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APRIL 2004
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Paul Gibson's ERARPaul Gibson on the New York Choreographic Institute
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin
This was the very first time I went into rehearsal not having pre-choreographed. I just worked with the dancers in the studio, and so it was more of a collaborative effort and very satisfying.

An Interview with Andrei Uvarov
by Cassandra
The Bolshoi is changing all the time, and a chief concern is that tickets there are now so expensive that they have become unaffordable for many Russian ballet lovers. What the dancers do is to get complimentary tickets in order help the ballet fans to get in.

Artur SultanovAn Interview with Artur Sultanov:  Getting to "Da" with OBT's White Knight
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin
One of the major contrasts between companies in Russia and the West, is that companies at home are like a dictatorship -- no relationship between directors and dancers. We receive directives only, never a professional level of interaction.

company focus

kirov balletClick here to view the image gallery Image Gallery


Kirov Ballet in London, 2003

Kirov Ballet Tours the US, 2003

Irma Nioradze and 'Ballet Stars of St. Petersburg'
by Emma Pegler - May 5, 2003, London


Irma Nioradze
by Patrizia Vallone - Sep 6, 2003

Nikolai Zubkovsky
by Cassandra - Aug 6, 2003

Igor Kolb
by Cassandra - Aug 4, 2003

Yulia Makhalina
by Petra Tschiene - May 10, 2003

Ilya Kuznetsov
by Joanne Brack - May 5, 2003

Igor Zelensky
by Emma Pegler - May 5, 2003


'The Nutcracker'
by Dani Crawford - Dec 24, 2003, Washington DC

'Chopiniana,' 'Les Noces,' 'Scheherazade'
by SE Arnold - Nov 14-15, 2003, Boston

'La Bayadere'
by Victor Lucas and Elsa Johnson - Nov 9, 2003, Cleveland

'La Bayadere'
by Julie Gervais - Nov 1, 2003, Detroit

'La Bayadere'
by Julie Gervais - Oct 30, 2003, Detroit

by Art Priromprintr - Oct 24-25, 2003, Costa Mesa, California

by Art Priromprintr - Oct 23, 2003, Costa Mesa, California

'Chopiniana,' 'Les Noces,' 'Scheherazade'
by Art Priromprintr - Oct 23, 2003, Costa Mesa, California

'Chopiniana,' 'Les Noces,' 'Scheherazade'
by Art Priromprintr - Oct 21, 2003, Costa Mesa, California

'La Bayadere'
by Art Priromprintr - Oct 17, 2003, Hollywood

'La Bayadere'
by Jeffrey Kuo - Oct 15-19, 2003, Hollywood

'La Bayadere'
by Art Priromprintr - Oct 15, 2003, Hollywood

by Catherine Pawlick - Oct 10, 2003, Berkeley, California

'Chopiniana,' 'Les Noces,' 'Scheherazade'
by Lisa Claybaugh - Oct 7, 2003, Berkeley, California

'Le Corsaire'
by Cassandra - Aug 9, 2003, London

'Swan Lake'
by Cassandra - Aug 7-8, 2003, London

'La Bayadere'
by Thea Nerissa Barnes - Aug 2, 2003, London

'La Bayadere'
by Cassandra - Aug 2, 2003, London

'Chopiniana,' 'Les Noces,' 'Scheherazade'
by Stuart Sweeney - Jul 30, 2003, London

'Chopiniana,' 'Les Noces,' 'Scheherazade'
by Lyndsey Winship - Jul 29, 2003, London

'Chopiniana,' 'Les Noces,' 'Scheherazade'
by Cassandra - Jul 28, 2003, London

'Swan Lake'
by Emma Pegler - Jul 25, 2003, London

'Swan Lake'
by Art Priromprintr - Jul 25, 2003, London

'Le Corsaire'
by Stuart Sweeney - Jul 23, 2003, London

'Le Corsaire'
by Art Priromprintr - Jul 23, 2003, London

'Le Corsaire'
by Rosie - Jul 21-23, London

'Le Corsaire'
by Joanne Brack - Jul 22, 2003, London

Civitanova Gala
by Rosella Simonari - Jul 18, 2003, Civitanova, Italy

by Nancy Dow - Jul 20, 2002, New York

by Kevin Ng - Jun 25, 2000, London

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'VALERY GERGIEV AND THE KIROV: A Story of Survival' by John Ardoin

