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SEPT 2003


What's happened to Berlin's Tanz im August Festival?
by Franz Anton Cramer
August, 2003

It would be a great achievement to communicate the variety and relevance of so-called contemporary dance forms to an audience that might not yet have had the chance to become accustomed to innovations of and within the performing arts. 

Justifying Judson:
A One day colloquium with Deborah Hay and Yvonne Rainer

by Katie Phillips
Dancers began to walk and run, or simply do nothing – a specific relationship with the space was all that mattered.

Nederlands Dans Theater:  Jorma Elo
by Maria Technosux
May - June 2003

Personal reflections on NDT's Jorma Elo from our correspondent in Amsterdam.


Ariana Lallone & Otto Neubert of Pacific Northwest Ballet
by Francis Timlin & Dean Speer
"We each recognize that our careers are so important. And we find that we're able to separate our personal and professional lives."

Mark Morris on Lou Harrison, Léo Delibes and Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys
by Mary Ellen Hunt
"Every dance ever is because of the music," Mark Morris declares, ending his statement with a tone that implies "full-stop."

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Diablo Ballet
Lauren Jonas Artistic Director

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Image Gallery

Features & Interviews

Rescued Diablo Ballet survives, and shines
by Mary Ellen Hunt - March 14, 2003

Diablo's dilemma inspires donor
by Mary Ellen Hunt - September 9, 2002

Diablo Ballet's Save the Ballet Campaign
by Toba Singer - August 21, 2002

Without donations, curtain may fall on Diablo Ballet
by Mary Ellen Hunt - August 25, 2002

An Innovative Outreach Program
by Susie Freehafer - 2001

Lauren Jonas, Artistic Director
by Azlan Ezaddin - October 11, 1999


'Carmen' and 'Airs'
by Toba Singer - May 10, 2003

'Carmen' and 'Airs'
by Mary Ellen Hunt - May 9, 2003

'Pairs,' 'La Bayadere' and 'Walk Before Talk'
by Mary Ellen Hunt - March 14-15, 2003

'The Magic Toy Store'
by Mary Ellen Hunt - December 1, 2002

'White Light,' 'Who Cares?,' 'Incitations' and 'Scriabin for Two'
by Mary Ellen Hunt - May 5, 2002

'Air,' 'Vivaldi,' 'Refractions/Leather and Lace 'and 'The Groove'
by Karen Drozda - May 5, 2001

'Dancing Miles,' 'Bach de Trois,' 'Belong Pas de Deux' and 'Open Veins'
by Karen Drozda - January 13, 2001

'Open Veins,' 'Women's Stories,' 'Your Eyes' and 'Who Cares?'
by Karen Drozda - March 16-17, 2001

'No Title,' 'Apollo' and 'It's Not What You Think'
by Basheva - February 16, 2001

2000 Season Opener: 'Apollo,' 'Touched' and 'Pas de Quatre et Pas de Six'
by Karen Drozda - September 17, 2000

'Instead of a Tango,' 'Harlequinade Pas de Deux' and 'It's Not What You Think'
by Karen Drozda - November 14, 2000

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Visit Diablo Ballet at

Dance in Lithuania

A Short History of 20th Century Dance in Lithuania
by Jurate Terleckaite
Performances of ballet were recorded in the court of the Lithuanian Empire in the sixteenth century when Lithuanian culture was dominant in Central Europe.

'Carmina Burana'
by Julija Kalpokienë
February 2003 -- Opera House, Vilnius

Ballet lovers had already started voicing their disappointment with the fact that the National Opera and Ballet Theatre had been staging only new operas for a second successive year. Therefore, the premiere of Carl Orff’s "Carmina Burana" stirred up quite a lot of excitement among professionals and their audiences.

Click here to view Guillaume Dion's image gallery of the Lithuanian Ballet
Lithuanian Ballet Image Gallery
by Guillaume Dion

Estonia's August TantsuFestival 2003

Introduction to Tallinn and the Augusti TantsuFestival 2003
by Stuart Sweeney
I'm back in Tallinn for my second Augusti TantsuFestival and it's not a hardship.  I have to confess that I still see Tallinn through rose-tinted spectacles, but it combines so many positive characteristics - a capital city with high quality arts events including music and dance

Priit Raud -- Modern Dance in Estonia and the Role of 2.tants
by Stuart Sweeney
"[A] landmark was setting up our organisation, originally called 'The
Centre of Dance Information.' Nobody got paid and we all carried on with our other jobs. Now we are active as a production and receiving office and provide touring management for most of the Estonian independent choreographers and dancers."


