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SEPT 2004
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Kathi Martuza, Kester CottonHere and Happening in Portland - An Interview with Kester Cotton and Kathleen Martuza of Oregon Ballet Theatre
by Francis Timlin
I had learned "Serenade" . from Elyse Borne as well as from Sandra Jennings, so I was pretty familiar with the piece. Francia taught very quickly -- five days for the whole piece. There was a bit of a fear factor there; it took a couple of days to get everyone calmed down.
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Sasha PepeljajevAn Interview with Sasha Pepeljajev
by Stuart Sweeney
I never specifically studied choreography. However, I was always interested in movement, graphics and ideas of space as well as music, rhythm and acting.

company focus

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Dance Umbrella 2004
5th October - 27th November
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Features and Forums

Dancing Queen - Interview with Val Bourne, Artistic Director of Dance Umbrella for 25 years
By Donald Hutera
"I've had the best possible time." The words bubble up out of Val Bourne, founder and artistic director of Dance Umbrella, as she looks back on twenty-five years of the UK’s premier contemporary dance festival.
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Dance Umbrella Birthday Gala
by OdileGB -- September 9, 2003
On Sunday the 2003 Dance Umbrella season opened with a Gala to celebrate the Festival's 25th birthday and what a fabulous night of dance it was...

Silver Celebration - Dance Umbrella
by Stuart Sweeney -- October 23, 2003
The Silver Celebration had a muted first half, but celebrated in style after the interval. First we saw "If Not Why Not" a film of Akram Khan and the other four dancers of his Company.

Stephen Petronio Company -
'The Island of Misfit Toys', 'Broken Man', City of Twist'

by Lyndsey Winship -- October 18, 2003
If you want to fill the Queen Elizabeth Hall, bring in the big names. Choreographer Stephen Petronio guaranteed bums on seats...

Rosas - 'Small Hands (Out of the Lie of No)'
by Cassandra  -- October 15, 2003

Choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and Cynthia Loemij made their entrance by running through the empty upper levels of the theatre and dashing into the performance space

Teshigawara / Karas - 'Luminous'
by Cassandra -- October 11, 2003
As the title suggests Saburo Teshigawara's "Luminous" is concerned with illumination, both visual and perhaps also inward.

Trisha Brown Dance Company - Two Views - 'Set and Reset', 'Geometry of Quiet', 'Groove and Countermove'
By Petra Tschiene and Ben Cox
This week"s performances at Sadler"s Wells mark the 5th appearance of the Trisha Brown Dance Company as part of Dance Umbrella...
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Michael Clark Company - 'Oh My Goddess'
by Rosella Simonari -- October 4, 2003
A huge sheet-like programme in a fluorescent orange served as my introduction into Michael Clark's underworld...

John Jasperse Company - 'Giant Empty'
by Lyndsey Winship -- October 21, 2003
Plenty of people are baffled by contemporary dance. They think it's abstruse and arty, all unfathomable statements, twisted bodies and the odd twisted mind.


Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion - 'Both Sitting Duet'
by Ramsay Burt -- October 15-17, 2003

They sit down and before you realize it they are already into the movement, reaching down, brushing the floor, stroking their palms across the denim on their thighs ...

Rosas - 'Once'
by Thea Nerissa Barnes -- October 18, 2003
Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker is a person who in the passage of the dance becomes the body upon which angst and cherished life experiences are witnessed and lived through.

Charles Linehan Company - 'Grand Junction', 'Disintegration Loops'
by Petra Tschiene -- October 13 2003
This year Charles Linehan's contribution to Dance Umbrella consisted of a double bill, the intense duet "Grand Junction' and the new "Disintegration Loops.'

Déja Donné - 'In Bella Copia'
by Cassandra
-- October 9, 2003
Déja Donné's programme notes for "In Bella Copia" ended with the sentence "We will revolt...and turn to our nakedness..." I feared the worst and got it.

Josef Nadj - 'Le Temps Du Repli'
by Katie Phillips -- October 7, 2003
...it is both stimulating and refreshing to be challenged by a performance practitioner with renown on the International Mime scene...
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Interview with Russell Maliphant
by Donald Hutera

British choreographer Russell Maliphant has been preparing for Umbrella 2003 with his usual soft-spoken dedication.

