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FEB 2004
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Artistic Director Roy Kaiser Discusses Pennsylvania Ballet's New Era 
by Lewis Whittington
"I came to classical dance late in life, as a teenager, after dancers typically come into it. I was taken by it, the power of it and I couldn't imagine that I would be doing anything else."

Christopher Stowell:  Pearl of the Best Price -- OBT's New Artistic Director Talks About His Plans for Portland's Ballet Gem
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin
"I hope that an OBT 'look' will emerge over time because of the dancers working with us, as much as from me. I believe that dancers are refined creatures, like thoroughbreds. I think that’s part of what makes what we do interesting, and I want a 'look' for OBT that reflects that quality."


Igor Yebra:  Handsome Is AND Handsome Does
by Patrizia Vallone
"I really enjoy doing barre exercises, and lessons are not torture for me, as they are for many of my colleagues. For me, a day without the barre is a day of life wasted."

Christophe Maraval: Dancing Fluently in Two Languages
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin
"I like the PNB repertory very much. I know Kent and Francia work hard to try to please a lot of people! They try to find roles for everyone that will be suited to each dancer."

Cathy Marston at
The Ballet Association

interviewed by David Bain
She attended a secondary school in Cambridge, where she did lots of jazz and contemporary dance, already choreographing, although she did not realise it.

Vincent Sekwati Koko Mantsoe
by Thea Nerissa Barnes
Vincent Sekwati Koko Mantsoe is an international dance artist who trains in varied forms of dance, performing in European theatre presentations. He draws from culturally specific dance aesthetics found in Europe, Asian and Africa.

company focus

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40 Years of Excellence: Look Back at Pennsylvania Ballet's Heritage


Artistic Director Roy Kaiser Discusses Pennsylvania Ballet's New Era
by Lewis Whittington


Pennsylvania Ballet - 'The Nutcracker’: Hits and Humbugs
by Lori Ibay - December 20 & 28, 2003, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'Dracula'
by Lewis Whittington - October/November 2003, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'Dracula'
by Lori Ibay - October 2003, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'A Fancy 40th':  'Concerto Barocco,' 'The Four Temperaments,' 'Fancy Free'
by Lewis Whittington - October 2003, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'A Fancy 40th':  'Concerto Barocco,' 'The Four Temperaments,' 'Fancy Free'
by Lori Ibay - October 2003, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'Firebird,' 'Concerto 488'
by Lewis Whittington - June 2003, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'Cinderella'
by Lewis Whittington - May 2003, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'Company B,' 'Quartet for IV,' 'Jaybird Lounge'
by Lewis Whittington - March 2003, Philadelphia

Dancers of the Pennsylvania Ballet - 11th Annual 'Shut Up and Dance' Benefit
by Lewis Whittington - March 2003, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'Carmina Burana' and 'Le Travail'
by Lewis Whittington - February 2003, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Ballet - Kirk Peterson's 'Dancing with Monet' & Margo Sappington's 'Rodin, Mis en Vie'
by S. E. Arnold - June 2002, Philadelphia

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Pennsylvania Ballet, Rodin, Mis en Vie & Dancing with Monet, June 15, 2002

Pennsylvania Ballet's Plans to Lure Younger Fans

Pennsylvania Ballet's Nutcracker

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'Giselle' Opéra Garnier , du 2 février au 4 mars 2004

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Letter from the Editors
The start of the year is when we all recover from too much turkey, Christmas pudding and excess in general. Much of the the dance world also needs some time for recuperation after the busy holiday schedules and final preparations before the Spring tours get underway.
      Nevertheless, this February issue of “Ballet-Dance Magazine” features dance from five Continents in as diverse a range of styles as you could wish for.
The Bolshoi were in Paris and our French readers saw as much as they could of this historic company performing two ballets new to Parisians. In London, African modern dance was showcased at The Barbican and Thea Barnes interviewed Vincent Sekwati Koko Mantsoe, a remarkable artist. Also in London, Resolution! got underway with slots for 108 fledgling companies and we feature the first part of our coverage.
Our focus this month is Pennsylvania Ballet and the image gallery highlights the classical and neo-classical repertoire of this dynamic company. The final two stops on our whirlwind world tour are with The Peking Acrobats, drawing gasps of disbelief from our West Coast reviewers and the brilliant entertainers of Australia’s Circus Oz who delighted audiences in New York.
      Feature films about the dance world rarely have a director as accomplished as Robert Altman and two of our critics give their views on his "The Company". The film has puzzled some and pleased others, but one thing everyone agrees on - Neve Campbell can dance.
      As always, we love to hear what you think. Please post your comments in our Magazine Feedback Discussion Topic in the CriticalDance forum. And, if you want the magazine delivered right to your inbox, subscribe!

