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AUG 2004
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Jeffrey StantonA Partner of Principle: Interview with Pacific Northwest Ballet's Jeffrey Stanton
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin
"I've observed that some guys have a harder time with partnering and a few just quite never get it, try as they might. I think being a compassionate person helps."

Matthew BourneFinding a Place: Interview with Matthew Bourne
by Dani Crawford
"No one quite knows where to place us.  I don't know where to place us."

Virtual Virtues: Interview with Carol Brown
By Donald Hutera
Brown is anything but evil, but she certainly is brainy. The London-based dancer and choreographer is given to such statements as ‘Tele-visual culture is the dominant paradigm.’

Vocal Clarity: Interview with Siobhan Davies

By Donald Hutera
‘I love it when somebody has the balls to be absolutely clear about what they want to do,’

company focus

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Image Gallery

San Francisco Ballet visit Sadler's Wells Theatre
London, 20-25 Sep 2004
- click here for full details -


A Daily Diary of San Francisco Ballet's 2001 Tour in London
by CriticalDance London correspondents, Summer 2001, London

Expectations of San Francisco Ballet's 2001 Tour to London
by Azlan Ezaddin, August 2001, San Francisco

A Primer on San Francisco Ballet for Londoners
by Emma Pegler, August 2001, London

A Preview of San Francisco Ballet's 2001 Season in London
by Stuart Sweeney, July 2001, London


Helgi Tomasson, Artistic Director of San Francisco Ballet
by Art Priromprintr, September 2003, Los Angeles

Dancer and Choreographer Julia Adam
by Azlan Ezaddin, August 2001, San Francisco

Dancer Joanna Berman
by Emma Pegler, August 2001, London

Dancer Lucia Lacarra
by Stuart Sweeney, August 2001, London

Dancer Amanda Schull
by Petra Tschiene, August 2001, London

Dancer Pierre-François Vilanoba
by Emma Pegler, August 2001, London

2003-04 Reviews

Beach Blanket Babylon Salutes San Francisco Ballet
by Mary Ellen Hunt, June 2004, San Francisco

Spring Student Showcase
by Rebecca Hirschman, May 2004, San Francisco

by Rebecca Hirschman, May 2004, San Francisco

by Toba Singer, May 2004, San Francisco

Ashton's Assets
by Dean Speer, April 2004, San Francisco

'Serenade,' 'Apollo,' The Four Temperaments': The many faces of Balanchine
by Jeff Kuo, April 2004, San Francisco

'Square Dance,' 'Stravinsky Violin Concerto,' 'Who Cares?'
by Toba Singer, April 2004, San Francisco

'Square Dance,' 'Stravinsky Violin Concerto,' 'Who Cares?'
by Rebecca Hirschman, April 2004, San Francisco

'Square Dance,' 'Stravinsky Violin Concerto,' 'Who Cares?'
by Jeff Kuo, April 2004, San Francisco

'Monotones I and II,' 'Thaïs pas de deux,' 'Symphonic Variations,' 'Elite Syncopations': Funky Hat Day at the Ballet
by Jeff Kuo, April 2004, San Francisco

'Monotones I and II,' 'Thaïs pas de deux,' 'Symphonic Variations,' 'Elite Syncopations'
by Mary Ellen Hunt, April 2004, San Francisco

'Don Quixote': A Grand Kitri for LeBlanc
by Mary Ellen Hunt, February 2004, San Francisco

'Le Quattro Stagioni,' 'Study in Motion,' 'Tu Tu': Possokhov's Brilliant Pairings
by Toba Singer, February 2004, San Francisco

Classical, Contemporary, and Comical: ‘Paquita,' '7 for Eight,' and 'Le Carnaval des Animaux'
by Catherine Pawlick, February 2004, San Francisco

Opening Gala 2004: Champagne wishes
by Mary Ellen Hunt, January 2004, San Francisco

'Nutcracker': Crying for Ecochange in a Humdrum Kingdom
by Toba Singer, December 2003, San Francisco

