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NOV 2003

Dance Umbrella 25th
September 28 - November 8, 2003 in London

At Queen Elizabeth Hall

Silver Celebration - Dance Umbrella
by Stuart Sweeney -- October 23, 2003
The Silver Celebration had a muted first half, but celebrated in style after the interval. First we saw "If Not Why Not" a film of Akram Khan and the other four dancers of his Company.

Stephen Petronio Company -
'The Island of Misfit Toys', 'Broken Man', City of Twist'

by Lyndsey Winship -- October 18, 2003
If you want to fill the Queen Elizabeth Hall, bring in the big names. Choreographer Stephen Petronio guaranteed bums on seats...

At Sadler's Wells

Rosas - 'Small Hands (Out of the Lie of No)'
by Cassandra  -- October 15, 2003

Choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and Cynthia Loemij made their entrance by running through the empty upper levels of the theatre and dashing into the performance space

Teshigawara / Karas - 'Luminous'
by Cassandra -- October 11, 2003
As the title suggests Saburo Teshigawara's "Luminous" is concerned with illumination, both visual and perhaps also inward.

Trisha Brown Dance Company - Two Views - 'Set and Reset', 'Geometry of Quiet', 'Groove and Countermove'
By Petra Tschiene and Ben Cox
This week"s performances at Sadler"s Wells mark the 5th appearance of the Trisha Brown Dance Company as part of Dance Umbrella...
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Michael Clark Company - 'Oh My Goddess'
by Rosella Simonari -- October 4, 2003
A huge sheet-like programme in a fluorescent orange served as my introduction into Michael Clark's underworld...

Michael Clark Company - 'Oh My Goddess'
by Cassandra -- October 1, 2003
To this day Michael Clark is described as an enfant terrible, despite the fact that he's now in his forties.

Dance Umbrella Birthday Gala
by OdileGB -- September 9, 2003
On Sunday the 2003 Dance Umbrella season opened with a Gala to celebrate the Festival's 25th birthday and what a fabulous night of dance it was...

At The Place

John Jasperse Company - 'Giant Empty'
by Lyndsey Winship -- October 21, 2003
Plenty of people are baffled by contemporary dance. They think it's abstruse and arty, all unfathomable statements, twisted bodies and the odd twisted mind.


Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion - 'Both Sitting Duet'
by Ramsay Burt -- October 15-17, 2003

They sit down and before you realize it they are already into the movement, reaching down, brushing the floor, stroking their palms across the denim on their thighs ...

Rosas - 'Once'
by Thea Nerissa Barnes -- October 18, 2003
Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker is a person who in the passage of the dance becomes the body upon which angst and cherished life experiences are witnessed and lived through.

Charles Linehan Company - 'Grand Junction', 'Disintegration Loops'
by Petra Tschiene -- October 13 2003
This year Charles Linehan's contribution to Dance Umbrella consisted of a double bill, the intense duet "Grand Junction' and the new "Disintegration Loops.'

Déja Donné - 'In Bella Copia'
by Cassandra
-- October 9, 2003
Déja Donné's programme notes for "In Bella Copia" ended with the sentence "We will revolt...and turn to our nakedness..." I feared the worst and got it.

Josef Nadj - 'Le Temps Du Repli'
by Katie Phillips -- October 7, 2003
...it is both stimulating and refreshing to be challenged by a performance practitioner with renown on the International Mime scene...
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Interview with Russell Maliphant
by Donald Hutera

British choreographer Russell Maliphant has been preparing for Umbrella 2003 with his usual soft-spoken dedication.


Interview with Charles Linehan
by Donald Hutera

In a studio Greig Cooke and Andreja Rauch slide, roll, spin and drop their way through Charles Linehan's duet 'Grand Junction.'

Interview with Stephen Petronio
by Donald Hutera

For his ninth Umbrella visit (some of which happened when he was dancing for Trisha Brown), New York resident Stephen Petronio is bringing three pieces ....