The Editors of Ballet-Dance Magazine

P.S. If you're enjoying this issue of Ballet-Dance Magazine, please forward it to a friend!

Coming up...
· More Ballet Frankfurt
· More Kirov Ballet
· More NextWave @ BAM
· Kenneth Kvarnstrom tours the US
· Cynthia Harvey
· More reviews
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Pennsylvania Ballet


Really Altogether Different -- How DanceOff! is changing the face of the nation...well, at least modern dance
by Jenai Cutcher
But while the Dems have to deal with Kerry, Dean, and the rest, we’ve got Terry Dean on the scene and he’s emerging as a very capable leader of a movement’s movement.

Ballet 101: Dance for Dummies - The Washington Ballet
by Dani Crawford
I wasn't sure what to expect as I entered the England Studio where rehearsals are also held. What I found was a sea of like-minded dance fans not very learned about ballet and dance but quite eager to become enlightened and to learn how better to get more out of, and enjoy to an even greater extent, the world of ballet.

Balanchine: Celebrating a Life in Dance.
Book by Costas.
Book Review by Jeff Kuo
To those of us inconsiderate enough to have been born too late, the world of "original" Balanchine is unavailable except through the rare video releases of Dance In America broadcasts and the photographs of Martha Swope, Costas, Paul Kolnik, and Max Waldman. But are we of the post-modern generation as hopeless as all that?

40 Years of Excellence: A Look Back at Pennsylvania Ballet's Heritage
In January 1962, Lincoln Kirstein and George Balanchine told the sponsors of Barbara Weisberger's ballet school, "We're hoping that a real ballet company will be built here." A year and a half later, one was.

Hawaii International Conference on the Arts and Humanities
by Jeff Kuo
January 8-11, 2004 - Honolulu, Hawaii

... An interesting experiment in dance history was Sharon Carnicke (Univ. Southern California) and Dora Krannig’s reconstruction of Nijinsky’s “L’ Apres Midi D’un Faune” – but not the notorious Ballet Russes production but Bronislava Nijinska’s 1922 revival of it with herself as the Faune .... Can you imagine the Faune danced by a woman?

Creative Collaborations
by David Watson
November 2003, London
We were told that over two days in London as part of Dance Umbrella we would participate in a large workshop, watch a Merce Cunningham performance at Tate Modern and also take part in technique classes comprising NSCD and LCDS students.

The Graham Residency at Laban
by Heidi Baumgartner
November, 2003 -- London
In this Residency I had the pleasure of experiencing different teachers including Miki Orihara from the Martha Graham Dance Company and Susan Sentler from Laban.

Autumn in Tallinn
by Stuart Sweeney
December 2003 -- Tallinn, Estonia
Priit Raud, the Director of Tallinn’s Augusti TantsuFestival, told a local magazine, “Here the opportunity is given to experiment and have some fun,” which sounds like a good recipe to me.

Resolution at The Place
January, 2004 at The Place

Resolution! and Reprise at the Place: 2 Views of Jean Abreu, Gildas Diquero, and Naked Fish Productions
By Stuart Sweeney and Lyndsey Winship
January 2003 and January 2004 --
the Place, London
A man and woman steal quiet afternoons together in a rented flat, embracing under a bare bulb, dancing to a crackly gramophone, brought together not so much by chemistry as loneliness...

Celia Grannum 'Goodbye Saturn,' Sara Crow & Co 'Something Outside,' Influx Dance Company 'Malleus Maleficarum'
By Lyndsey Winship
January 27, 2004 --
The Place, London
In 'Malleus Maleficarum' choreographer Joanne Willmott attempts to rewrite the legend and salvage the strength and dignity of a persecuted people...

The Company's Reasons to be Cheerful,' Lydia Ariken's 'Slip,' Lapsus Corpi's 'Waiting for Audi-Audi'
By Lyndsey Winship
January 22, 2004 --
The Place, London
Noting that one in four adults are thought to be suffering from mental health problems at any one time, choreographer Erica Knighton uses bland fixed grins and high-energy jazz dance to highlight the manufactured happiness that is marketed as normality.

