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DEC 2003

holiday page

There are more goodies on our Holidays Page, including reviews of holiday performances, a feature on "The Nutcracker Nation", editors' picks, and a holiday gift guide.


Nederlands Dans Theater: Miguel Oliveira and Parvaneh Sharafali
by Jules Houben
"If in ‘Bebob’ you use a more rational approach, in the new ballet of Jiri Kylián, 27’52”, you do everything emotionally, and your heart and soul give you the direction and strength to progress a little further each time’, say the two young dancers from NDT II.

At Home with Ballet:  Cynthia Harvey former Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theater
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin
I first became interested in ballet by watching Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev on the Ed Sullivan show! According to my mother, I could not reach the TV, but begged to dance as I tip-toed about trying to emulate Margot in "Corsaire."

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The Place

One of Europe's leading
contemporary dance centres

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Introduction to The Place
by Katie Phillips - November, 2003

Our History - The Place
by Jane Pritchard - 2002

'See through Dance' at The Place
by Aaron Cezar - November, 2003

My Place
by Stuart Sweeney -
November, 2003

Spring Loaded 1999
by Stuart Sweeney - March, 1999


Random Dance: Polar Sequences
by Katie Phillips - September, 2003

DanseDanseDanse: Dance on Film
by Katie Philips - September, 2003

Badejo Arts: 'Elemental Passions'
by Thea Nerissa Barnes - May, 2003

Many Dance Umbrella events are presented at The Place. 
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Dance Umbrella 2003

Dance Umbrella 2002

Dance Umbrella 2001

Resolution! is one of the leading new dance festivals in Europe. Here are the links to our topics:

Resolution! 2003

Resolution! 2002


Andile Sotiya
by Katie Phillips - June 2003

Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion
by Donald Hutera -
September 2003

Richard Alston
by Stuart Sweeney - December 1998

Robert Cohan
by Stuart Sweeney - October 2000

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Dance on Film

Asian dance and theatre at The Place

Sheron Wray Digital performance

Made in Berlin Festival - 2003

The Place celebrates the British Museum's 250th

Phoenix Dance - Autumn Tour 2003

HIP - 2003

Ultima Vez - "Scratching the Inner Fields"

Rosemary Butcher

Finnish Modern Dance Festival in London

Random Dance Company

Scottish Dance Theatre

Henri Oguike Dance Company

Capture 2 - dance on film

ChoreoForum 2002

Writers for Resolution! 2003

Birthday Honours 2002

Associate Artists at The Place 2002

Nudity in dance: what is the scandal?

Dance UK presents Choreoforum 2001

Is Modern Dance Adrift?

Associate Artists at The Place

Jane Dudley dies

The Place - News

Richard Alston Dance Company - Spring 2001

Jasmin Vardimon

Salia ni Seydou

Protein Dance

Shobana Jeyasingh

Gilles Jobin - 'The Moebius Strip'

MZdP (Metzer/zimmerman/dePerrot)

Badejo Arts

Déjà Donné in 'Aria Spinta'

Ricochet Dance - 'House of Magnet'/'The Enigma of Machine'

Russell Maliphant Company - 'Stream'/'Knot'

Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe - Solo Triple Bill

Charles Linehan - 'Number Stations'/'Speak, Memory'

Cunningham in Dance Umbrella 2002

Dance at London Open House Weekend

Union Dance presents PermanentRevolution V2R



Hip - 2002


Featured Sites

Danser en français

l'Opéra National de Paris - 'Clavigo'
par Laure-Myriam Jouilli
et Ondine
27 octobre 2003 - Palais Garnier, Paris
Je m’en suis d’ailleurs beaucoup voulu de ne pas avoir écrit le post que j’avais prévu d’écrire, après la représentation du 23 octobre (soir de la première), mais j’ai été prise d’une certaine nonchalance, m’empêchant de m’atteler à cette tâche.

Ballet de Marseille - 'Don Quichotte'
par Haruyo Yokota
8 novembre 2003 -- Opéra de Marseille
Marie-Claude Pietragalla nous présentait sa version de "Don Quichotte" en alliant la traditionnelle partition de Minkus mais également celle de Manuel de Falla.

Saburo Teshigawara - 'Bones in Pages'
par Haruyo Yokota
21 Novembre 2003, Paris
Dans un style proche du ballet créé pour l'Opéra de Paris, Saburo Teshigawara ainsi que Kei Miyata et Rihoko Sato nous offraient une merveilleuse version de "Bones in Pages", déjà dansée en 1991.

