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Compania Vientos del Sur: Futbol Tango

'Pasiones - Tango y Musical'

by Rosella Simonari

March 19, 2005 -- Teatro Pergolesi, Jesi (Acona), Italy

The Vientos del Sur Company from Buenos Aires, Argentina, has completely captured the audience's attention in their re-working of the traditional form of tango. "Pasiones - Tango y Musical" represents a first succesful attempt to mingle tango with the art of musical. Tha dancers sing and dance in astonishing group choreographies as well as in pas de deux that let the most profound nature of this dance come to life.

Different are the passions staged - there is jealousy, love, sense of community and also football. The Spanish word for 'football' is 'fútbol', but pronounced in the same manner. In the football section there is a collective tango of particular effect. The whole group of nine dancers frantically move to the famous music by Astor Piazzolla, "Libertango", while playing with a ball. The costumes resemble those of football players, with two different coloured t-shirts, and long trousers for male and female alike.  The dynamics are high paced, where dance movement alternates with football moves. There is a crescendo whose euphoric climax is given by a goal scored into a net which abruptly dropped in front of the stage to prevent the ball from hitting the audience.

Modern dance and football do not diminish the power of tango in its original form. Most of the choreographies by Erica Boaglio and Adrián Aragón are centred on this traditional Argentine dance, originated among European immigrants and country people in a period of great urbanisation, the 1880s. The art of tango, as that of flamenco, is a cohesion of dance, music and song. An aspect which differentiates tango from other couples dances such as valzer, is the complex articulation of legwork, where the quick calf bending in different directions (among them the most sexually explicit is that which goes between the legs of one's own partner) is maybe the most interesting example.

So let tango be. A one couple dance is often linked to two or three couple dances. In some instances the heterosexual couple is broken in favour of a male-to-male or female-to-female couple in an ironic game of open circuit. In more than one case dancers find themselves dancing tango in three, thus enhacing the possibilities of combinations. The costumes by Carolina Paez Padrò and Ana Rojo are elegant and refined, especially those for the female dancers.

At the end, the enthusiastic response of the audience brings the whole company to give three encores where the male dancers produce an energetic group dance made of complex footwork. "Pasiones - Tango y Musical" is a vibrant performance where tango is taken to a new dimension!


Edited by Staff.

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