Interview with Charles Linehan
by Donald Hutera

In a studio Greig Cooke and Andreja Rauch slide, roll, spin and drop their way through Charles Linehan's duet 'Grand Junction.'

Interview with Stephen Petronio
by Donald Hutera

For his ninth Umbrella visit (some of which happened when he was dancing for Trisha Brown), New York resident Stephen Petronio is bringing three pieces ....

Dance Umbrella Birthday Gala
by Lyndsey Winship

As soon as his gangly figure walks onstage, McGregor's distinctive dance language immediately makes sense.

Breath of Light: Saburo Teshigawara /Karas in 'Luminous'
by Donald Hutera
Liquid yet cutting, the compact, shaven-headed dancer slips between sculptural stillness and whirlwind speed with mesmerising skill.


A Rosas is a Rosas: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
by Donald Hutera
She is totally giving, and at the same time she is super-aware of her actions in the performing space. She owns it.

Both Talking - An Interview with Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion
by Donald Hutera
"We wanted to find something that we could place between us that was neither too much Matteo nor too much me, but which could be an arbiter of our process."

Inside Transitions - An Interview with Richard Siegal
of Ballett Frankfurt

by Donald Hutera
"[I've] dabbled with choreography as long as I've been dancing."

Dance Umbrella 2003
Welcome to the CriticalDance coverage of Dance Umbrella 2003, the UK's leading modern dance festival in this its 25th Anniversary Year.
read more ...

Dance Umbrella 2002
Dance Umbrella starts earlier than usual this year, on 10 September, with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company at the Barbican Theatre.
read more ...

Dance Umbrella 2001
Dance Umbrella is delighted to launch its first Promenade Performances at Sadler's Wells as part of this year's festival.
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Fun Stuff
·Dancing dogs - they must be kidding!
·South African Police Arrest Ballet Mannequins
·Dancers Sidetracked by Other Careers

Dance Miscellany
·Jerome Robbins - Biographies by Greg Lawrence and Deborah Jowett
·Edinburgh Fringe - 2004
·Jacob's Pillow 2004

Ballet in the Americas
·American Ballet Theatre - 2004 City Center Season
·Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Balanchine's Birth
·National Ballet of Canada 2004/2005

Ballet in Europe
·Royal Danish Ballet: 2004-2005
·Hamburg Ballet 2003-04
·Ballet West in Edinburgh - 2004

Ballet in Asia, Africa and Oceania
·Singapore Dance Theatre in September and beyond
·Australian Ballet Sydney Season 2004
·National Ballet of China 2004 season

Modern Dance
·The Place Prize for Choreography 2004
·Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company 2003-04
·Rambert at the Edinburgh Festival 2004

World Dance, Musicals and Social Dance
·Shaolin Monks
·The Producers (Stage & Screen)
·Billy Joel and Twyla Tharp's 'Movin' Out'

Danser en français
·grand jetés
·Marseille 2600 ans d'histoire BNM 30 ans ...
·D'où vient votre amour de la danse classique ?

The Studio
·Schools, Studios and Students - news round-up 2004/2nd Half
·What are the attitudes of dance in Universities??

Students' Questions and Experiences
·Late Starter Examples
·Angry FEET!!
·College, a Hopeful Career, and the Mess I'm In...

·Upgrading lighting systems
·Anxious Moments?
·DVDs replacing videotapes?

Managing Dance
·Arts Council England
·Economic Situation for the Arts in 2004
·Unions, legislation and the Arts

Company Press Releases




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Leonide MassineLeonide Massine and the 20th Century Ballet
by Leslie Norton: Gone but not forgotten

Book Review by Leland Windreich
In a year that features centennial celebrations for George Balanchine and Frederick Ashton, Leslie Norton pays homage to their nearly forgotten peer, Leonide Massine, in a lively and well-researched study of his life, career and works of choreography.

Contemporary Dance in Istanbul, Turkey
by Elif Isikozlu

Self-defined as a contemporary dance space, Çati values artistic exploration and research, thriving on a constant influx and outflux of technical and artistic information.

San Francisco Ballet
Herod Atticus Theater, Athens
12-14 September 2004
Sadler's Wells Theatre, London
20-25 September 2004
Click here for our August Focus on SFB

Muriel MaffreEnjoying the Intellectual Approach: Principal Dancer Muriel Maffre
by Mary Ellen Hunt
"I have a great appreciation for whatever opportunity there is. I really fall in love with everything I'm given to dance."