Gala des Etoiles du Prix de Lausanne
by Marc
7 novembre 2003 - Grand Opéra de Genève
Le prix de Lausanne aide des jeunes danseurs de talent à devenir de très bons professionnels en leur offrant la possibilité de terminer leur formation dans des écoles ou des compagnies de ballet de premier ordre.
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George Piper Dances


Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre:  Ignis et fides
by Julija Kalpokiene

This summer the series of events that were held all over Lithuania to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the coronation of King Mindaugas was crowned by the premiere of Bronius Kutavicius’ opera-ballet "Ignis et fides" in the courtyard of Trakai Castle.

'NO FIXED POINTS: Dance in the Twentieth Century'
by Nancy Reynolds and Malcolm McCormick

Book Review by Leland Windreich
November 2003

A remarkable, generously illustrated survey of theatrical dance, which covers a century that began with Loie Fuller and ended with Billy Elliot.

Pacific Northwest Ballet - Panel Discussion - 'Artifact II' and 'Mercury'
by Francis Timlin
October 28, 2003 -- Phelps Center, Seattle

William Forsythe stager Glenn Tuggle was on hand to lead off the discussion of "Artifact II" with an introductory explanation of some of the unique aspects of Forsythe's choreography.

Pacific Northwest Ballet - 'Ballet Now' Preview Rehearsal - 'Artifact II,' 'Mercury,' 'Palacios Dances'
by Dean Speer

Forsythe's "Artifact II," I found to have a modern dance sensibility to it and one that really uses and pushes the ballet vocabulary, particularly in its duets.

Latest Developments at Ballett Frankfurt
by Petra Tschiene - November, 2003
The basic idea was to found the new company as Ballett GmbH with four stakeholders contributing: the Bundeslaender Hessen and Sachsen, the City of Dresden and the City of Frankfurt.

Brooklyn Academy of Music
October, 2003

Cloud Gate Theatre of Taiwan - 'Moon Water'
by Holly Messitt --    November 21, 2003
There were long periods during the troupe’s performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music that I sat lost in the movement of the dancers. The prolonged ending especially captivated me as I listened to water running over the stage and...

Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker/ROSAS - 'Rain'
by Jenai Cutcher
November 15, 2003
Seven women and three men directed by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, eleven chords composed for eighteen musicians by Steve Reich, a packed audience in the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House, and it begins to "Rain." 

Susan Marshall & Company - 'Sleeping Beauty' 'Other Stories'
by Holly Messitt --
October 23, 2003

Are we supposed to see the traditional Sleeping Beauty in Susan Marshall's new dance by the same name? No.

Dance Umbrella 25th
Sept 28 - Nov 8, 2003
in the UK

click above to go to our Dance Umbrella 2003 Forum

Inbal Pinto Dance Company - 'Boobies'
by Lyndsey Winship
November 5, 2003 -- Brighton Dome, Brighton

In her past works, Israeli choreographer Inbal Pinto has shown a natural flair for comic dance theatre. Hearing the title of her third show to tour the UK, "Boobies," you might have assumed that she was continuing in the same vein. But it isn't what you think.

Merce Cunningham Dance Company - 2 Reviews of Event at Tate Modern
by Katherine Phillips and by Lyndsey Winship
November 2003 -- Tate Modern, London

The installation art work is an ideal setting for this all-encompassing dance piece, where the surroundings, the audience and the dancers all become equal components of the performance environment.

Vincent Mantsoe - 'Bupiro-Mukiti' 'Ndaa' - Laurie Booth - 'Ice/Dreams/Fire'
by Thea Nerissa Barnes
October 2003 -- London

With Booth and Mantsoe the manipulation of the performative act itself is at the crux of their work; how the performer negotiates the terrain between himself that is the art and the audience who witnesses his negotiation.

Russell Maliphant Company - 'One Part II', 'Two', 'Choice'
by Lyndsey Winship
25 October 2003 -- Queen Elizabeth Hall/London
Russell Maliphant understands that creating a performance means much more than raising the curtain and letting your dancers do their thing. He chooses to explore the breadth of possibilities in bringing movement to the stage.

Dance Umbrella - Silver Celebration
by Petra Tschiene
October 23, 2003 -- Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

The evening started with UK premiere of Akram Khan 's film "If Not, Why Not" accompanied live by Cellist Philippe Sheppard.

Rosas - 'Once'
by Jurate Terleckaite
October 23, 2003 -- Robin Howard Theatre, The Place, London

Appreciations and views: that I heard about Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker's eccentricity, strict approach and self-centredness awakened my curiosity and I have decided to come to London to see her dancing.