'Allegro Brillante,' 'Concerto Grosso,' 'Polyphonia,' 'Elite Syncopations'
by Jeff Kuo, October 2003, Los Angeles

'Don Quixote'
by Art Priromprintr, October 2003, Los Angeles

'Don Quixote'
by Art Priromprintr, October 2003, Los Angeles

'Allegro Brillante, 'Concerto Grosso,' 'Polyphonia,' 'Elite Syncopations'
by Art Priromprintr, October 2003, Los Angeles

2002-03 Reviews

Stern Grove Festival: 'Allegro Brillante,' 'In the middle, somewhat elevated,' 'The Waltz Project'
by Mary Ellen Hunt, July 2003, San Francisco

'imaginal disc,' 'Carnaval des Animaux,' 'Tu Tu'
by Toba Singer, May 2003, San Francisco

'The Waltz Project,' 'Nanna's Lied,' 'Connotations' and 'Jewels'
by Mary Ellen Hunt, April 2003, San Francisco

'Don Quixote'
by Toba Singer, March 2003, San Francisco

'Allegro Brillante,' 'Concerto Grosso,' 'Polyphonia,' 'Damned'
by Toba Singer, February 2003, San Francisco

Opening Gala 2003: 'Little Waltz,' 'Divertissements d'Auber,' 'Shogun,' 'Without Words,' 'Norwegian Moods,' 'Chaconne for Piano and Two Dancers,' 'Giselle,' 'Agon,' 'Concerto Grosso,' 'Grand Pas Classique,' 'No Other,' 'Diamonds'
by Mary Ellen Hunt, January 2003, San Francisco

by Basheva, September 2002, Costa Mesa

2001-02 Reviews

by Toba Singer, May 2002, San Francisco

'A Garden,' 'Chi-Lin,' 'Later,' 'Black Cake'
by Mary Ellen Hunt, April 2002, San Francisco

'Silver Ladders,' 'Damned,' 'Sandpaper Ballet'
by Mary Ellen Hunt, April 2002, San Francisco

by Mary Ellen Hunt, March 2002, San Francisco

by Mary Ellen Hunt, March 2002, San Francisco

by Mary Ellen Hunt, February 2002, San Francisco

Opening Night Gala 2002
by Mary Ellen Hunt, January 2002, San Francisco

'Fanfare,' 'A Garden,' 'Magrittomania,' 'Symphony in Three Movements'
by Stuart Sweeney, August 2001, London

'Quartette,' 'Sea Pictures,' 'Bugaku,' 'Glass Pieces'
by David Slade, August 2001, London

'Quartette,' 'Sea Pictures,' 'Bugaku,' 'Glass Pieces'
by Joanne Brack, August 2001, London

'Night,' 'Prism,' 'Chaconne for Piano and Two Dancers,' 'Sandpaper Ballet'
by Christine, August 2001, London

'Fanfare,' 'A Garden,' 'Magrittomania,' 'Symphony in Three Movements'
by Melanie Nix, August 2001, London

'Night,' 'Prism,' 'Chaconne for Piano and Two Dancers,' 'Sandpaper Ballet'
by Petra Tschiene, August 2001, London

Prior Reviews

68th Anniversary Gala
by Azlan Ezaddin, January 2001, San Francisco

'Serenade,' 'Prodigal Son,' 'Symphony in Three Movements'
by Azlan Ezaddin, February 2000, San Francisco

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San Francisco Ballet Remembered

Interview with Helgi Tomasson

Willam Christensen

Renovation at San Francisco Ballet Building

$20m Bond issue for San Francisco Ballet

2003-2004 Season

San Francisco Ballet 2003-2004 Season

San Francisco Ballet tour to Los Angeles, Fall 2003

San Francisco Ballet 'Nutcracker' 2003

San Francisco Ballet Gala 2004

San Francisco Ballet 2004 - 'Don Quixote'

San Francisco Ballet 2004 Prog 2 - 'Tu Tu,' Possokhov Premiere, 'Four Seasons'

San Francisco Ballet- Programs 3 & 4 (Imaginal Disc, Grosse Fuge, Rush, Paquita, &c.)