Emilia Adelöw, Rachel Lopez de la Nieta, Suzannah West: Glimpsing Dance Possibilities Beyond the Music
By Lyndsey Winship
January 17, 2004 --
The Place, London
The Aerowaves performances at Resolution! are all UK debuts from international companies. They're that little bit more experienced than the first time Brits and it shows.

Chia Tachibana 'Suketatsuchini' and FLYdance and Zoo Indigo 'Lounge Living'
By Katie Phillips
January 15 and 20, 2004 --
The Place, London
A sense of nature pervades the piece from the onset: beginning with the whispers of a seething sea, the dancers appear like the sounds – a montage of shapes sculpted in space, their shadows and pointed limbs, reminiscent of oriental shadow puppets...

Device Dance's 'Underneath - Emerging - Revealing,' Charlotte Eatock's 'Temporary Slaughter,' Trinity Dance Project's 'Archipelago'
By Thea Nerissa Barnes
January 19, 2004 --
The Place, London
The mood is quiet but strained making the stillness rather uneasy...

editors' picks

Los Angeles
· Ballet Hispanico - 'NightClub'
Feb 22 -- California Center for the Arts, Escondido.  The only California appearance this season of this Miami based troupe bringing a full evening work choreographed to music by Piazolla, Latin music songs by Tito Puente and others, and fusion music by contemporary DJs.
· Mark Morris Dance Group - 'V,' 'Going Away Party,' 'All Fours,' and 'A Spell'
Feb 27-28 -- Royce Hall, UCLA.  The master choreographer brings his own troupe and endlessly fascinating, eclectic repertory.

New York
Compania Maria Pages - 'Flamenco Republic'
Feb 24-29 -- Joyce Theater, NYC
This native of Spain blends flamenco and modern dance techniques with jazz and classical music
· Nederlands Dans Theater
Mar 9-14 -- BAM, NYC
Two different programs; most works are Jiri Kylian's and most are US premieres.

San Francisco Bay Area
· ODC/SF - Dancing Downtown 2004
Feb 13-29 -- Yerba Buena Center, SF. The spring season of this powerhouse company includes the world premieres of works by Brenda Way, KT Nelson, and Kimi Okada.
· Eva Yerbabuena & Ballet Flamenco
Feb 27 -- Marin Civic Center, Marin
Feb 28, 29 -- Cal Performances, UC Berkeley. The flamenco artist who has electrified Europe makes her Bay Area debut.

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'The Taming of the Shrew'
Feb 20-28 -- Academy of Music. Just after Valentine's Day, PAB brings "the ultimate battle of the sexes" to the stage, performing John Cranko's full-length ballet, "The Taming of the Shrew."
· Pascal Rioult Dance Theatre - 'Ravel Project'
Mar 4-6 -- Zellerbach Theatre. The Philadelphia premiere of Pascal Rioult's "Ravel Project," inspired by the music of Maruice Ravel, includes "Bolero," "La Valse," and "Pavane for a Dead Princess."

Washington, D.C.
The Hamburg Ballet- 'Nijinsky'
Feb 25-29 -- Kennedy Center. The Hamburg BalletS performs Artistic Director John Neumeier's ballet based on the life and legend of the famed Russian dancer.
· Ronald K. Brown/Evidence - 'Come Ye'
Feb 26 -- Center for the Arts, George Mason University.
Feb 28-29 -- The Dance Place.
Ronald K. Brown/Evidence performs his latest work, inspired by the music of Nina Simone.

Benois de la Danse Gala
Feb 23 -- Sadler's Wells Theatre. A star-studded showcase performance of recent winners of the Benois de la Danse prize.
· The Royal Ballet - 'Agon,' 'The Prodigal Son,' 'Symphony in C'
28 Jan-25 Feb -- Royal Opera House.
The RB celebrates Balanchine with a stunning triple bill.
· Russell Maliphant - 'One Part II,' 'Two Times Three,' 'Choice'
17-18 Feb -- Laban Center.
A chance to see one of leading choreographers working today in an intimate theatre.