Ballett Frankfurt - 'Kammer/Kammer'
by Ramsay Burt
October 22-25, 2003 -- Sadler's Wells, London
For me the most immediate and exciting things about “Kammer/Kammer” were, first, the performances by Dana Caspersen and Anthony Rizzi, and second, the sheer craftsmanship with which this otherwise highly fragmented multimedia production was put together.
read more..

Weather or Not - Val Bourne and Daniel Roberts on Merce Cunningham at Tate Modern
by Donald Hutera
September, 2003

Dancing for Merce has taught me how to adapt, and mostly, how to problem-solve. I believe this comes from the process of him making movement from a perspective that anything could happen at anytime, and that the dancer should train for that preparedness.

Deep Freeze - Interview with Laurie Booth
by Donald Hutera
September, 2003
Veteran British dance artist Laurie Booth's new solo Ice/Dreams/Fire can lay claim to one of the festival's most original settings ... an elaborate yet simple mobile of ice sculptures.

Kirov Ballet logo
For Critical Dance's complete coverage of the Kirov's Tour, visit our KIROV USA TOUR page.

US tour reviews

Kirov Ballet - 'Chopiniana', 'Scheherezade', 'Firebird'
by SE Arnold
November 14-15, 2003 -- Wang Center for the Performing Arts, Boston, MA

"a montage on the subject of paradise lost and regained"

'La Bayadere'
by Victor Lucas and Elsa Johnson
November 6 and 8, 2003 -- Playhouse Center Square, Cleveland, OH

"This is the Kirov, everyone is beautiful, and even an off night is pretty amazing..."

'La Bayadere'
by Julie Gervais
November 1, 2003 -- Detroit Opera House, Detroit, MI

"[Kolb's] energy was determined and focused – intent on pulling out the maximum intensity from each bravura step..."

'La Bayadere'
by Julie Gervais
October 30, 2003-- Detroit Opera House, Detroit, MI

" The cohesiveness of their port de bras, the hyper-articulation of their feet, the sets and costumes that are over the moon -- those things are a given before you even consider the incredible dancing and dramatic energy."

Letter from the Editors
Mice are scurrying, snowflakes are flurrying, and the writers at Ballet-Dance Monthly are predicting visions of sugar plums at just about every ballet company around. Yes, the holidays are upon us and with them come not only countless Nutcrackers, but also time for reflection, giving thanks, and, well, a little indulgence.

B-Dm has been reflecting on dance worldwide: Emma Pegler on the legacy of Martha Graham and the recent historic events of her company, Holly Messitt on Susan Marshall’s rendering of Sleeping Beauty, and Jeff Kuo on Nutcracker Nation, a new book by Jennifer Fisher.

Stuart Sweeney expresses his appreciation for The Place, this month’s focus, Cynthia Harvey speaks with gratitude about her life in ballet thus far, and it is clear that all the participants in the CriticalDance forum are thankful for the roles that dance plays in their lives.

And just like sitting around the Christmas tree with piles of gifts or stuffing ourselves with turkey and trimmings, Ballet-Dance is heaping it on. Where else can you get multiple perspectives on the same performance? Can’t get enough of your favorite company? Track Rosas, Cloud Gate Theatre of Taiwan, and more as reactions filter in from every city on their tours.

We are always thankful for your participation. Please post your comments in our Magazine Feedback Discussion Topic in the CriticalDance forum. If dance has inspired you lately, now’s the time to connect, share, and spread the good energy around. Like what you see here? Spread that, too – our site makes a great email stocking stuffer that any friend would love to discover. And, if you want the magazine delivered right to your inbox, subscribe !

Happy Holidays,

The Editors of Ballet-Dance Monthly


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· Holiday roundups
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Philadanco - Fall Concert Series
by Lewis Whittington
November 20-22, 2003 -- Perelman Theater, The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia
Zollar’s trilogy, inspired by the graceful saunters of Jamaican women, of course, has much more than just walking. In fact, it has everything from quicksilver Afro-Caribbean skips to the most salacious pelvic grinds.

Rambert Dance Company - 'Six Pack,' 'Living Toys,' 'PreSentient,' 'Elsa Canasta'
by Cassandra
November 2003 -- Sadler's Wells, London
McGregor’s style is always rewarding with its pace and seemingly endless flow of inventive movement, but above all it shows off the dancers to the very best advantage.