Kristin Long on the growth of San Francisco Ballet
by Azlan Ezaddin
"It's the energy of this company. It's unique. It's unique and I think it comes from Helgi and him giving the diversity of the rep because it certainly inspires the dancers."

Charmed and Charming: Soloist Nutnaree Pipithsuksunt
by Mary Ellen Hunt
I feel like I have to prove myself, because people will look at me like, 'Oh, she went straight from school and now she's a soloist.'

Ruben Martin, Soccer Player
by Azlan Ezaddin
"Ballet? How can you put us in ballet? How can you do this to us?"

Dalene Bramer: Cherishing Life as a Dancer
by Azlan Ezaddin
"I think we have the best repertoire here. I think we have the most diverse rep as far as doing lots of classical works and a good amount of Balanchine."

San Francisco Ballet's Martyn Garside rises through the ranks
by Mary Ellen Hunt
In a funny way, at eleven, you just think, ‘Oh it's going to be great, going to London, to boarding school.' I guess I didn't really realize what I was getting myself into. But I got a bit homesick...

Ready for the Road: Peter Butt, Technical Director of San Francisco Ballet
by Rebecca Hirschman
My grandmother was a modern dancer in the 1920 's with Denishawn and other companies, and my mother was a modern dancer in NY in the 60's.
read more ...

Ballet West - 'The Leaves Are Fading', 'Lilac Garden', 'Offenbach in the Underworld': Tudor Triple Ballet WestFeature
by Kate Snedeker
August 27, 28, 30, 2004 -- Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh

Christiana Bennett was a delicate and fragile Caroline, her dancing bringing out the emotion of Ernest Chausson's music without wavering from the restrained choreography. Her face may have barely registered emotion, but her body told a very different story.

Ballet WestBallet West - 'The Leaves Are Fading', 'Lilac Garden', 'Offenbach in the Underworld': Waves of Emotion
by Kate Snedeker
August 29, 2004 -- Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh

Dancing to Dvorak's tender music, Kristin Hakala and Christopher Ruud brought a pleasing youthfulness to the main pas de deux, but looked just a little bit hesitant with some of the trickier partnering sequences.

editors' picks

Los Angeles
· 'Movin' Out'
September 14 - October 17, 2004 - Pantages Theatre, Hollywood
Billy Joel and Twyla Tharp's musical about Vietnam era life set to over two dozen pop songs by Joel.
· New York City Ballet Southern California Tour - Mixed Repertory.
September 29 - October 3, Segerstrom Hall, Orange County Performing Arts Center.
October 6 - 10, Dorothy Chandler Music Pavilion, Los Angeles County Music Center.

New York
· Dancenow/NY - Tenth Anniversary
September 8-18, 2004, Various locations around New York
Dancenow/NY's festival continues with Dance Theatre of Harlem at Marcus Garvey Park, as well as Joyce SOHO and other locations.
· MOMIX - Passion
Oct 2-3, 2004, Queens Theatre in the Park, Queens
MOMIX sets Peter Gabriel's music from "Passion" afire.

San Francisco Bay Area
· Lyon Opera Ballet - 'Second Detail,' 'Critical Mass,' 'Symphony of Psalms'
September 25, 2004, Mondavi Center, UC Davis
One night only, the Lyon Opera Ballet performs works by Russell Maliphant, William Forsythe and Jiri Kylian.
· National Ballet of Canada - 'Four Seasons,' 'There,Below,' 'Apollo'
September 30 - October 3, 2004, Cal Performances, Berkeley
James Kudelka brings Canada's flagship ballet company to the Bay Area for the first time in 30 years.

· Shen Wei Dance
September 16-18, 2004, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia
Shen Wei brings his blend of dance, Chinese opera, theater, painting, and sculpture to the Perelman Theater at the Kimmel Center.
· Martha Graham Dance Company
October 7-9, 2004, Zellerbach Theatre, Annenberg Center, Philadelphia
The contemporary dance company performs some of its classic repertoire, including "Appalachian Spring."

· The Place Prize
8-25 September, 2004, Robin Howard Theatre, The Place, London
The Place Prize is a choreography competition that involves commissioning twenty UK choreographers. From these, five finalists will be selected and, following further performances, an overall winner.