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World Dance, Musicals and Social Dance

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The Kirov Ballet on tour
· Kirov - Jewels
· Kirov - Fokine Program
· Kirov - La Bayadere
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· Paris Opera Ballet Questions
· TNOP Garnier - Spectacle Balanchine, du 2 au 16 octobre 2003
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Matthew Bourne,
New Adventures & AMP

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AMP in LA - Under the Hood
by Lara Hartley with Ed Lippman - 2001

The Artist's Notebook
by Matthew Bourne - September 2001


'On Your Toes'
by Emma Pegler - August 2003

'On Your Toes'
by Joanne Brack - August 2003

'On Your Toes'
by RAK - August 2003

Adam Cooper and Friends
by RAK - July 2003

'Car Man' in Berkeley, CA
by Mary Ellen Hunt - November 2001

'Car Man' in Los Angeles, CA
by Ed Lippman - September 2001


Matthew Bourne
by Lara Hartley - September 2001

Matthew Bourne
by Ed Lippman - September 2001

Will Kemp
by Ed Lippman - October 2001

Scott Ambler
by Lara Hartley - September 2001

Neil Penlington
by Ed Lippman - September 2001

Richard Winsor
by Lara Hartley - September 2001

Adam Galbraith
by Lara Hartley - October 2001

Andrew Corbett
by Lara Hartley - October 2001

Arthur Pita
by Lara Hartley - October 2001

Kevin Muscat
by Lara Hartley - October 2001

Darren J. Fawthrop
by Ed Lippman - October 2001

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George Piper Dances


Martha Graham Soloist Tadej Brdnik
by Francis Timlin and Dean Speer
I'm from a small town of about 10,000 people in Slovenia and was literally recruited off of the soccer field!

George Piper Dances - Michael Nunn and William Trevitt
by Dani Crawford and Carol Herron
Their good looks, unassuming "bloke next door" charm, and self deprecating sense of humor make George Piper Dances founders, Michael Nunn and William Trevitt both ex-Royal Ballet dancers, the perfect poster "boyz" for the challenge of opening up the world of dance to a new generation.


Conversations on Pacific Northwest Ballet - William Forysthe's 'Artifact II' and Lynne Taylor-Corbett's 'Mercury'
by Francis Timlin
William Forsythe stager Glenn Tuggle was on hand to lead off the discussion of "Artifact II" with an introductory explanation of some of the unique aspects of Forsythe's choreography.
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Brooklyn Academy of Music
October, 2003

Interview with Ballett Frankfurt's Dana Caspersen
by Holly Messitt
I"ve had the fortune to work with a group of extraordinary artists on a large and varied series of projects throughout the years.

Ballett Frankfurt - 'The Room As It Was,' 'Duo,' '(N.N.N.N.),' 'One Flat Thing, reproduced'
by Holly Messitt
I"ve had the fortune to work with a group of extraordinary artists on a large and varied series of projects throughout the years.

Merce Cunningham Dance Company - 'Split Sides' and 'Fluid Canvas'
by Alyson Abriel
October17, 2003 -- Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York

"Split Sides" is ...split into 20 minutes halves ...two pieces of commissioned music by the bands Radiohead and Sigur Ros, two lighting plots by designer James F.Ingalls, two movements of choreography, two sets of costumes by James Hall


Kirov Ballet logo
For Critical Dance's complete coverage of the Kirov's Tour, visit our KIROV USA TOUR page.

US tour reviews

'Chopiniana,' 'Scheherazade,' 'The Firebird'
by Art Priromprintr
October 23, 2003 - Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, CA

The exoticism of "Scheherazade" was vividly brought to life, and the creatures in "The Firebird" were otherworldly.


'Chopiniana,' 'Scheherazade,' 'The Firebird'
by Art Priromprintr
October 21, 2003 - Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, CA
In "Chopiniana" the dances "float" atop he music; the effect is dreamlike and beautiful.


'Chopiniana,' 'Scheherazade,' 'The Firebird'
by Lisa Claybaugh
October 7 , 2003 -- Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley, CA

Tuesday night's Fokine Program proved that the Kirov is still dancing at top form and still connected to their history.
read more..

by Catherine Pawlick
October 10, 2003 -- Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley, CA
"Jewels" greets us with boundless energy, stylistic accuracy and impressive artistry.

by Art Priromprintr
October 24-25 , 2003 - Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, CA
But while Vishneva danced the role as a more mature, flirtatious woman, Irina Golub on Saturday night was like a young girl with energy flying out of her from all directions. Golub had the same technical flash as Vishneva, but Golub's personality was completely different ...