Renate Keerd and Claire Croizé - 'mobile home' and 'Blowing Up'
by Stuart Sweeney
August 18, 2003 -- Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallinn
Distinctive movement and eye-catching theatricality...

Claire Croizé - 'Blowing Up'
by Nele Suisalu
August 18, 2003 -- Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallinn

"The emotion must come from the contrast between the fragility and the strength of human body. To breathe and find freedom. To stay standing in spite of the force of gravity.

Z00/Thomas Hauert - 'Verosimile'
by Tiit Tumalu

August 15, 2003 -- Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallinn
The August Dance Festival is something special in Tallinn, weightier than the summertime glitter that fills most performance spaces here. This was confirmed by the Belgian troupe Z00 who opened the Festival last Friday.

September 28 - November 8, 2003

Avshalom Pollak, Artistic Director of Inbal Pinto
by Donald Hutera
"This world cannot exist without hope, though sometimes it looks like there is no hope."

Sara PearsonSarah Pearson & Patrik Widrig, Choreographers
by Donald Hutera
"How Lot’s wife ever became a subject of discussion with my new dentist is beyond recall ..."

Deja DonneSimone Sandroni, Founder of Déjà Donné
by Donald Hutera
" They might protest, ‘I am not an actor!’ But for me there is no difference." Each art form, he believes, uses various methods, tools and languages to achieve the same, or a similar, result.

Kirov Ballet logo

'La Bayadère'
by Cassandra
August 2, 2003 (matinee) -- Covent Garden, London

For me the strengths of the production are threefold: the reinstatement of original chorography, some of it of great beauty, the far more logical sequence of the drama and the more attractive costumes.

'La Bayadère'
by Thea Nerissa Barnes
August 2, 2003 (matinee) -- Covent Garden, London
All power to the corps de ballet! Their unity was their grace.

'Swan Lake'
by Cassandra
August 7-8, 2003 -- Covent Garden, London

A highly conventional production that tells the familiar story in a straightforward manner with relatively unembellished choreography, it is streets ahead of its competitors.

'Le Corsaire'
by Cassandra
August 9, 2003 (matinee) -- Covent Garden, London

After seeing the Kirov's "Le Corsaire" on Saturday afternoon, I thought it was about time I read the Byron original to see just how much of Byron remains in the ballet.

'Serenade,' 'Rite of Spring,' 'Etudes'
by Cassandra
August 5, 2003 -- Royal Opera House, London
Themed titles can be silly or irrelevant, but this programme's name, "Contrasts", reflected the different styles and themes of the three works on show.

Interview with Igor Kolb
by Cassandra
When I asked Igor Kolb how he became a dancer his astonishing reply was, “By accident.”

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• Philadelphia's Fringe Festival
• Mark Morris's "L'Allegro" revived
• PNB's Carrie Imler and Paul Gibson

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Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo - 'Les Sylphides,' 'Pas de Trois des Odalisques,' 'Spring Waters,' 'Don Quixote,' 'The Dying Swan,' 'Stars & Stripes Forever'
by Holly Messitt
August 15, 2003 -- Damrosch Park, Lincoln Center, New York

Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center was overflowing with unlucky New Yorkers who had not or could not escape the city during the country's largest blackout in history.

Gala of International Ballet Stars 2003
by Marisa Hayes
August 9, 2003 -- Arnoff Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

If I had been blindfolded at the second annual Gala of International Ballet Stars, I would've guessed that I was in a sports arena.

Twyla Tharp Dance - 'Known by Heart Duet,' 'The Fugue,' 'Westerly Round,' and 'Surfer at the River Styx
by Holly Messitt
August 6, 2003 -- Joyce Theater, New York

Speaking many vernaculars, her work tends toward the fun, witty, and imaginative. Full of quick energy and fast, difficult footwork, it crosses boarders between ballet, tap, modern dance, disco, Flamenco ñ the list goes on.

Mike Minery's TAPAHOLICS
by Jenai Cutcher
August 10, 2003 -- The Duke at 42nd Street, NY

Everybody likes Mike. It's not hard to see why tap dancer Mike Minery has such a fan base in lively attendance for his Tapaholics performance at the Duke on 42nd St. last Sunday afternoon.

American Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive - Final Performance
by Kate Snedeker
August 1, 2003 -- LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts, New York

As August began, American Ballet Theatre's New York Summer Intensive program concluded with its traditional final performance that highlighted the varied and wonderful talents of the nearly 250 teenaged participants.

Trisha Brown Dance Company - 'Winterreise'
by Holly Messitt
July 31, 2003 -- John Jay College Theater, New York

As I watched Trisha Brown's choreography to Franz Schubert's "Winterreise," the song cycle Schubert wrote to Wilhelm Müller's poetry, I couldn't help but wonder at how amazingly well these two opposing temperaments worked together.

Manuel Legris et les solistes de l'Opéra de Paris -- 'Return to a Strange Land,' 'La Sylphide,' 'Magnificat,' 'Carmen,' 'Le Corsaire'
by Marc
25 juillet 2003 - Les Baux de Provence
Legris est magnifique d'aisance et de précision. Il a un charisme que je ne lui connaissais pas et séduit le public.

Summerfest : West Wave Dance Festival 2003
by Mary Ellen Hunt
July 24, 26, 2003 -- Cowell Theater, Fort Mason , San Francisco , CA

I admit, every year I approach Summerfest's West Wave Dance Festival with trepidation. There is an anticipation of what wonderful discoveries there might be, mixed with the knowledge that if I don't have enough coffee beforehand, I might not be awake by the time the good stuff rolls around.

Compañía Maria Pagés and MéMé BaNjO - Compagnie Lionel Hoche
by S.E. Arnold
June 25 - 29, 2003 -- Jacob's Pillow, MA
Although the companies performing concurrently at Jacob's Pillow often differ dramatically in dance styles, a viewer can nevertheless count on a complementary relationship between them.

Julio Bocca and Ballet Argentino - 'Boccatango'
by Patrizia Vallone
June 2003 -- Teatro Sistina, Rome

Academic technique blended with typical tango steps in an interesting and harmoniously "contaminated" dance style.

Buglisi/Foreman Dance- 'Scene 1: Pollen in the Air,' 'Suite; Arms Around Me,' 'Blue Cathedral,' 'Lisa D.,' and 'Requiem'
by S.E. Arnold

July 24-27, 2003 -- Doris Duke Theater at Jacob's Pillow, MA

Outside the theatre the golden sidelong light of the setting sun wove haunting shapes of shadow and mist across the great crush and crease of the Berkshire's fabric of stone, and in one's contemplative fancy this visual serenade met the Buglisi and Foreman works in even measure.

'On Your Toes' in London's Royal Festival Hall

In Your Stride
by Ruth Leon

July 2003
Cooper, known to many as the ‘grown up’ Billy Elliot, relishes the opportunity. ‘I’ve always wanted to do a musical and On Your Toes gives me everything I love doing in one fell swoop.’

Sarah Wildor and Adam Cooper in On Your ToesAugust 14, 2003
by Lyndsey Winship
It is testament to the gap between the world onstage and off that the only genuine Russian in this show, Irek Mukhamedov, is the one who sounds like he's faking it.

August 9, 2003
by Emma Pegler
A triumph and a thoroughly good night out! It is truly a pleasure to see such accomplished ballet dancers acting and singing so well. Adam Cooper is a feast for the eyes. He is tall, slim and beautifully proportioned.

August 5, 2003
by Joanne Brack

Adam Cooper as Junior gives an assured performance. He effortlessly tapped his way through the show combining the grace of Astaire and the athelticism of Kelly to great effect. Taking a leading role and choreographing such a dance laden show must have been a tremendous challenge.

August 4, 2003
by RAK
Adam Cooper has taken Rogers and Hart's classic 1936 musical and re-choreographed, re-vamped and revitalized it. The witty lyrics and beautiful melodies are brought zing up-to-date with some terrific tap routines, classical ballet and jazz dancing.

Letter from the Editors
      Balanchine said it about ballet but it's true of all dance: Dance is art and significant -- but first of all, it is a pleasure... With reviews of the new Adam Cooper "On Your Toes," the ever-spoofy Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, tapmeister Mike Minery's Tapaholics, and reports on ballet, modern dance, tap, tango, and jazz -- we think you'll agree.
      Worldwide, our far flung correspondents brave wind, water, wounds, wonder-rental cars, wilds, and parking garages to bring you dance from Lithuania, France, the Netherlands, and Italy, as well as heat-drenched London and power-less New York.
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