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Celebrating the First Anniversary
of 'Ballet-Dance Magazine'

by The Editors

July 2004

It's been work -- we won't deny it, but all of us at Ballet Dance Magazine are so proud of the twelve issues, 600+ articles from over 140 contributors, and much blood, sweat and a few tears that have made "Ballet-Dance Magazine" ("Monthly," as was) one of the most wide-ranging and in-depth magazines about dance on the Web.

Since launching the magazine in July 2003, we have seen it grow far beyond our modest expectations.  Each month, we are continually amazed as we step back to look at the variety and amount of dance that is being created around the world, not to mention the passion and quality of the articles that are offered us.

Indeed, where would we be without our many wonderful contributors who file their reviews from all corners of the globe and keep us plugged into dance from Singapore to Chicago, and London to Los Angeles.

We believe firmly that dance criticism isn't just a matter of listing who danced what and when.  It can be an article that takes a closer look at the process of making dance, or one that documents a performance for future generations.  It can be a piece that places a dance work in its social context, unveils its ideological manuevers, or one that reports on the progress of a single dancer. Some place you in the concert hall right with the reviewer, or in the studios with the dancers. Others take you into the schools where dance is taught or to the workshops where cutting edge production technology is developed. At Ballet-Dance Magazine, we're lucky enough to have writers interested in bringing you all of the above and more, giving you a multiplicity of views that reflect the many faceted nature of dance itself.

Here are some of the hundreds of talented writers, veterans and newcomers alike, who contribute to the magazine.

Alyson Abriel
Dominique Adrian
S.E. Arnold
David Bain
Mark Baldwin
Henrietta Bannerman
Anne-Marie Baptista
Thea Nerissa Barnes
Frédéric Baron
Heidi Baumgartner
Valérie Beck
Lootie Bibby
  Joanne Brack
Luciania Brett
Deborah Brooks
Ramsay Burt
Diane Busuttil
Aaron Cezar
Caroline Chouard
Lisa Claybaugh
Vicky Costello
Ben Cox
Franz Anton Cramer
Shanti Crawford
Dani Crawford
Jenai Cutcher
  Isabel da Silva
Patrice Delay
Audrey Delsanti
Monica Ileana Desson
Jean-Luc Donay
Nancy Dow
Karen Drozda
Daniel Dui
Carol Egan
Jacques Esmieu-Vassevière
Azlan Ezaddin

Marie-Laure Ferreyra
Maggie Foyer
Susie Freehafer
Julie Gervais
Beverley Glean
Michael Goldbarth
A. Hallmark
Lara Hartley
Marisa Hayes
Carol Herron
Karen Hildebrand
Gina Mazza Hiller
Rebecca Hirschman
Jules Houben
Mary Ellen Hunt
Marshall Huntenberger
Donald Hutera
Lori Ibay
Elsa Johnson
Laure-Myriam Jouilli
Jan-Peter Kaiku
Julija Kalpokiene
Janet Karin
Sian Kendall
Emily Klemmer
Jeff Kuo

Ruth Leon
Colleen Leonardi
Ed Lippman
Yael Loewenstein
Victor Lucas
Judith Mackrell
Malcolm McCormick
Dina McDermott
Holly Messitt
Sulian Neville
Kevin Ng
Catherine Pawlick
Emma Pegler
Katherine Phillips
Art Priromprintr
Jane Pritchard
Nancy Reynolds
Fiona Ross
Sanjoy Roy
Mike Saunders
Catherine Schemm
Lucinda Sharp
Rosella Simonari

Toba Singer
Julia Skene-Wenzel
Matz Skoog
David Slade
Kate Snedeker
Estelle Souche
Dean Speer
Priya Srinivasan
Nele Suisalu
Denise Sum
Stuart Sweeney
Malcolm Tay
Maria Technosux
Jurate Terleckaite
Francis Timlin
Petra Tschiene
Tiit Tumalu
Patrizia Vallone
Preeti Vasudevan
David Vaughan
David Watson
Karen Webb
Annie Wells
Lewis Whittington
Leland Windreich
Lyndsey Winship
Andre Yew
Haruyo Yokota

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