' La Bayadere'
by Art Priromprintr
October 15 , 2003 - Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, CA
... the corps, the marvelous corps de ballet: Each movement was perfectly timed, and their cohesiveness was breathtaking.

'La Bayadere'
by Jeff Kuo
October 15, 17, and 19, 2003 - Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, CA

The grand Kirov Ballet brought that old Mariinsky warhorse, "La Bayadere," to a well heeled crowd at the Kodak ...

'La Bayadere'
by Art Priromprintr
October 17 , 2003 - Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, CA

It's a mix of the old Soviet version and the new-old reconstruction, with more mime....

Akram Khan's 'Kaash'

Akram Khan - 'Kaash'
by Mary Ellen Hunt
September 18, 2003 -- SF International Arts Festival, CA

Sometimes it's best to go to something without any expectations.

Akram Khan - 'Kaash'
by Jenai Cutcher
October 14, 2003 -- Joyce Theater, New York

Kaash" begins with the enormous potential of space. The density of the large, black rectangle serving as backdrop, the utter stillness of the man facing ...

Oregon Ballet Theatre's
'New Beginnings'

Inaugural Performance - 'Rubies,' 'Twilight,' 'Duo Fantasy' and 'Company B'
by Azlan Ezaddin
October 11, 2003 -- Keller Auditorium, Portland

Portland could very well become the genesis and the center of a new US West Coast axis.

Inaugural Performance - 'Rubies,' 'Twilight,' 'Duo Fantasy' and 'Company B'
by Dean Speer
October 11, 2003 -- Keller Auditorium, Portland

Stowell has at once been conservative and bold in his choices.


l'Opéra National de Paris - 'Clavigo'
par Audrey Delsanti
25 Octobre, 2003 -- Palais Garnier, Paris

Je découvrais ce ballet de Roland Petit : les décors sont sobres et la chorégraphie est relativement pure mais centrée autour de l'action. Cette ambiance plutôt intimiste est assez appréciable.

l'Opéra de Paris - 'Tchaïkovsky pas de deux', 'Le Fils prodigue', 'Palais de Cristal'
par Catherine Schemm
2, 6, 8,15 octobre 2003
-- Palais Garnier, Paris
Un chorégraphe servi par des interprètes magiques. La saison de l'Opéra de Paris s'est ouvert cette année avec un spectacle en hommage à Balanchine

l'Opéra National de Paris - 'Symphonie en Ut', 'Le Fils Prodigue', 'Les Quatre Tempéraments'
par Patrice Delay
12 octobre 2003, Palais Garnier/Paris
Brigitte Lefèvre a été bien inspirée en composant le programme de ce spectacle George Balanchine qui a ouvert la nouvelle saison du Ballet National de l'Opéra de Paris.

Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon - Mathilde Monnier, Russel Maliphant, William Forsythe
Par Anne-Marie
4 octobre 2003 - Maison des Arts de Créteil/Paris
Les Parisiens devraient moins boudés (pour ne pas dire autre chose) les salles de banlieue (Créteil, Bobigny, Noisiel) tellement les surprises y sont douces et agréables, et les conditions d'accueil plus que respectables.

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo
Par Clara de Ferrières
9 octobre 2003 -- Théâtre Mogador, Paris

Nous avons trop peu souvent l'occasion de voir les ballets Trockadero en France, et leur venue au théâtre Mogador du 7 au 12 octobre a permis aux amateurs de revoir cette compagnie, et aux néophytes de les découvrir !

editors' picks

Los Angeles
·LaLaLa Human Steps - 'Amelia'
November 12-15. Royce Hall, UCLA
Edouard Lock continues the exploration of pointe begun in 'Salt." Post-modern dance has hardly been so chic.
· Ballet Nacional de Cuba - 'Don Quixote'
November 14-15, 2003 Cerritos Center for the Peforming Arts, Cerritos
Sated on excesses of swans, sin, and suffering?  Experience the pleasures of the comic spirit, ballet style.

New York
·George Piper Dances
November 4-9, Joyce Theater
This cheeky company formed by U.K.'s "Ballet Boyz" is a hit in its home country. Their first U.S. tour includes works from Forsythe, Weeldon, and Maliphant.
·Rosas: Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker
November 12-15, BAM Brooklyn
Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaker's Rain, with music by Steve Reich, reportedly pleases through pure, abstract movement.