San Francisco Ballet 2004 - Balanchine Programs (5 & 6)

San Francisco Ballet Program 7 (Ashton & MacMillan)

San Francisco Ballet - 'Sylvia,' a Mark Morris World Premiere

San Francisco Ballet night at Beach Blanket Babylon

San Francisco Ballet School - Student Showcase - 2004

San Francisco Ballet at Stern Grove 2004

San Francisco Ballet European Tour 2004

2002-2003 Season

San Francisco Ballet's 2002-2003 Season

San Francisco Ballet 2002 Orange County Appearance

San Francisco Ballet in New York City October 2002

San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker Season - 2002

San Francisco Ballet Opening Gala January 2003

San Francisco Ballet's 'Othello' on US TV

San Francisco Ballet's "Othello" / PBS Controversy

San Francisco Ballet Program 4: Don Quixote

San Francisco Ballet 2003 Prog 5 - 'Waltz Project,' 'Nanna's Lied,' 'Connotations'

San Francisco Ballet 2003 Prog 6 - 'Jewels'

San Francisco Ballet 2003 Prog 7 - 'Jinx,' 'Paquita,' 'Continuum'

San Francisco Ballet 2003 Prog 8 - World Premieres by Adam, Ratmansky, and Welch

San Francisco Ballet School Showcase 2003

San Francisco Ballet at Stern Grove 2003

San Francisco Ballet in Edinburgh 2003

Le San Francisco Ballet se sépare de 2 principal dancers

SFB CEO leaving at end of 2003 season

Yuan-Yuan Tan

2001-2002 Season

San Francisco Ballet 2002 Season

New Look of San Francisco Ballet website

San Francisco Ballet in Hawaii - 2001

San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker 2001

San Francisco Ballet Gala 2002

San Francisco Ballet 2002 Program 1 (All-Robbins)

San Francisco Ballet 2002 - 'Jewels'

San Francisco Ballet 2002 Prog 5 - 'A Garden,' 'Chi-Lin,' 'Black Cake,' 'Later'

San Francisco Ballet 2002 Prog 6 - 'L'Arlesienne,' Wheeldon World Premiere, 'Death of a Moth'

San Francisco Ballet 2002 Prog 7 - 'Silver Ladders,' Possokhov Premiere, 'Sandpaper'

San Francisco Ballet 2002 Program 8 - Giselle

SFB Principal Pierre Francois Vilanoba site

SFB's Kristin Long to guest with ENB

SFB dancer Kester Cotton Writes a Book

Joanna Berman

Val Caniparoli

Evelyn Cisneros... is back

Words on Dance with Yuri Possokhov

San Francisco Ballet Audition Tour 2002

2000-2001 Seasons

SFB's 2001 Season

Damian Smith & Other Promotions at San Francisco Ballet

SFB's 'Swan Lake' at the Hollywood Bowl

Words on Dance with Lorena Feijoo, Joan Boada, Frederic Franklin

SFB's Nutcracker

SF Ballet Gala 1/24/01

SFB Program I - 'Sea Pictures,' 'Black Cake,' and 'Prism'

SFB Program 2

SFB Program 3 - 'Tuning Game,' 'Without Words,' 'Celts'

SFB Prog 4 - 'Prodigal Son,' 'A Garden,' 'Raymonda, Act III'

SFB Program 5 - "Sleeping Beauty"

SFB Program 6 - 'Night,' Solo from 'The End,' 'L'Arlésienne' and 'Symphony in 3 M'

San Francisco Ballet - Program 7

SFB School Showcase Spring 2001

Misa Kuranaga -- new SFB apprentice wins GOLD at Moscow IBC

Val Caniparoli/Diablo Ballet at Zellerbach 1/13/01

San Francisco Ballet in Hawaii - 2001

San Francisco Ballet in Paris

San Francisco Ballet in Santander - Castings

SFB à Paris

SFB in London 2001 Forum

SFB - Thank you Azlan and Stuart....