Fire Destroys Russia's Mariinsky Theater Sets


Cal Performances Announces AT&T sponsorship of the Kirov Ballet presentation, 2003

A new theatre for The Kirov/Mariinsky

Kirov orchestra in US dispute

The Kirov's Balanchine Triple Bill 2001

Kirov Ballet at The Lowry

Obituary - Viktor Fedotov of the Kirov and the Royal Ballet

Le Kirov à Versailles 2001

Le Kirov à Versailles 2001 (2)

Le Kirov à Paris à l'automne 2002, le Bolchoi en 2003 à Garnier

Le Kirov au Théâtre du Châtelet - du 16 au 31 octobre 2002

Karl Paquette invité au Kirov !?!?!?

kirov ballet academy... any info

The Kirov's Nutcracker - Light on the Sugar but not the Spice

Kirov bugged by Aussie customs

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Kirov's Bayadere & Swan Lake in London 2000

The Kirov's 'Romeo and Juliet'

'Sleeping Beauty' - background to the Kirov recreation

The Kirov's 'Swan Lake'

The Kirov's 'Sleeping Beauty'

The Kirov's first Fokine programme

Kirov's 2002/3 season in St. Petersburg

Kirov: International Ballet Festival 2002

Interview with Valery Gergiev, AD of the Mariinsky/Kirov

Kirov's White Nights Festival 2002

Kirov/Mariinsky Ballet query

Kirov Ballet at Covent Garden this May

President Bush's visit to the Kirov

Sergei Vikharev at the Kirov

The Magic of the Kirov Ballet - the tape

Kirov at Paris

Kirov Ballet II: La Sylphide

Kirov Ballet I: Ballets from the Opera

Kirov/Mariinsky Ballet - Fall/Winter 2001-2

Young choreographers at the Kirov

Bolshoi - Mariinsky/Kirov exchange visits

Kirov Ballet: International Festival, March 2001

Kirov Ballet: White Nights Festival 2001

Kirov season at the Royal Opera House 2001

Kirov's Sleeping Beauty

Mariinsky/Maryinski, Kirov...or...Kirov-Maryinski/Mariinski...?

Inna Zubkovskaya - Prima Ballerina of the Kirov, dies

Kirov dancers - Korsuntsev, Kolb

Kirov's Balanchine

Why no filming of the Kirov season?

The Kirov in London - Summer 2001

Kirov's Sleeping Beauty in London 2001

The Kirov's Fokine programme London 2001

Kirov Ballet at Covent Garden 2002

Kirov Next Season (2002)

Obituary - Viktor Fedotov of the Kirov and the Royal Ballet

Kirov Ballet 2004 Season Highlights

Kirov Ballet at The Lowry

The Kirov's 'Manon'

Kirov's 'Jewels'

The Kirov's 'Le Corsaire'

The Kirov's 'Swan Lake'

The Kirov's Balanchine Triple Bill 2001

"Kirov"/Unification Church/The 'Moonies'/etc!

Kirov & Rev. Moon - 2

Kirov in Washington 2002

Kirov in Mexico

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Resolution at The Place

Oakland Ballet Faces Struggle to Survive
by Mary Ellen Hunt
In a bid to put itself on even footing, erase debts and get a jump on the 2005-06 season, the company has launched a “Keep Us Dancing” campaign with the goal of raising $500,000 by May 31.

Poison Pens and Pirouettes
by Lewis Whittington
I certainly don't blame anybody being suspicious of journalists today. Even if he gives the regular stable of dance writers the thumbs down, that is not what is objectionable; rather, it is the way in which he does it. The festival program is not the professional forum in which to attack critics.

Sreyashi Dey: Hindu Goddess in Human Form
by Gina Mazza Hiller
It’s easy to imagine divine sculptures springing to life while in the presence of classical Indian dancer Sreyashi Dey.