San Francisco Bay Area
· Suzanne Farrell Ballet - 'Mozartiana,' 'Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux,' 'Meditation,' 'Waltz of the Flowers'
Nov 14-15, Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley
Nov 16, Flint Center, Cupertino
Farrell's fledgling company makes its Bay Area debut bringing one of her signature ballets and Balanchine's last great masterpiece, 'Mozartiana.'
· AXIS Dance Company - 15th Anniversary performance
Nov 19-23, Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco
Arguably the foremost mixed-ability dance company in the country celebrates its 15th anniversary with special appearances by Victoria Marks.

· Philadanco - Fall Concert Series
November 20-27, Kimmel Center
The Philadelphia Dance Company, better known as Philadanco, presents its Fall Concert Series featuring guest artist Christopher Higgins.
· Complexions
November 15-16, Annenberg Center
The company's Philadelphia debut, a special event for subscribers of the Dance Celebration Series, features former dancers from Alvin Ailey, Dance Theater of Harlem, and Philadanco.

· Merce Cunningham Dance Company
"Anniversary Events"

November 4-6. Tate Modern: Turbine Hall
Cunningham celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Dance Umbrella and the 50th of his Company in an extraordinary space.
· National Ballet of China - "Raise the Red Lantern"
11-15 November. Sadler's Wells
The first visit to the UK of this important company with Zhang Yimou's own adaptation of his famous film.

·Marseille, Ballet National de Marseille - "Don Quichotte"
7 au 9 novembre
Chorégraphie par Marie-Claude Pietragalla d'après Marius Petipa.
· Massy, Ballet de Nancy(no link)
Programme Limon/Cunningham - les références américaines

14 novembre 2003
·Paris, Ballet National de Chine "Epouses et Concubines"/ "Raise the Red Lantern"
21 au 25 novembre 2003. Châtelet

Tallinn, Estonia
· Estonian National Ballet - "Romeo and Juliet"
From November 8. Opera House
Tiit Härm's new choreography to Prokofiev's wonderful score. CriticalDance poster Vladimir Arhangelski will be dancing the role of Romeo.
· "Swan Lake"
November 17-25. Kanuti Gildi Saal
A modern dance version by Peeter Jalakas and Sasha Pepelyaev linking the ballet classic with the history of theSoviet revolution. Soon to be seen in the US.

· Ballett der Staatsoper Unter den Linden - "Onegin"
November 9 (premiere), 12, 14, 22, 27, 29
The second major production to come out under the acclaimed directorship of Vladimir Malakhov, who will dance in the role of Lenski.
·"re-construction new production"
November 15 - 30. Sophiensaele andTanzfabrik
A series of reconstructions, galas, and new works celebrating the 25th anniversary of Berlin's Tanzfabrik (dance factory), the hot spot of contemporary dance in Berlin and important initiative for dance in Germany.

· Rome, Les Ballet C. de la B - "Foi"

November 7-9. Teatro Valle
The lastest work by choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, that mixes dance, mediaeval music and acting.
·Parma, Aterballetto - "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
November 29. Teatro Regio
A full length ballet by director Mauro Bigonzetti, on specially composed music by Elvis Costello.
·Parma, La Scala Ballet Company - "Don Quixote"
November 20-21, Teatro Regio
La Scala production of Nureyev famous choreography, with Roberto Bolle guesting.


American Ballet Theatre - 'Family Friendly' Program
by Lori Ibay
October25, 2003 -- City Center, New York

Balanchine's "Theme and Variations" began the program, and the crowd drew in a collective breath as the curtain rose on a radiant Paloma Herrera in a glittering pink costume with Marcelo Gomes opposite her framed by a female corps costumed in lavender tutus.

Nikolais Dance Theatre - 'Crucible,' 'Lythic', ' Blank on Blank,' ' 'Liturgies 'Finale,' 'Noumenon Mobilus,' ' Mechanical Organ,' ' Tensile Involvement'
by Toba Singer
October 24, 2003 -- Stanford Lively Arts, CA

There is nothing of the no-commitment, audience-impervious, self-conscious, navel-gazing stuff that shrieks "experimental," and yet puts you right to beddy-bye.