1999-2000 Season

SFB Gala in London

SFB Mixed Bill in London

SFB reviews in London

SFB's Nutcracker 12/19/99

SF Ballet Gala 1/24/00

San Francisco Ballet Mixed Rep Program I 2/4/2000

San Francisco Ballet Mixed Rep Program II 2/3/2000

SFB new work

SFBs 'Giselle'

SF Ballet's "Raymonda" and "Sandpaper Ballet"

SF Ballet's Romeo and Juliet

SF Ballet Student Showcase 5/15/00

Changes at SF Ballet

1998-1999 Season

SF Ballet Stern Grove performances

Featured Sites



Click here for company focus


Sarah Lamb of Boston BalletRipples Upon the Surface - Swan Lake's Tale of Two Cities
by S.E. Arnold
Yet such was the rush of one's Orphic possession that it often set one loose in a swirling rather than a steady stream of time.

Dance in Academia
Elif Isikozlu
How can dance scholarship contribute to the discourse on the body? What is unique about the perspective of the body in dance and how can knowledge generated by dancing bodies and dance researchers contribute to the understanding of the body in other fields?

Carousel's High SpinHigh Spin: Using the power of dance theatre to move and inspire
by Annie Wells
High Spin has to be one of Carousel's greatest successes. It is working proof of what people with learning disabilities given the correct opportunities and support can accomplish and contribute to both art and society.

The beginning of a new era:
New Baltic Dance 04

by Jurate Terleckaite
Distinct from other festivals and an important “crossroads“ in the context of the Eastern and Western European countries, this year's festival was particularly rich and diverse.

Two-by-two: Preview of the visit of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company to Dance Umbrella 2004

By Donald Hutera
The great octogenarian American choreographer, Merce Cunningham, is returning to Umbrella this year with a tantalising new work called "Split Sides". The title is a nod to the fact that, alongside music by contemporary rock’s great miserablists Radiohead, there is an alternative score courtesy of the otherworldly, head-filling Icelandic band Sigur Rós.

Zakharova and Filin in the Bolshoi's Pharoah's DaughterBig, Beautiful, Bolshoi
by Cassandra
July 2004 -- London
This month the Bolshoi Ballet returns to London with a programme of full-length works for the first time in several years. Much has happened to the company in that time and it could be said that what marks the Bolshoi out from other companies these days is the tendency to wash its dirty linen in public.

Maria Alexandrova Interview with Maria Alexandrova: London is in for a surprise
by Cassandra
July 2004 -- London
On the opening night of the Bolshoi’s London season, Maria Alexandrova will dance the leading role of Kitri in “Don Quixote”, surprisingly she has only just been promoted to the status of principal dancer...

Nina Ananiashvili in Don QUixote'Don Quixote':  The Finest
by Cassandra
July 19, 2004 -- The Royal Opera House, London

The Bolshoi has produced some of the finest Kitri's and Basilio's in the business since the ballets inception and indeed the company's sadly absent prima ballerina, Nina Ananiashvili, probably gives the definitive interpretation of the role of Kitri at the present time.

read more..

Sergei Filin in Don Quixote'Don Quixote':  Signature Show-biz Spectacular
by Rosie
July 19, 2004 -- The Royal Opera House, London

Spectacular dancing is the point of "Don Quixote" (it certainly isn't the plot, is it?) and this production had bucket loads of it.


The Bolshoi's Don Quixote'Don Quixote':  Falling Into Grace
by Thea Nerissa Barnes
July 20, 2004 -- The Royal Opera House, London

It is the journey with its incessant questing that seems most important in Cervantes' book and in the ballet.