Dancing Modern / Dancing Indian / Dancing …. In America: The myths of cultural ‘purity’
by Priya Srinivasan
American audiences perceived Nautch dancers in contradictory ways, with both desire and loathing.

Lucia Lacarra 'Stars of the 21st Century' Ballet Gala Returns to Toronto
by Denise Sum
Gone are the days when international ballet companies would include Toronto in their touring schedules. It is for this reason that the Stars of the 21st Century gala is such a rare treat.

Nanine Linning - Warp/Marble Retrospective: Looking into the Darkness
by Maria Technosux
"Warp/Marble" was rather theatrical compared to the toned-down "Solo v. 5.0" and "Karpp...?" Certainly it was the most humorous Linning piece I have seen so far.

Symposium - 'Text/Tans' in Tallinn, Estonia
by Franz Anton Cramer
The participants -- dance artists, scholars, and students -- were to discuss in various formats just what the relationship between the spoken word, the grammatical language, and the body’s communicational means might be...

Dance UK Choreoforum 2004
by Yael Loewenstein
A rich day of panel discussions and networking opportunities, ‘Exploring the choreographic sensibility’ was the theme for Choreoforum 2004. Delegates gathered at Laban in London to listen to and share choreographic experiences with a range of practicing artists.


A Visit with
the Royal Danish Ballet

Royal Danish Ballet Napoli 'Napoli'
by Kate Snedeker
March 27, 2004
The Royal Theatre - Gamle Scene, Copenhagen
In one of the most dramatic balletic entrances, he leaps out towards the audience from the crowd of fishermen in the classic Bournonville grand jete croisé en avant.

Royal Danish Ballet A folk Tale'A Folk Tale'
by Kate Snedeker
March 20, 2004
The Royal Theatre - Gamle Scene, Copenhagen
Not many ballets have survived for 150 years, and only a very few have been performed continually by the same company in the same theater, on the same stage, with virtually the same choreography. Thus, this was truly a remarkable event, and one clearly treasured by all involved.

Royal Danish A Folk Tale 'A Folk Tale'
by Kate Snedeker
March 19 and 24, 2004
The Royal Theatre - Gamle Scene, Copenhagen
For one raised on the North American dance diet, ranging from Petipa and Ashton to Robbins and Balanchine, a first encounter with the choreography of August Bournonville is an eye opening experience.



a l'Opera de Paris

Gala Claude Bessy
par Catherine Schemm
29 mars 2004

La générale du Gala en hommage à Claude Bessy faisait office de vraie représentation artistique, d’ailleurs Claude Bessy arborait la robe qu’elle avait le soir du Gala.

par Valerie Beck
27 mars 2004

Signes est un ballet vivant; sept tableaux qui m'ont un peu rappelé le film " hero" que j'ai beaucoup aimé.

par Catherine Schemm
2 mars 2004

Svetlana Zakharova touche par sa fraicheur, sa simplicité et sa grâce au premier acte.

par Jean-Luc Donay
2 mars 2004

Soit, c'est une Giselle de conception traditionnelle, mais qui reste un peu "à côté du rôle" pour moi.

editors' picks

Los Angeles
· Parsons Dance Company - Repertory
April 14, 2004 - Mandeville Center, University of California, San Diego, San Diego, California
Parson's wit and invention make a one night appearance in the San Diego area.
· 13th Annual Lester Horton Dance Awards
April 18, 2004, The George & Sakaye Aratani Japan America Theatre, Los Angeles, California
Designed to recognize excellence in concert dance in Los Angeles, the awards ceremony is named after modern dance innovator and west coast pioneer Lester Horton, who taught and collaborated with such notables as Bella Lewitzky, Alvin Ailey and Rudi Gernreich.

New York
· Richard Alston Dance Company of London - 'Overdrive'
May 11-16, 2004, The Joyce
British choreographer Richard Alston creates dances flowing in lyrical and richly sculpted movement, graced with a distinct English accent.
· New York City Ballet Spring Season
Apr 27-Jun 27, 2004, Lincoln Center
All Balanchine programs and German, Austrian, French and Italian tributes.