· Opéra de Paris - 'Giselle'
Feb 2 - Mar 4 -- Palais Garnier. Reprise du classique des classiques "Giselle" avec en artistes invitées.
· Opéra de Paris - Soirée Kylian
Feb 17 - Mar 3 -- Palais Garnier. Création Mondiale de « Il faut qu'une porte » et reprises de deux ballets: "Stepping Stones" et "Doux Mensonges."
· Soirée Mats Ek - Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon
Feb 3-7 -- Théâtre de la Ville. Tournée française du ballet de Lyon avec deux chorégraphies de Mats Ek, "Solo for two et Fluke."

Aulnay sous bois, France
· Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse - 'Coppélia'
Feb 29 -- Espace Jacques Prévert Tournée de la troupe toulousaine, dirigée avec brio par Nanette Glushak.

Tallinn, Estonia
Estonian National Ballet - 'Giselle'
18 Feb. With guest artists Molly Smolen and Tiit Helimets from Birmingham Royal Ballet

· Estonian National Ballet - 'Sleeping Beauty'
14 Feb. With guest artists Molly Smolen and Tiit Helimets from Birmingham Royal Ballet

Tanzplattform Deutschland 2004
Feb 4-8 --Tanzhaus NRW and other venues. German contemporary dance highlighted in the biannual dance platform

· Kevin O'Day - 'Topographicallayers'
25 Nov -- Nationaltheater. An elegantly modern, evening-length new ballet work by Mannheim's successful ballet director Kevin O'Day.

· Compañia Tango X 2 - 'Tangos, una leggenda'
Feb 3 - 22 -- Teatro Olimpico. Miguel Angel Zotto is touring Europe with his latest successful show.
· Conference by Laban School of London
Feb 6 -- Teatro Ateneo, La Sapienza University.
· Conference by Carolyn Carlson
Feb 14 --. La Sapienza University. Two more conferences about dance-theatre at La Sapienza University, open to everybody.
· Rome Opera Ballet - 'Swan Lake'
Feb 22 - 28 --Teatro Costanzi. Galina Samsova's production of Petipa/ Ivanov masterpiece is back again for four extra performances.


Opera National de Paris - 'Ivan le Terrible'
par Catherine Schemm
6 janvier 2004 -- Opéra Bastille
La relève est presque assurée ! 
L'Opéra a décidé comme l'année dernière de faire un parallèle entre le spectacle de fin d'année et la troupe invitée.

Opera National de Paris - 'Ivan le Terrible'
par Valérie Beck
3 janvier 2004 -- Opéra Bastille

Ce fut un grand moment ! Après toutes les critiques que j'avais lues, j'étais extrêmement impatiente de découvrir à mon tour ce curieux ballet. Je peux simplement dire qu'il m'a fait une très forte impression, et ce, grâce à l'interprétation magistrale de José Martinez J'ai eu les larmes aux yeux plus d'une fois. Il était totalement investi par Ivan

Ballet de l'Opéra d'Avignon - 'Cassandra'
par Haruyo Yokota
29 Novembre 2003

Le ballet, chorégraphié par Luciano Cannito, relate l'histoire de Cassandra, d'après le roman de Christa Wolf. Miteki Kudo interprétait le rôle titre qu'elle avait déjà dansé à Avignon il y a 6 mois. Après s'être blessée, la danseuse n'était pas revenue sur scène depuis mars dernier. Ce fut donc un réel bonheur de goûter à son approche du personnage

Presqu'iIles de danse
Michèle Anne De Mey, Jo Fabian, Sasha Waltz
par Anne-Marie Baptista
17 janvier 2004 -- Noisiel – Ferme du Buisson
Oui, vraiment, de qui se moque-t-on ?! A l'heure où la culture et la création sont en danger en France, je ne peux que m’offusquer devant la programmation donnée à voir cette année dans le cadre des "Presqu'îles de danse".



Pacific Northwest Ballet's Balanchine Centenary Program: 'The Coupé is on Count Six'
by Dean Speer
Ferbruary, 2004
I'd have to say the Balanchine Centenary program's success is as much a tribute to the dancers and the PNB production team as it is to Mr. Balanchine.

American Ballet Theatre - 'Raymonda,' 'Without Words,' 'Within You Without You': Beauty and Boredom at the Kennedy Center
By Carol Herron
February 5, 2004 --
Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.
... The bright spot was Xiomara Reyes, she sparkled and danced as if she were in the most glorious ballet. Her arms were lovely, and in her solos, her lines were very clean. Ethan Stiefel, on the other hand, looked like he was counting the whole time ...