Svetlana Zakharova in Swan Lake'Swan Lake': Murky Lakes
by Rosie
July 22, 2004 -- The Royal Opera House, London

Originally produced in 1969, the version was considered too dark by the authorities and was banned. In 2001 Grigorovich finally mounted the production he’d originally envisaged with the tragic ending intact. I’m afraid I found it very pedestrian and tired looking.


Svetlana Zakharova in Swan Lake'Swan Lake': Symmetry and Psychology
by Patrizia Vallone
July 22-24, 2004 -- The Royal Opera House, London

Prince Siegfried is portrayed as a romantic character who is longing for an ideal love. The Evil Spirit may be seen as a projection of Siegfried's mind, a kind of double that transfers him into an ideal world - the lake.


The Bolshoi's Swan Lake'Swan Lake': Corps is the real star of the ballet
by Cassandra
July 24, 2004 -- The Royal Opera House, London

It is the Kirov Ballet that presents probably the most traditional version of 'Swan Lake' to be seen anywhere in the world today and perhaps it is for this reason that the Bolshoi Company feels compelled to do something completely different.

The Bolshoi's Romeo and Juliet'Romeo and Juliet': Theory of the Leisure Class
by Cassandra
July 26, 2004 -- The Royal Opera House, London

The dysfunctional Capulets in modern evening dress rather than renaissance costumes made me realise that this family represents an idle leisured class for whom feuding with the neighbours helps fend a off a perpetual state of ennui.

The Bolshoi's Romeo and Juliet'Romeo and Juliet':  Take No Prisoners
by Lyndsey Winship
July 26, 2004 -- The Royal Opera House, London

In collaboration with choreographer Radu Poklitaru, Donnellan has stripped the work of some of its characters, its sentimentality, even of its ballet.

Klevtsov in Roemo and Juliet'Romeo and Juliet': Love in the Modern Age
by Julia Skene-Wenzel
July 28, 2004 -- The Royal Opera House, London

Stripped of pointe shoes, lavish costumes and virtuosi, the cast is battling through a brave new world.

Anna Antonicheva in Swan Lake'Swan Lake': Unhappily Ever After
by Stuart Sweeney
August 5, 2004 -- The Royal Opera House, London

The good news is that the Bolshoi dancers are on great form. The corps de ballet was impeccable and I have rarely seen such well-matched, synchronised and elegant dancing by men.

Ballet West's Lilac GardenPreview: A Tudor Portrait
by Karen Webb
'The Festival wanted Tudor’s work represented in one program,' Kåge explained in an interview from the Ballet West offices just as the company entered its intensive rehearsal period for the program.

Trusting Tudor: An Interview with Sally Brayley Bliss
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin
"The legendary impresario, Sol Hurok made Tudor go out and tell the audience that it wasn't quite done and they could come back and see it when it was complete, which they did!"

Donald MahlerTransitioning Tudor - Staging the Works of Antony Tudor for Ballet West: An Interview with Donald Mahler
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin
"His sardonic humor was very British, and he could be painful and difficult, but he could also be very inspiring!"

'All the couples who dance together are in love' - Preview of Ballet West's 'Leaves Are Fading'
by Kate Snedeker
When Ballet West performs in the Edinburgh International Festival this month, the company's repertoire will pay tribute to Antony Tudor, a British-born choreographer who made his mark in the United States.

Alina Cojacaru in Cinderella'Cinderella'
by Jerry Hochman
July 16, 2004 -- Metropolitan Opera House, New York

In every respect it was a memorable performance of a memorable ballet.

Kobborg and Cojacaru in Giselle'Giselle'
by Andre Yew
July 10, 2004 -- Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, California

Cojocaru danced Giselle with an optimistic innocence throughout, including Act II, which made Giselle's protection of Albrecht that much more believable.

Miyako Yoshida in Giselle'Cinderella,' 'Giselle': Ballet with a British Clip
by Dean Speer
July 8-9, 2004 -- Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, California

While I did very much enjoy Friday night's "Giselle," the real treat for me was seeing Ashton's "Cinderella." Of the Cinderellas that I've seen, I find this one to be one of the most glorious.