Martha Graham Dance Company - 'Deep Song,' 'Diversion of Angels,' 'Errand into the Maze,' 'Embattled Garden, 'Chronicle'
by Dean Speer
October23, 2003 -- Meany Theater, Seattle

When the curtain went up on Christine Dakin ...for "Deep Song," the audience broke out into welcoming applause. This was applause representing gratitude and appreciation for Martha's work combined with thanks for the Company's survival and hope for its future.

Union Dance - 'Permanent Revolution V2R'
by Thea Nerissa Barnes
October 18, 2003 --
Linbury Studio Theatre, London
A whimsical romp of vignettes, duets, and ensemble patterns, this dance merges Diaspora dance moves accompanied by quotes of linear balletic-come-contemporary dance lines.

Tere O'Connor Dance - 'Lawn'
by Jenai Cutcher
October 17, 2003 --
Dance Theater Workshop, New York
In works like "The World is a Missing Girl," "Choke," and "Hi, Everybody," O'Connor uses irony and dry humor to examine current affairs, raise questions, and provoke reactions ...

Mark Morris Dance Group - 'Going Away Party,' 'All Fours,' 'A Spell,' 'Gloria'
by Carol Herron
October 2003 -- Center for the Arts, George Mason University, Washington, D.C.

The Center for the Arts has a long standing relationship with Mark Morris, where his group performs annually and where he conducts master classes.

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'A Fancy 40th':  'Concerto Barocco,' 'The Four Temperaments,' 'Fancy Free'
by Lori Ibay
October 11, 2003 -- Merriam Theater at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Backing the principal dancers, a solid corps of eight women expertly created ever-changing formations, weaving in and out of intricate patterns with an easy fluidity that gave the complex designs the illusion of simplicity.

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago - 'Petite Mort,' 'Kiss,' 'Diphthong,' 'Cor Perdut,' 'Full Grown Man'
by Mary Ellen Hunt
October 11, 2003 -- Stanford Lively Arts, Stanford University , Palo Alto , CA

Nothing says "dance for grown-ups" more than a work by Jiri Kylian.

Cincinnati Ballet and BalletMet - 'Jewels'
by S.E. Arnold
October 10-12, 2003 -- Aronoff Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

...  a synopsis of the Age of Giselle for "Emeralds," the Age of Jazz for "Rubies," and the Age of Petipa for "Diamonds" .... the successful production of "Jewels" in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, followed from the blended efforts of the Cincinnati Ballet and BalletMet companies.

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'A Fancy 40th':  'Concerto Barocco,' 'The Four Temperaments,' 'Fancy Free'
by Lewis Whittington
October 8, 2003 -- Merriam Theater at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Pennsylvania Ballet shot out of the gate with their starting bill of George Balanchine works that shows what this troupe is made of and what they aspire to.

nu: TEMPO experimental dance company - 'So eu sei o que passei' and "Relaçoes'
by Thea Nerissa Barnes
Oct 6, 2003 -- Jacksons Lane Theatre, London
The second dance, "Relaçoes" was definitely born out of passion; Pereira had something to say in this work...

Sensedance - 'Selections from Gesange op. 6,' 'Garden,' 'Petit Pas,' 'Faith in Spring,' 'On the Fritz'
by S.E. Arnold
October 6, 2003 -- Joyce SoHo, New York

Given in the intimate yet capacious and welcoming space at the Joyce SoHo, Sensedance presented an evening of five works choreographed by the company's artistic director Henning Rübsam.

Carlotta Sagna - 'A'
by Jenai Cutcher
Oct 2, 2003 -- The Kitchen, New York
Like any performer, dancers express deep aspects of themselves and inhabit a risky state of vulnerability every time they step in front of an audience.

Washington Ballet - 'Momentum,' 'The Poet Acts,' 'Nocturne Monologue,' 'Firebird,' 'In the middle, somewhat elevated'
by Carole Herron
October 2003 -- Washington, D.C.

For me, the most amazing thing about this dance was how musical the movements were.

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company - 'The Phantom Project'
by Jenai Cutcher
September 19, 2003 -- The Kitchen, New York

"The Phantom Project" represents their history and their present, but it is also part of ours -- the dance community's.

Rosas/Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker - '(but if a look should) April me'
by Rosella Simonari
September 18, 2003 -- La Monnaie/De Munt, Bruxelles

It is an adventure in itself to watch this performance.

