers Wells, London

An abundance of slick moves based on stock stylised vocabularies from electric boogaloo, breakdance, urban dance and combinations of these, were interspersed with comprehensive displays of tricks, choreographed to mainly upbeat recent hip hop hits.

Breakin' Convention: Top 9 Tops the Crowd
by Ana Abad-Carles
May 14, 2005 -- Sadlers Wells, London

Sadler’s Wells turned itself into an open space where Hip Hop fans, families and dance enthusiast gathered for the occasion. The atmosphere was fantastic, with a buzz of creativity which is hard to find at most dance events.

Compagnie Kafig- 'Corps Est Graphique': From Street to Stage
by Stuart Sweeney
May 13, 2005 -- Churchill Theatre, Bromley

In its 60-minutes, there is much ensemble work with good synchronisation as well as solos, all to a recorded North African/hip-hop fusion score that is pleasant, but lacks excitement and variety.

Motionhouse Dance Theatre - 'Perfect': In Media Res
by David
May 13, 2005 -- Bridge House Theatre, Warwick

"Perfect" is about time, the way we witness it and how it affects our lives. Just as time has no beginning, when the audience walks in, it is as if the work has already started. One dancer is already on stage as if asleep but having one of those fitful nights we all know where you cannot ‘switch off’ but toss and turn, your mind pounding away and full of thoughts.

Union Dance - 'Sensing Change'
by Thea Nerissa Barnes
May 11, 2005 --Royal Festival Hall, London

This current production’s exploration of identity with internationally diverse choreographers, designers and multi-media artists, though, reveals uneasiness in a context that is becoming so syncretic in its expressions that the distinctions that have previously marked specific cultural affiliations have all but disappeared.

Kirov Ballet - Celebrating Victory Day: Anti-war Message Poignant and Powerful
by Catherine Pawlick
May 8, 2005 -- Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg

On the eve of May 9, termed Victory Day in Russia in honor of the end of World War II, the Mariinsky Theatre...honored the 60th anniversary of the date with a mixed ballet program that began quietly and ended on a note of pathos and strength.

Washington Ballet - '7x7': More Heaven Than Hell on Earth
by Carol Herron
May 8, 2005 -- England Studio Theater, Washington, D.C.

The program was seven dances, choreographed by seven very different choreographers, each piece being seven minutes long. The theater was the transformed rehearsal studio, which provides a intimate setting...

New York City Ballet - 'Apollo', 'NY Export: Opus Jazz', 'An American in Paris': Suffering by Comparison
by Jerry Hochman
May 7, 2005 -- NY State Theatre, New York

There was good news and not so good news at New York City Ballet's matinee. The good news is that masterworks are still being performed and brilliantly so. The not so good news is that the ballet that closed the program, “An American in Paris,” is not in the same league as the other two.

Deborah Hay - 'The Match': Between Brilliance, White Noise
by Lyndsey Winship
May 5, 2005 -- Purcell Room, London

Her Bessie Award-winning piece "The Match" opens with one dancer (Wally Cardona) taking a five-minute jog around the stage. The house lights are still up. There’s no music. There may as well be a flashing sign above his head: ‘Danger, experimental art in progress!’

Jerome Bel - 'Nom donne par l'auteur'
by Ramsay Burt
April 30, 2005 -- Sandfield Centre, Nottingham

Cast: Two men, a vacuum cleaner, a hair dryer (both with long leads plugged into a socket centre back stage), a tin of table salt, a small patterned carpet rug, a large French dictionary (Le Robert), a torch, a stool, a plastic children's ball...

Sarah Spanton - 'Princess Clock Ticking': Body Heat
by Ramsay Burt
April 28, 2005 -- Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds

"Princess: Clock Ticking" was a durational performance with long and short 'cycles'. For much of the day the Princess was sitting at a table in an upstairs gallery showing paintings of women by twentieth century British artists.

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'The Concert', 'Continuum, 'Raymonda Variations': Oh So Us
by Lori Ibay
April 27, 2005 -- Merriam Theatre, Philadelphia

The program notes for Pennsylvania Ballet's "The Concert" described the
title piece, subtitled (Or, The Perils of Everybody), as a 'hilarious look
at what concertgoers ponder while watching a classical music concert'.


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