Christine Salerno as Spring in Cinderella'Cinderella': Made in England
by Jeff Kuo
July 7, 2004 -- Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, California

As a touring vehicle, the Royal Ballet chose well as this 'Cinderella' not only shows off the company’s dancers to great advantage but shows itself as an organization capable of mounting spectacular productions.

Alina Cojacaru in Cinderella'Cinderella': A Fairy Tale Experience
by Art Prirompintr
July 5, 2004 -- Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, California

Cojocaru plays Cinderella as the demure, pretty girl next door who doesn’t seem to notice how beautiful she is because her noisy sisters distract everyone’s attention.

editors' picks

Los Angeles
· Art Exhibition:  Gestures of Life:
Martha Graham’s Legacy Through the Lens of Barbara Morgan

May - October, 2004 - Langson Library Lobby, University of California, Irvine, California
Exhibition of modern dance icon, Martha Graham, as witnessed by the photography of Barbara Brooks Morgan.  Curated by Bonnie Oda Homsey.
· Rei Aoo's Dance Planet & Satori Daiko of Taiko Center
August 28, 2004 - Ford Amphitheatre
, Los Angeles
A collaboration of traditional Japanese Taiko drums and western dance, 'Origins,' tells the engaging story of how life was created.

New York
· Mark Morris Dance Group - 'Mostly Mozart Festival'
August 19 & 21, 2004, New York State Theater, Lincoln Center, New York
New dance set to Monteverdi, Haydn, and Bach performed by the Orchestra of St. Luke's.
· Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Rosas - 'Mostly Mozart Festival'
August 25 & 27-28, 2004, LaGuardia Concert Hall, Lincoln Center, New York
Moving to Mozart's concert arias, the acclaimed choreographer and her company explore the relationship between the sexes.

San Francisco Bay Area
· Yerba Buena Gardens Choreographers Festival
August 23-27, 2004,12:30 pm, Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco
Take your lunch outside and catch free performances by ten local choreographers every day this week.
8/23: Alyssa Wilmot & Danny Nguyen
8/24: Erica Jeffery & Deborah Slater
8/25: Mark Foehringer & XYZ
8/26: Nancy Karp & Fellow Travelers
8/27: Kunst Stoff & Tongue

· Phrenic New Ballet - Annual Performance
August 11-14, 2004, The Arts Bank Theater, Philadelphia
Phrenic presents new works by Hubbard Street Dance's Lauri Stallings and Pennsylvania Ballet dancer/Phrenic co-artistic director Matthew Neenan.

· The Place Prize
September 8,9,10,11, 15(Final), The Place, London
Important new choreographic award. The semi-finals lead to the Final on the 15th August.

· Les Ballet C de la B - 'Wolf'
September 9-11, 2004, Sadler's Wells, London
Featuring 19 musicians, 3 singers, 10 dancers and 14 dogs, Alain Platel's first new show in London for 5 years.

· August Dance Festival
kanuti gildi saal, Tallinn
A collaboration between Springdance, Utrecht and 2.tants Tallinn bringing fine dance from around Europe.

· Rome Opera Ballet - 'Swan Lake'
August 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 - Caracalla Baths, Rome
Galina Samsova’s production is back in this open air evocative venue

· Léonide Massine Prize Gala
September 4 - Spiaggia Grande, Positano
The 33rd edition of this popular dance award, which mixes young and superstar dancers in one of the most beautiful places in Italy.