Jo Strømgren Kompany - 'Tok Pisin and 'Destination Moscow'
by Jurate Terleckaite
September 2003 -- Vilnius, Lithunia
His new work, "Tok Pisin," is a typical modern dance performance about everything and nothing, without a clear story.

Positano "Leonide Massine" 2003 Prize Gala
by Patrizia Vallone
September 6, 2003 -- Positano, Italy

The evening began with Irma Nioradze performing "A Woman" ... in which she danced the role of a modern, self-assured woman, looking very sexy in a sleeveless, clinging black dress. .

Bawren Tavaziva - 'Gule Dance'
by Thea Nerissa Barnes
September 11, 2003 -- Jacksons Lane, London

Tavaziva's dance seems to have two stories to tell: the despair in finding a spiritual resting place and competition between spirits.

San Francisco Ballet in LA

San Francisco Ballet - 'Allegro Brillante,' 'Concerto Grosso,' 'Polyphonia,' 'Elite Syncopations'
by Jeff Kuo
October 10, 2003 -- Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles

Set to Tschaikovsky's third and unfinished piano concerto, 'Allegro' is shorter and smaller than its majestic cousin, Tschaikovsky Concerto No. 2. 'Allegro's' ambitions seem smaller.

San Francisco Ballet - 'Allegro Brillante,' 'Concerto Grosso,' 'Polyphonia,' 'Elite Syncopations'
by Art Priromprintr
October 9, 2003 -- Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles

"Mixed" ended up being true of both the performances and the repertoire.

San Francisco Ballet - 'Don Quixote'
by Art Priromprintr
October 8, 2003 -- Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA

What a difference a single night makes.

San Francisco Ballet - 'Don Quixote'
by Art Priromprintr
October 7, 2003 -- Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA

That it lived up to the challenge of making an evening of fun and entertaining ballet was  helped in no small part by Lorena Feijoo and Joan Boada's absolutely fantastic performances as Kitri and Basilio.

George Piper Dances Presents the Ballet Boyz

George Piper Dances/Ballet Boyz - 'Steptext,' 'Mesmerics,' 'Torsion'
by Lew Whittington
October 23, 2003 --  Annenberg Center, Philadelphia

William Trevitt and Michael Nunn, a.k.a. the Ballet Boyz are traversing the globe like wild animals, hunting down choreographers for new works and dancing their hearts out with three guests artists -- Hubert Essakow, Oxana Panchenko and Monica Zamora -- comprising a fab-five embarking on all points west in the US.

George Piper Dances/Ballet Boyz - 'Steptext,' 'Mesmerics,' 'Torsion'
by Dani Crawford
October 21, 2003 --
Lisner Auditorium, Washington, D.C.
If George Piper Dances had any concerns about how they might play to American audiences, those surely dissipated no more than three cities into their tour. With reviews that have extolled their every virtue, there should be no doubt left in anyone's mind.

George Piper Dances/Ballet Boyz - 'Steptext,' 'Mesmerics,' 'Torsion'
by Andre Yew
Oct 4, 2003 -- Royce Hall, Los Angeles,CA

That they also choose dance pieces with intelligence makes it a no-brainer to see them whenever they perform.

Letter from the Editors
     Whether the dance was cathartic, inspirational, humorous, or just one to miss, one of the pleasures of live performance comes from the discussions you have about the dance afterwards. Sadly, few newspapers offer more than limited coverage of even the most significant dance events. We believe that multiple perspectives on performance are not only interesting but necessary. Everybody brings something valuable to the table.
This month, Ballet-Dance Monthly takes on the Kirov Ballet, George Piper Dances, Pennsylvania Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon, and more. Modern dance hasn"t been neglected either: Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Rosas, the BAM Next Wave Festival, Dance Umbrella to name a few.
      With such an abundance of original reviews and interviews, it"ll almost be like talking dance over lattes and the carrot cake at Diedrich Coffee or Pizza Express. Or, better yet, work up a cafe and pastry appetite by joining us in any of our many discussion forums. The link is on every page... we'll meet you there!

      As always, we love to hear what you think. Please post your comments in our Magazine Feedback Discussion Topic in the CriticalDance forum. And, if you want the magazine delivered right to your inbox, subscribe!

The Editors of Ballet-Dance Monthly

P.S. If you're enjoying this issue of Ballet-Dance Monthly, please forward it to a friend!


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