American Ballet Theatre - 'Raymonda,' 'Without Words,' 'Within You Without You': Mixed Repertory, Mixed Accomplishments
By Jeff Kuo
February 4, 2004 --
Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.
In a curious quirk of thankless programming, the work that should be the show stopper, “Raymonda” divertissements, began the evening; and the lightweight fillip, the George Harrison medley, “Within You Without You” ended it...

Robert Altman's 'The Company': Altman's take on the Joffrey is artsy, not artistic
by Mary Ellen Hunt
January, 2004
Ballet aficionados have waited since 1948’s “The Red Shoes” for a real ballet movie to be made: one that captures the beauty and struggle of the quirky, talented, intelligent people who populate this art form.

Robert Altman's 'The Company': Fleeting Events in a Dancer's World
by Leland Windreich
January, 2004
The fact that the Joffrey Ballet has built its reputation over the years through its reverence for great ballets of the past and has dedicated its resources to restoring them accurately was not a concern for Altman or actress/producer Neve Campbell, who had other objectives in mind.

San Francisco Ballet - Opening Gala 2004: Champagne wishes
by Mary Ellen Hunt
January 28, 2004 -- War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco
It was all, in the end, exactly like a glass of champagne. The bubbly atmosphere gave us a few hours of giddiness, destined to fade soon.

The Washington Ballet: On Their Way Up
By Dani Crawford
January 24, 2004 --
The Kennedy Center, WashingtonDC
I am liking The Washington Ballet more and more. Their latest production offers something edgy, something soft and something just plain fun

Ballets Trockadero Makes Its Honolulu Debut
By Carol Egan
January 23, 2004 --
Hawaii Theatre, Honolulu
Timing is everything, and these boys have it down to a fine art.


Peking Acrobats: The Body as Theater
By Jeff Kuo
January 24, 2004 -- Carpenter Performing Arts Center, Long Beach, CA

One must be in a really bad mood not to at least smile a little at the sight of tables being foot juggled between three girls in pink pajamas. In their aesthetic, the human body is itself a kind of theater...

Peking Acrobats: Defying Physics
By Toba Singer
January 17, 2004 --
Marin Civic Center, San Rafael, CA
Unlike other circuses that aim to bewitch their audiences with the ubiquitously occult “magical,” this troupe presents the very best kind of conscious tribute to the wonders of the noumenal world and its ineluctable laws of physics...

'Moving Africa':  Modern Africa Moves at the BarbicanTheatre
By Thea Nerissa Barnes
January 2004 -- Barbican Theatre, London

...Previous experiences or preconceived notions of what dance from Africa is thought to be disperse before these eloquent dance expressions that are not theatricalised presentations of culturally specific, scared or secular rituals, or renditions of the lived experience of the noble savage...

Dance Theatre of Harlem - 'Serenade,' 'St. Louis Woman: A Blues Ballet'
by Andre Yew
January 4, 2004 --
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles
High expectations are rarely fulfilled and often lead to disappointment, but those very few, rare times that they are actually met makes all previous disappointment worth it, and "Serenade" exceeded my expectations...

Wim Vandekeybus: The PT Anderson of Dance?
by Lyndsey Winship
February 8, 2004 --
Sadler's Wells, London
In Blush 's exploration of all things to do with love, there are no hearts and flowers. It's the darker, less palatable side of this four-letter word that demands all the attention.

Paris Opera Ballet - 'Ivan the Terrible': Taking on the Most Russian Ballet in Existence
by Cassandra
January 2004 --
Opera Bastille, Paris
The first thing I must say about the Paris Opera Ballet dancing “Ivan the Terrible” is that probably no other company outside of Russia has either the resources or the ability to perform this work adequately ...

Savion Glover - 'Improvography': Finding Another Voice
by Emily Klemmer
December, 2003 --
Joyce Theater, New York
Savion Glover takes the stage at the Joyce Theater in New York City joyously singing “The Way You Look Tonight."

Circus Oz: A Horse of A Different Color
by Emily Klemmer
December 21, 2003 --
New Victory Theater, NY
...a human who walks on ceilings, an indecent robot-dog named Eric that orders clowns to sit and roll over, and a strong woman who spins inside a giant “German Wheel...

Carla Fracci and Dancers of the Rome Opera Theater Ballet: 'Girotondo Romano'
by Patrizia Vallone
December 20, 2003 --
Teatro Nazionale , Rome
A ballet made up almost exclusively of pas de deux is certainly very risky; monotony is always lurking around the corner.