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Dance Miscellany
·Jacob's Pillow 2004
·Edinburgh Fringe - 2004
·You cannot be serious! Pole dancing et al

Ballet in the Americas
·San Francisco Ballet at Stern Grove 2004
·Universal Ballet of Korea in North America
·National Ballet of Canada 2004/2005

Ballet in Europe
·Royal Danish Ballet: 2004-2005
·Hamburg Ballet 2003-04
·Ballet West in Edinburgh - 2004

Ballet in Asia, Africa and Oceania
·Guangzhou Ballet Ensemble on Mei Lanfang
·Australian Ballet 2003-2004
·World Ballet Star Gala Performance - Seoul 2004

Modern Dance
·Site-Specific Dance
·The Black Grace Dance Company
·Summer Collection 2004, Clore Studio, ROH, London

World Dance, Musicals and Social Dance
·Billy Joel and Twyla Tharp's 'Movin' Out'

Danser en français
·Marie Agnès Gillot défile... !!
·Ballet classique en pays musulmans
·Festival d'Aix en Provence, du 22 juillet au 6 août 2004

The Studio
·Schools, Studios and Students - news round-up 2004/2nd Half
·The Audition Experience
·Economics of Opening a Studio

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·private teachers
·Flexibility advice!
·Lessons for beginners my age

·Anxious Moments?
·Making a living as a designer

Managing Dance
·starting a company
·Art Angels Amongst Us
·Ballet Arizona - making ends meet

Company Press Releases



Summerfest/dance: West Wave Dance Festival - Program 2
by Rebecca Hirschman
July 23, 2004 -- ODC Theater, San Francisco

Diverse choreography-wise, presenting performance art, live music, and interesting and creative movements well. But the one aspect that disappointed me was the lack of ethnic diversity.


Summerfest/dance: West Wave Dance Manuelito BiagFestival - Program 1
by Mary Ellen Hunt
July 21, 2004 -- ODC Theater, San Francisco

... as with most West Wave programs, there were some fine performances, and at least one clear winner in Manuelito Biag's intense and strangely gripping "Giving Strength to this Fragile Tongue."


Joffrey Ballet - 'Pas des Déesses,' 'Monotones,' 'Confetti,' 'Light Rain': Joffrey Ballet's Light RainThe Joffrey's Gamble Pays Off
by Dean Speer
July 22, 2004 -- Hilton Reno Theatre, Reno, Nevada

While the Reno Hilton Theatre might seem at first blush an odd place to have high-art ballet, it is the best stage venue in town and after seeing two shows by the Joffrey Ballet, I am most pleased to report that it works!

English National Ballet - 'Swan Lake': ENB's Really Big Show
by Stuart Sweeney
July 17, 2004 -- Royal Albert Hall, London

The Royal Albert Hall's circular arena inspired Derek Deane to transform the 19th Century reflection symmetries to rotation-based patterns in the main.


Tero Saarinen Company - Westward Ho!', 'Wavelengths', Tero Saarinen'Hunt'
by Rosella Simonari
July 16, 2004 -- Civitanova Danza, Teatro Rossini, Civitanova Marche, Italy

The whitish atmosphere of the previous piece is replaced by an initial darkness from which a man and a woman emerge. Their dance movements sharply contrast with those of the three men in "Westward Ho!"


Nanine Linning - 'Bacon': Nanine LinningCarnage Culture
by Maria Technosux
July 13, 2004 -- Stadsschouwburg Studio, Julidans Festival, Amsterdam

I was struck by the sheer intimacy of my watching these movements coming straight from her body. Gone was the stylization. When she went up on one leg, while she slowly guided the other folded leg around her bended torso, her supporting leg was shaking, very unlike that of a proper ballerina!"


Birmingham Royal Ballet - 'The Two Pigeons'
by Jerry Hochman
July 9, 2004 -- Metropolitan Opera House, New York City

It's all too rare to get excited about ballet performances these days. The Birmingham Royal Ballet's performance of Frederick Ashton's "The Two Pigeons" was miraculous.


High Spin - 'Who Dunnit?' and High Spin'Sleepwalker'
by Annie Wells
July 9, 2004 -- Brighton Corn Exchange, Brighton, England

On either side of the interval this outstanding group of nine (made up of dancers with and without learning disabilities) put the audience on a high with their deeply sensitive and honestly brilliant interpretations of two very different but equally exceptional dance-works.