San Francisco Bay Area
· Garth Fagan - 'Griot New York'
April 24, 2004, Stanford Lively Arts, Stanford University
Jazz great Wycliffe Gordon teams up with Fagan's dance company.
· San Francisco Ballet - 'Sylvia'
April 30- May 9, 2004, War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco
Sublime humor is almost guaranteed as Mark Morris creates a his first full-length work for SFB.

· Pennsylvania Ballet - Rhythm and Blues
April 14-18, 2004, Merriam Theater, Philadelphia
Peter Martins' "Fearful Symmetries," Trey McIntyre's "Blue Until June," and the world premiere of company member Matthew Neenan's "The Crossed Line" round out the sizzling spring program..
· Pilobolus
April 15-17, 2004, Zellerbach Theatre, Philadelphia
The next installment of PennPresents Dance Celebration Series features the unique company that began as a college dance class.

· Opéra de Paris - Spectacle de l’Ecole de danse
1-8 avril 2004, Palais Garnier
Dernier programme concocté par Claude Bessy qui nous propose deux de ses chorégraphies à savoir Concerto en Ré et Play Bach et Daphnis et Chloé qui fut une de ses grandes créations en tant que danseuse étoile.
· Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
21-29 avril 2004 - Théâtre de la Ville
La reprise de Foi au Théâtre de la ville est l’événement attendu du printemps, après le succès fulgurant qu’a connu la pièce l’an dernier en ce lieu.

· Henri Oguike Dance Company - 'Front Line'/'White Space'/'F.P.S. Parts 1 and 2'/'Finale'
April 21-22, 2004, Queen Elizabeth Hall
Dramatic and powerfully virtuosic dancing accompanied by live music. Henri Oguike makes his South Bank Centre debut.
· Royal Ballet - 'Anastasia'
Various dates, 21st April 2004 to 12th May 2004
A woman in a Berlin mental institution claimed that she was the Grand Duchess Anastasia. A rare chance to see this full-length Kenneth MacMillan ballet.

Tallinn, Estonia
· BALLET GALA for International Dance Day
April 29, Estonian National Opera
Including principal dancers from famous companies.


Letter from the Editors
      Even as we look at the explosion of dance around the world, it's sobering to remember how fragile arts institutions can be. In early April, the debt-plagued Oakland Ballet announced that they would be forced to cancel their 2004-05 season and would not be renewing any contracts, calling to mind the question what is a dance company without dancers?
But then, in the larger picture, what are we as humans without the arts? In the context of world events, with wars and unrest unfolding everywhere, one might question why we should turn off the 24-hour news and get to the theater.  But it is the arts that remind us of what makes us human.  From the the Royal Danish Ballet's Bournonville classics to the controversial and sometimes in-your-face ballets of Nederlands Dans Theater, the performing arts give us a chance to step back and enlarge our picture of human nature. Perhaps now is the best time to take a few moments from watching CNN and stop to think about who we are, where we are going, and what value we place on our ability to reflect via our arts.
      As always, we love to hear what you think. Please post your comments in our Magazine Feedback Discussion Topic in the CriticalDance forum. And, if you want the magazine delivered right to your inbox, subscribe!

The Editors of Ballet-Dance Monthly

P.S. If you're enjoying this issue of Ballet-Dance Monthly, please forward it to a friend!

Coming up...
· The Royal Ballet previewed
· Interview with Otto Neubert
· A look at the Royal Swedish Ballet
· Kenneth Kvarnstrom
· Dance Theatre of Harlem in London
· More reviews
· More interviews
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San Francisco Ballet-Square DanceSan Francisco Ballet - 'Square Dance,' 'Stravinsky Violin Concerto,' 'Who Cares?'
by Toba Singer
April 3, 2004 -- War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco

"Who Cares?" gives us Gershwin on pointe, which can be tons of fun, if you haven't been dancing the fast-footed, crossword puzzle-like choreography in the previous two works to the point of total body dehydration...