Ronald K. Brown/Evidence - 'High Life,' 'Walking Out the Dark.' For You,' 'Come Ye'
by Holly Messitt
October 25, 2003 -- Joyce Theater, New York
Brenda Dolan’s lighting reflects the sense of spiritual quest for which Brown’s choreography has become known.

National Ballet of China - 'Raise the Red Lantern'
by Rosella Simonari
November 2003 -- Sadler's Wells, London
What is flame red against petrol blue? Definitely a profound contrast, definitely a powerful contrast. These two colours meet at the beginning of "Raise the Red Lantern", the rich and innovative National Ballet of China's latest work.

National Ballet of China - 'Raise the Red Lantern'
by Cassandra
November 2003 -- Sadler's Wells, London
Having seen and admired the film of the same name, I have to report that the ballet is entirely different and only the theme of female subjugation remains.

Kenneth Kvarnström & Co. - 'Fragile'
by Andre Yew
November 12, 2003 -- Campbell Hall, UC Santa Barbara

... Cilla Olsen's hands were especially beautiful and clear even in the fastest parts --- somewhat like those ballet dancers whose petite allegro is very fast, but somehow all of the positions of the feet and legs are still very clear instead of blurred.

Rennie Harris Puremovement- 'Students of the Asphalt Jungle'
by Lyndsey Winship
November 11, 2003 -- Brighton Dome, Brighton, U.K.

Breakdance and ballet, they're not that different, really. Whether it's 32 fouettés or a 20-second headspin, we all know when to applaud.

American Ballet Theatre - 'Contemporary Works'
by Lori Ibay
8, 2003 -- City Center, New York
In contrast to ABT’s "Family Friendly" program, "Contemporary Works" explores deeper themes -- "a world where nothing is sacred, where brutality and arbitrariness are commonplace."

Teatro Kismet OperA - 'Gilgamesh '
by Rosella Simonari
November 7, 2003 -- Kismet Theatre, Bari, Italy

In a time outside of time, a man translucent in his raw skin attempts to fly ... he looks for immortality and the pair of silverlike, small wings he holds and shakes do not seem to be able to help him ...

California Contemporary Dancers - IT'S A SIGN
by Toba Singer
November 7, 2003 -- ODC Theater, San Francisco

"Chicks" is a signature piece that lampoons the feminist outcry of the Second Wave, Women are not chicks! Here, women are chicks ...

Pacific Northwest Ballet - Ballet Now! Program - 'Mercury,' 'Artifact II,' 'Palacios Dances,' 'Torque'
by Dean Speer
November 6-9, 2003 -- McGraw Hall, Seattle

Melanie Skinner and Paul Gibson were just right as a sunny couple, playfully dancing and interacting in the second movement duet. I found myself smiling and being uplifted right along with them.

Rambert Dance Company - '21,' 'Visions Fugitives,' ' Elsa Canasta'
by Kate Snedeker
November 5, 2003 -- Edinburgh Festival Theater, Edinburgh

The company combined impressive talent and its tradition of innovation to put on a performance that neither fireworks nor MTV could match...

Boston Ballet - 'Don Quixote'
by S.E. Arnold
November 1, 2003 -- Wang Theater, Boston

From a reflective distance, however, one finds in the crowd of Romantic-era references of his "Don Quixote" clues to the enduring appeal of this transfiguring as well as melancholy Knight.

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'Dracula'
by Lewis Whittington
October 30 - November 8, 2003 -- Academy of Music, Philadelphia
Conceived in 1997 by Houston Ballet's Ben Stevenson to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Bram Stoker's psychosexual thriller that not only scandalized London society, but created one of the most evil and campy characters in literature and film, if not dance-theater.

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'Dracula'
by Lori Ibay
October 30, 2003 -- Academy of Music, Philadelphia

For me, the most intriguing aspect of Dracula is his eerie aura -- his sleek, black cape contrasting his pale, long face; his mysterious seductiveness contrasting with his horrific rituals...

Kenneth Kvarnström - 'Fragile'
by Toba Singer
October 30, 2003 -- Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco

Kenneth Kvarnström brings us superbly trained, nubile dancers, who work through this hour-long piece with an earnest concentration that does not obstruct feelings of genuine enjoyment of each other or the choreography.

Paris Opera Ballet - 'Clavigo'
by Cassandra
October 27-28, 2003 -- Palais Garnier, Paris

Clairemarie Osta looked just about ideal ... Osta is the newest of the Paris etoiles and this was the first time I had seen her in a major role. I was impressed..