Images of Dance - 'Raymonda Variations', 'The American', 'Spielende Kinder', 'Façade'
by Rosie
July 4, 2004 -- Peacock Theatre, London

The programme was ambitious and well balanced and included pieces made for them by Christopher Wheeldon and William Tuckett.


American Ballet Theatre - 'Romeo and Juliet':  Two Juliets and a Valedictory
by Jerry Hochman
July 3, 2004 --
Metropolitan Opera
Reyes's performance was wonderful. She gave MacMillan's steps a gentle fluidity that matched the mood to perfection; there was nothing that she didn't do right. And she did not have to act Juliet -- she was Juliet.


George Piper Dances - Boyz @ Barbican - 'Mesmerics', 'Follow', 'Torsion'
by Cassandra
July 3, 2004 -- Barbican Centre, London

There can have been few ballets that have had a TV series charting their creation, but those of us who have been watching "The Rough Guide to Choreography" have over the past weeks been following William Trevitt in his search for inspiration prior to producing his first choreographic opus.


'Tocororo - A Cuban Tale': Acosta Takes Flight But Not Much More
by Lyndsey Winship
June 30, 2004 -- Sadler's Wells, London

Carlos Acosta is a show stopping dancer, a crowd pleaser, a dazzling virtuoso -- not to mention a pretty face -- but his presence alone is not enough to make "Tocororo" shine.


'Magic of the Dance': The Devil Getting His Due
by Stuart Sweeney
June 29, 2004 -- Churchill Theatre, Bromley, England

Michael Donellan plays the devil figure and as his multiple world champion pedigree suggests he dances at a furious speed, with footwork as nimble and precise as you are likely to see anywhere.


Thresh Dance - 'Strings Unattached: Ancient Texts/ Contemporary Thresh DanceVoices'
by Holly Messitt
June 25, 2004 -- Joyce Soho, New York

"Strings Unattached” is a performance best played in a small setting since much of the movement gains power through its closeness to the audience.

Randi & Lea - '3 Maidens', 'DhIVA', 'Incense a re-interpretation', 'Introduction: Exit', 'All Girl Cha Cha Cha': Diva by the Numbers
by Cerise
June 24, 2004 -- The Place, London

Some are born into diva-dom, some have diva-dom thrust upon them, and others throw diva-dom in your face and slink off gracefully, one eyebrow raised, tongue in cheek.


'Play Without Words': Best of All Possible Matthew Bourne's Play Without WordsWorlds
by Dani Crawford
December 31, 2003 -- National Theatre, London

Matthew Bourne's "Play Without Words" takes the best of three worlds -- dance, theatre and film and weaves them into a fine tuned work of art that is smashingly clever and sharp, not to mention sexy, humorous and sometimes dark.


Stars of the White Nights

Kirov Ballet - 'Cinderella': Modern Brilliance
by Catherine Pawlick
July 17, 2004 -- Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia

If Forsythe is contemporary ballet taken to the limit, Ratmansky's "Cinderella" is just a few degrees shy of that. That his dance vocabulary is varied will come as no surprise.

Kirov Ballet - 'Romeo and Juliet': Careful Hesitation
by Catherine Pawlick
July 16, 2004 -- Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia

Was it uncertainty or unwillingness? Certainly not the latter, as most dancers dream of such roles.

Letter from the Editors
      As August heats up, dance companies all over have hit the road  touring other countries and visiting a myriad of arts festivals.  This month we bring you reviews of the Royal Ballet in America and the Bolshoi Ballet in London.
      In St Petersburg, Russians have flocked to the world famous Festival of the White Nights to see the Kirov Ballet in everything from the classics to contemporary while in California Summerfest's West Wave Dance Festival was one of many summer dance extravaganzas to bring audiences a look at the work of young modern choreographers who are shaking things up.
      The summer doesn't end with August though, and much-anticipated dance events continue oninto the fall. We hope you'll check out our Editors' Picks to see what's coming near you and make sure to catch something new and unusual before the summer's out.
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The Editors of Ballet-Dance Monthly

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