Tiffany Mills Company - 'Elegy': Mystery Suspended
by Colleen Leonardi
December 6, 2003 --
HERE Arts Center, NY
Dance, video, music, and aerial work harmonized in a world where death, mystery, flowers, and possession dwelled in a creepy cohabitation.

Paris Opera Ballet - Kelemnis, Brown, Preljocaj, Balanchine
by Cassandra
December 2003 -- Opera Garnier, Paris

Kelemenis / Brown / Preljocaj / Balanchine" was the name of the programme presented at the Opera Garnier last month with the choreographers names given as the pulling power rather than the actual titles of the ballets.


DV8 - 'The Cost of Living': Images from Life
by Lyndsey Winship
November 2003 -- Brighton Dome

What is dance to us? That’s the kind of question DV8 asks in this piece which is all about image and perfection, worth and self-worth, celebrity and conformity and other such contemporary queries...

Bolchoï à Paris

Tournée du Bolchoï à Paris
Opéra National de Paris – Palais Garnier

Par Catherine Schemm
Absent de la scène parisienne depuis sa dernière tournée en 1992, la troupe moscovite nous revient avec trois programmes qui nous permet de voir l’étendue de leur répertoire, que ce soit le plus pur académisme avec "le Lac des Cygnes", la reconstitution historique avec "la Fille du Pharaon"... et une nouvelle présentation de "Clair ruisseau" dans une chorégraphie du nouveau directeur du Bolchoï à savoir Alexei Ramantski.

'La Fille du Pharaon'

par Catherine Schemm, 15 janvier 2004
La Fille du Pharaon est un ballet de Marius Petipa inspiré de manière très lointaine du "Roman de la Momie" de Théophile Gautier. Celui-ci avait inspiré naturellement Giselle ! Ici l'argument est simple, plongé par une drogue dans l'inconscient un jeune anglais se retrouve transporté dans l'Egypte pharaonique.

par Caroline Chouard, 18 janvier 2004
Quel voyage nous offre le Bolchoï en deux heures plus qu’intenses !

par Jean-Luc Donay, 17 janvier 2004
Avant d’aller voir ce ballet tombé dans l’oubli depuis 1928, je me suis dit qu’il fallait que j’essaie de me remettre dans le contexte de lEvidemment, cela n’a pas été chose facile, mais des lectures ici et là m’ont beaucoup aidé.a création initiale de ce ballet.

par Catherine Schemm, 16 janvier 2004
Si le ballet est en lui-même toujours aussi agréable à voir, la seconde distribution y fut néanmoins moins à l'aise.

by Katherine Kanter, January 15-18, 2004
Beg, borrow or steal a ticket, because the thing is a SCREAM. In Lacotte's piece, everything is a mad, cracking mad, sort of opium dream. It is neither profound, nor moving, nor does it remain with one in one’s thoughts. But it is damn good fun...

'Le Lac des Cygnes'

par Caroline Chouard, 10 janvier 2004
Je ne sais pas si mes impressions s’en sont ressenties mais je ne crois pas que j’aurai plus aimé la version du Lac de Grigorovitch du parterre...

par Jean-Luc Donay, 9 janvier 2004
Galina Stépanienko nous propose une vision d'Odette beaucoup plus réservée que celle de Zakharova que j'ai vue avant-hier soir.

par Dominique Adrian, 8 janvier 2004
J'ai pour ma part passé plutôt une bonne soirée, même si ma faible compétence (c'est un euphémisme) dans le domaine classique...

par Jean-Luc Donay, 7 janvier 2004
Ballet dans la plus pure tradition classique russe.

'Le Clair Ruisseau'

par Jean-Luc Donay, 24 janvier 2004
Les protagonistes de cette distribution jouent sur un registre un peu différent par rapport à l'autre distribution, même si les intentions demeurent identiques.

par Jacques Esmieu-Vassevière, 23 janvier 2004
Non pas que j'avais quelque appréhension, mais la lecture du programme m'avait quelque peu inquiété. cette oeuvre interdite par les sbires de Staline et reprise en 2003 avait de quoi surprendre.

par Catherine Schemm, 21 janvier 2004
Pour son troisième programme, le Bolchoï avait décidé de présenter une de ses dernières créations, création pas tout à fait car il s'agit en réalité d'une nouvelle production d'un ballet de Chostakovitch intitulé le Clair Ruisseau.


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