· San Francisco Ballet
20 - 25 September, 2004, Sadler's Wells, London
San Francisco Ballet continues to push boundaries with cutting-edge new works, while remaining committed to excellence in the classical tradition.
The full Company of 69 dancers returns to Sadler's Wells with three programmes.

· Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Dance Company - "Another evening"
September 16 - 18 - Auditorium Parco della Musica
· Sidi Larbi Cherkauoui / Les Ballet C. de la B. - "Tempus fugit"
October 7 - 10 - Teatro Argentina
· Akram Khan / Riccardo Nova / Hanif Kureishi - "Ma"
October 14 - 17 - Teatro Argentina
The first 3 visiting companies of the 2004 edition of Romaeuropa festival, a festival of contemporary art, music, theatre and dance. All the performances are Italian premieres.

· Julio Bocca & Ballet Argentino - "Machbeth,""The river," "Night Case"
September 21 - 26 - Teatro Sistina
Supestar Bocca and his company are back in Italy with a neoclassical program

· Bejart Ballet Lausanne - "Firebird," "Casino des Esprits," "Brel et Barbara"
October 12 - 16 - Teatro Olimpico
Accademia Filarmonica Romana's music and dance season opens this year with a first class dance company.

Coming up...
· Dance Umbrella kicks off
· LINES Ballet's Arturo Fernandez
· Lyon Opera Ballet on tour
· More Bolshoi Ballet reviews
· More reviews
· More interviews
· More features


Adrian Flores Presents 'The Latin Show: The Show Where Everyone Dances': Killing Them Softly
by Toba Singer
August 13, 2004 -- Hoffman Theater, Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, California

... Unfortunately, what he pulled together, in this instance, missed the mark, and made you feel that you were living through a version of the film "Nashville," only Latin instead of Country.

read more ...

Kirov Ballet - 'Manon': Sologub is Manon's Jewel
by Catherine Pawlick
August 10, 2004 -- Mariinsky Theatre, St. Peterbsburg

That Sologub hasn 't been promoted yet to principal dancer is an inexplicable phenomenon within the Mariinsky theatre.

read more ...

San Francisco Ballet - 'Ballo della Regina,' 'Paquita' Pas de Trois, 'The Four Temperaments,' and 'Rush':  Grooving in the Guennadi NedviguineGrove
by Dean Speer
August 8, 2004 -- Stern Grove Festival, San Francisco

The ballet really awoke for me with Amanda Schull's solo. Corps member Schull 's attack and sense of doing the ballet full-out with bravura was eye-catching.

read more ...

Universal Ballet's Romeo & JulietUniversal Ballet - 'Romeo and Juliet': Engineering Detente
by Jeff Kuo
August 7, 2004 -- Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, California

A world of violence beckons in Oleg Vinogradov 's "Romeo and Juliet," recently performed by the Universal Ballet of Korea at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood and Highland.

read more ...

Peter Boal and Company - 'Herman Schmerman,' 'Mopey,' 'Variations, Op. 30,' 'Mesmerics': Twelve Ton Rose
by S.E. Arnold
August 4, 2004 -- Jacob's Pillow, Massachusetts

Given its somber lighting and its at once self-absorbed and self-flagellating movement, Goecke's "Mopey "illustrates the misery of the godforsaken.

read more ...

An Evening of British BalletArtists of the Royal Ballet - 'An Evening of British Ballet'
by Cassandra
Jult 28-29, 2004 -- Orchard Theatre, Dartford

The audience was a satisfying mix of local theatre-goers and London ballet fans lured to this friendly Kent theatre by the prospect of an imaginative programme of works organized by former RB principal Bruce Sansom.

John Jasperse - 'just two dancers': Back to Brecht
by Rosella Simonari
July 22, 2004 -- Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, Venice

Before the actual beginning, Armitage herself appears on stage to introduce her piece. "It is always difficult to interpret a work", she says, "every time something is performed it looks different."
read more ...

Karole Armitage - 'Echoes from the Streets': Can't Escape Stereotypes
by Rosella Simonari
July 22, 2004 -- Teatro alle Tese, Venice

Before the actual beginning, Armitage herself appears on stage to introduce her piece. "It is always difficult to interpret a work", she says, "every time something is performed it looks different."

read more ...