Muriel MaffreSan Francisco Ballet - 'Square Dance,' 'Stravinsky Violin Concerto,' 'Who Cares?'
by Rebecca Hirschman
April 3, 2004 -- War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco

Program 6 opened with Balanchine’s "Square Dance" set to music by Antonio Vivaldi and Arcangelo Corelli, and as the curtain opened on the corps de ballet, true dance ignited on stage...

Who Cares?San Francisco Ballet - 'Square Dance,' 'Stravinsky Violin Concerto,' 'Who Cares?'
by Jeff Kuo
April 3, 2004 -- War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco

At times ticking over like the finely tuned engine of a Ferrari and at other times barging at us like a coal fired locomotive, "Square Dance" is one of those ballets that rockets along at about a million miles per hour leaving nothing but dust devils and flying gravel in its wake...

San Francisco Ballet- Apollo with Gonzalo GarciaSan Francisco Ballet - 'Serenade,' 'Apollo,' The Four Temperaments': The many faces of Balanchine
by Jeff Kuo
April 2, 2004 -- War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco

For this company which has so many wonderful Balanchine ballets in its repertoire, a Balanchine Festival seems almost redundant...

Boston Ballet - Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes'
by S.E. Arnold
March 27, 2004 -- Wang Center, Boston

No time. Late. Hurry. Go. Missed & Gone went the dance.

Tango Por DosCompañia Tango Por Dos- 'Tangos - A Legend': What's New, Buenos Aires
by Patrizia Vallone
March 26, 2004 -- Rome

After appearing with success in some tango shows, in 1988 Zotto got together with Milena Plebs and founded the company, with which he has since toured the entire world.

NDT_ Symphony of Psalms Nederlands Dans Theater I- 'Symphony of Psalms,' 'Click-Pause-Silence,' 'Walking Mad': Ahead of the Curve
by Mary Ellen Hunt
March 25, 2004 -- Cal Performances, Berkeley, CA

I have a hunch that maybe, just maybe, the introspective and quietly shrewd Jiri Kylian is always just a few small steps ahead of the avant-garde of dance and, for that matter, us.

MesmericsGeorge Piper Dances - 'Mesmerics,' 'Broken Fall,' 'Approximate Sonata, I, V'
by Lyndsey Winship
March 23-27, 2004 -- Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

...There are some delicious moments -- a lingering horizontal leg on a pirouette, the impeccably controlled tempo of a yo-yo-ing string of chainees -- they don't need to shout about their technique, they just use it...

Diablo BalletDiablo Ballet - 'Le Corsaire' Suite, Excerpt from 'The Petites,' 'Tarantella' Pas de Deux, 'Lady of the Camellias' Pas de Deux, and 'Olbaid'
by Mary Ellen Hunt
March 20, 2004 -- Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, California

The company, which is in the midst of celebrating its 10th anniversary season this year, has a habit of setting up high expectations and then meeting them...

Cincinnati Ballet - Come Together Festival - 'Rainbow Round My Shoulder,' 'Amazed in Burning Dreams,' 'Nosotros'
by S.E. Arnold
March 19-24, 2004 -- Procter & Gamble Hall, Aronoff Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

To say that Donald MacKayle's "Rainbow Round My Shoulder" powerfully speaks, or more importantly, shows "man's inhumanity to man" simply acknowledges the obvious...

Shen Wei Dance Arts - 'The Rite of Spring,' 'Folding': Austerity and Exoticism at the Music Center
by Jeff Kuo
March 19, 2004 -- Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles

By using the four hand piano version of Fazil Say rather than a full orchestra and bypassing the Stravinsky-Roerich libretto for a direct response to the score, Shen Wei has stripped “Sacre” of much of its historical baggage and made it possible for audiences to really feel Stravinsky’s genius.

Northern Ballet Theatre - 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
by Cassandra
March 17, 2004 -- Sadler's Wells, London

The sheer originality and vigour of this production gives a real "feel good" quality to the work from beginning to end.