Reggie Wilson/Fist & Heel Performance Group, Noble Douglas Dance Company, Black Umfolosi - 'Black Burlesque (revisited)'
by Holly Messitt
October 24, 2003 -- Dance Theater Workshop, New York

...these companies created a production layered with traditional dance, spirituals, pop, and hip-hop. In the process they create a community not only among the dancers themselves, but also between the dancers and the audience.

'Elements' - Koromanti Arts and Noyam
by Thea Nerissa Barnes
October 23, 2003 -- Lilian Bayliss Theatre, London.

Contemporary Africanist dance expression that merges the sacred with the secular drawing on African and Caribbean dance aesthetics.

George Piper Dances - 'Steptext,' 'Mesmerics,' 'Torsion'
by Carol Herron
October 21 2003 -- Lisner Auditorium, Washington, D.C.

The dance is beautiful and yet often disturbing, the single woman is sometimes strong and other times is dragged around by one of the men.

Peeter Jalakas and Sasha Pepelyaev - 'Swan Lake’
by Tiit Tumalu
January - February 2003 -- Kanuti Gildi Saal, Talinn (revived November 2003)
The fact that those who attempted the coup d'état in August 1991, when the tanks rolled in the streets of Moscow, decided to broadcast “The Swan Lake” was not by chance.

Martha Graham
Dance Company

Martha Graham: A Legacy of Dance
by Francis Timlin
October 2003 -- Kane Hall, Seattle

Capucilli recalled that Martha Graham wanted to be known and remembered only as a dancer. She read the full text of Graham's testament, "I Am A Dancer." Paraphrasing from that testament, she stated that Graham spent eight decades "choosing not to fall."

Martha Graham Dance Company - 'Night Journey,' 'Satyric Festival Song,' 'Diversion of Angels,' 'Sketches From Chronicle'
by Emma Pegler
November 18, 2003 -- Sadler's Wells, London
It is hardly surprising that on the way to Sadler’s Wells Theatre for the Company’s first London appearance since the court ruling, I felt a strong sense of occasion and, indeed, of history. It was a night worthy of wearing a good suit and high heels.

Martha Graham Dance Company - 'Appalachian Spring,' 'Satyric Festival Song,' 'Lamentation,' 'Errand into the Maze,' 'Maple Leaf Rag'
by Cassandra
November 2003 -- Sadler's Wells, London
The Martha Graham Dance Company has had to survive a conflict as traumatic as anything the great lady of modern dance ever choreographed in one of her ballets, and after what seemed an eternity of legal wrangling that ended only last year, the company is now able to perform her works in the manner it deems fit.

Martha Graham Dance Company - 'Satyric Festival Song'
by Rosella Simonari
November 2003 -- Sadler's Wells, London
The costume, an elastic tube of stripy textures sewed together, pieces of the self, pieces of movements intertwined with the woman's body, be her the blond or the dark one. Shoulders left exposed to the hair's whipping and beating.


Suzanne Farrell Ballet

Suzanne Farrell Ballet - 'Divertimento No. 15,' 'Tempo di Valse' from 'Nutcracker, 'Tschaikovsky Pas De Deux,' 'Serenade'
by Toba Singer
November 15, 2003 -- Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley, CA

The Suzanne Farrell Ballet is not yet a company; it is a company in embryo. Ms. Farrell has assembled some fine principals and soloists, who dance and partner, each according to his or her training and performance history...

Suzanne Farrell Ballet - 'Divertimento No. 15,' 'Variations for Orchestra,' 'Tzigane,' 'Apollo '
by Jeff Kuo
November 8, 2003 -- Royce Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles

Local ballet goers recently reeling from hammer blows of balletic pyrotechnics, ballerina glam, and Big Ballet with capital “Bs” must find the quiet and restraint of “Divertimento No. 15” a positive relief.

Suzanne Farrell Ballet - 'Divertimento No. 15,' 'Variations for Orchestra,' 'Tzigane,' 'Apollo '
by Andre Yew
November 7, 2003 -- Royce Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles

The evening started with the eponymous "Divertimento No. 15," one of those Balanchine ballets that seems to be a distillation of a Petipa ballet with all the story stripped out and only the pretty dancing bits left over.

Suzanne Farrell Ballet - 'Divertimento No. 15,' 'Variations for Orchestra,' 'Tzigane,' 'Apollo '
by Art Priromprintr
November 7, 2003 -- Royce Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles

... as the Balanchine repertory argues, it can bring out all that is breathtaking and emotional about classical music.


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