Daimokh ensembleDaimohk Chechen Children's Dance Ensemble
by Patricia Somerset
July 19, 2004 -- Linbury Studio Theatre, London

Daimohk started this UK tour by winning a first prize at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod, no mean achievement given the very high standards required for this competition.

read more ...

'Crazy for You': Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town
by Stuart Sweeney
July 8, 2004 -- Churchill Theatre, Bromley, England

The story is boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back, against a "let's put on a show!" backdrop. The setting is New York and Deadrock (out West) with some fun from the clash of cultures; and, of course, the sophisticated New Yorkers are bowled over by the simple charm of the locals.

read more ...

Dandelion Dancetheater - Undressed Project: 'illusive,' 'Night Marsh'
by Rebecca Hirschman
July 2, 2004 -- Jon Sims Center for the Arts, San Francisco

... Eric Kupers' three-year "Undressed Project," performed by his and Kumiko Guthrie's company, Dandelion Dancetheater, focuses on the human body.


Rome Opera Ballet- 'Giselle': Giselle Reloaded
by Patrizia Vallone
July 2, 2004 -- Teatro Costanzi, Rome

Since Fracci's identification with the character of Giselle is still total, from her point of view everything that is an obstacle to her love for Albrecht is something bad.


bolshoi ballet
on tour

The Bolshoi in The Pharoah's Daughter'The Pharaoh's Daughter': Fashion Dynasty
by Odile GB
August 6, 2004 -- Royal Opera House, London

... In the end Lacotte redesigned and recreated the entire work in order to "resurrect not the letter but the spirit of the age".

'The Pharaoh's Daughter': Daughter of the Nile
by Cassandra
August 7, 2004 matinee -- Royal Opera House, London

The look is of one of those Egyptian paintings by Alma Tadema and a heavily populated one at that. If it 's spectacle you are after, this ballet certainly delivers.

Bolshoi Ballet-Pharoah's Daughter'The Pharaoh's Daughter'
by Patrizia Vallone
August 7, 2004 -- Royal Opera House, London

Watching "Pharaoh's Daughter", I am wondering how much of Petipa is left and how much of Lacotte is in there.

Bolshoi Ballet- Pharoah's DAughter'Spartacus': Cast of Thousands
by Odile GB
July 30, 2004 -- Royal Opera House, London

Grigorovich's strong choreography combined with Khachaturian's powerful score simply cannot fail to engage, and having never seen the ballet before it certainly kept me on the edge of my seat.

Bolshoi Ballet-Spartacus'Spartacus':  Full Throttle
by Lyndsey Winship
July 30, 2004 -- Royal Opera House, London

Yuri Klevtsov dance Spartacus on Friday and he makes a convincing, if humble hero. Earnest and honourable, we always know that he's going to do the right thing.

Bolshoi Ballet-Spartacus'Spartacus'
by Patrizia Vallone
July 31, 2004 -- Royal Opera House, London

I used to think of "Spartacus" as the trademark of Bolshoi style, as over the top, loud, show-offish and also a bit vulgar.

by Cassandra
July 31, 2004 -- Royal Opera House, London

There aren 't that many ballets around that concern themselves with real events, even if those events are so many centuries past and shrouded by history that you might be forgiven for thinking them myth or fiction, like King Arthur.

Letter from the Editors
     Back from camp, school is just around the corner, and the long days of summer are almost gone. Everybody wants to know what you did during the summer. But there's no rest for the wicked -- the Kirov's Sologub shined in St. Petersburg, Adrian Flores killed 'em in Walnut Creek, and the Pharaoh's daughter wow'ed London with her many splendoured outfits.
      There's also no rest for Ballet-Dance Magazine's cadre of reviewers. You can read about the Bolshoi in London, Ballet West at the Edinburgh International Festival, Karole Armitage in Venice, and much more.
      There is our Company Focus on Dance Umbrella and we bring you preview interviews with members of San Francisco Ballet about to embark on their 3rd tour to London.
      As always, we love to hear what you think. Please post your comments in our Magazine Feedback Discussion Topic in the CriticalDance forum. And, if you want the magazine delivered right to your inbox, subscribe!

The Editors of Ballet-Dance Monthly

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