Sydney Dance CompanySydney Dance Company - 'Ellipse': Surreal with the Fringe on Top
by Mary Ellen Hunt
March 13, 2004 -- Stanford Lively Arts, Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University, California

... Clad in Akira Isogawa's geometric thong leotards with a horsetail of fringe over the backside, the four pony up a frolicsome gambol -- replete with slaps on the rump and acrobatic square dancing. And it was at about this point that I suddenly realized that we might just be headed for a mite bit of trouble...

Hip: A Freedom of Expression
by Lyndsey Winship
March 12, 2004 -- Purcell Room, London

The Hip Festival aims to celebrate diversity in dance, and this programme was nothing if not diverse. Crossing continents and styles and subjects, from comedy to politics to pure movement, this was an entertaining reminder of the breadth of creativity in British dance

Batsheva- Black milkBatsheva Dance Company - 'Deca Dance': The Ministry of Silly Dances
by Mary Ellen Hunt
March 12, 2004 -- San Francisco Performances, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco

.... strangely enough, whether it was a strutting lounge singer in pointe shoe stilts, or abstraction to the shimmerings of Arvo Part, there was always something accessible about Naharin's work. There's seriousness, and sometimes exquisite silliness, but you can't help thinking that these are smart dances from a smart man...

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater - 'Hymn': Why Dance?
by Mary Ellen Hunt
March 11, 2004 -- Cal Performances, Berkeley

"It's the same steps, but each generation informs it differently, just by the way their bodies move."

Dancers of the Pennsylvania Ballet - Shut Up and Dance: Benefit Wows Philly Crowd
by Lewis Whittington
March 10, 2004 -- Merriam Theater, Philadelphia

Quite simply, no one was prepared for the simple beauty of Brian Sanders' piece "Cellophane" (excerpted from his larger work "Junk," a hit of last year’s Philadelphia Fringe Festival). With a transcendent performance by Michael Patterson, it was perhaps the evening emotional highlight judging by the roar of the crowd.

Oregon Ballet Theatre - 'White Nights': 'Adin' -- Will there be a 'Dva'?
by Dean Speer
March 6, 2004 -- Keller Auditorium, Portland

... Yes, there is no narrative, but to me there certainly is a story -- and one that never fails to leaves me blurry-eyed every time I see this wonderful ballet. It's one of those works where earth and heaven shift with each telling...

Dances from the Garden - Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company, Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company, American Repertory Ballet Company
by Marshall Huntenberger
March 3, 2004 --State Theatre, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Three independent dance troupes performed their individual brands of dance and performance art. The actual presentation was in a different order from the program and which ended up being a very smart change...

Nina Ananiashvili and the Moscow Dance Theatre - 'Green', 'Second Before the Ground', 'Leah'
by Cassandra
March 2, 2004 --Sadler's Wells, London

Nina Ananiashvili is one of that very tiny number of dancers for whom no superlatives can ever be adequate. She is a goddess of the dance incarnate, blessed with a beauty of form and perfection of technique that occurs once in a generation; and her every appearance is an event to be cherished...

Eva Yerbabuena Flamence: All About Eva
by Mary Ellen Hunt
February 28, 2004 -- Cal Performances, Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley

The defining quality of Yerbabuena's dancing is her control, which is impressive, and yet also robs us of the sense that both she and her audience could be surprised by where the dance takes us. Even when her hair flies out of its neat chignon, you have the sense that it does so exactly when she wants it to.

DanceBoom! Festival
by Lewis Whittington
January 21 - February 8, 2004 -- Wilma Theater, Philadelphia

... Once again DanceBoom! occupied the uptown Wilma Theater on the Avenue of the Arts for 3½ weeks of what curator Nick Stuccio calls a "snapshot" of the independent, avant-garde, and cultural dance scene in Philadelphia. This is certainly a modest assessment by Stuccio, who also steers the dance-heavy Fringe Festival in the summer...

Nureyev Gala: Taking Nureyev's Name in Vain
by Patrizia Vallone
January 22, 2004 -- Teatro Sistina, Rome

... The applause was plentiful. I worry, though, that the theater and the organizers of the gala are convinced that they're the cat's pajamas for having put on this event whereas it was the dancers alone who deserve all the credit for more or less pulling it off.


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