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JULY 2003
New Zealand School of Dance

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Anorexia/Body Image
£120,000 for a weeks wage...crazy or what.

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Ghost Dances,''Hurricane,' 'Unrest,' & 'Cheese'
by Lyndsey Winship -
June 20, 2002

'Visions Fugitive,' 'Ghost Dances,' '21'
by Thea Nerissa Barnes -
May 21, 2003

'Visions Fugitive,' 'Ghost Dances,' '21'
by Cassandra -
May 21, 2003


Mark Baldwin, Artistic Director
by Stuart Sweeney - June, 2002

Christopher Bruce, Former Director
by Lyndsey Winship - July, 2002

Bruce Sansom, Head of Development
by Stuart Sweeney - October, 2002

Christopher Bruce on Dance & Human Rights
by Stuart Sweeney - July, 1999

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Ballet de Bordeaux, Icare Ballet, & Cristina Hoyos
by Faustine
June 23, 2003 -- Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris
Je suis tout d'abord très surprise de voir apparaître Charles Jude dans le rôle d'Icare.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater - 'Revelations,' 'Winter in Lisbon,' 'Treading'
by Valérie Beck

24 juin 2003 -- Palais des Sports, Paris
Comment rester de glace devant une représentation de la compagnie d'Alvin Ailey? Le plaisir de danser et de faire partager l'amour de la danse est tel chez ces danseurs qu'il embrase la salle toute entière, véritablement mise à feu!

Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris - 'l'Histoire de Manon'
by Jean Luc Donay
Soirée' du 25 juin 2003 -- Palais Garnier, Paris
Sylvie Guillem (Manon) est une danseuse décidément étonnante. Au fil des années, je l'ai vue de nombreuses fois, dans différentes productions. J'ai pu alors constater que ses interprétations étaient tantôt décevantes, tantôt extraordinaires, mais toujours très atypiques.

Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris - l'Histoire de Manon'
by Catherine Schemm
Soirée du 12 juin 2003 -- Palais Garnier, Paris

Dès son entrée en scène, Aurélie Dupont impose sa présence unique sur le plateau de Garnier.

Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris - Soirée jeunes chorégraphes
by Catherine Schemm

20 juin 2003 -- Bastille, amphithéâtre, Paris
Cette année le ton était résolument à la recherche contemporaine, aucune oeuvre néoclassique n'étant présentée par Bruno Bouché, Nicolas Paul, Sébastien Bertaud,
Jean-Philippe Dury, Yann Bridard, Mallory Gaudion et Jérémie Belingard.





The Opening of Seattle's McCaw Hall
by Azlan Ezaddin
It is very possible and would not be at all suprising if Marion Oliver McCaw (MOM) Hall becomes the lastest ballet and opera palace that serious balletomanes and opera buffs add to their list of pilgrimages.

A Meeting of Minds
by Matz Skoog, Artistic Director, English National Ballet
Dance is a global art form and maybe ballet is more so than any other form of dance, because it's not restricted by borders or language barriers. And as the world becomes increasingly globalised, I can't imagine ballet managing to exist in isolation from that.
read more ...

La Biennale di Venezia
by Franz Anton Cramer
When has contemporary dance been so closely attached to contemporary visual art, and where would the programme be so audacious?
read more ...

Degas and the Dance
Jeff Kuo on the exhibition at Philadelphia Museum of Art
I sense that to the average curatorial eye, Degas' ballerinas are important less for themselves than as examples of the ways in which they locate Degas in a particular historical, social, and artistic milieu.
read more ...

Ballet and the Autistic Student
by A. Hallmark, a dance teacher from Texas
Last fall I was a new ballet teacher and found out that I had an autistic student in my class. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous, but readers on CriticalDance and my sister-in-law (who is a special ed teacher) put me at ease.
read more ...


Tiit Härm, Artistic Director, Estonian National Ballet
by Stuart Sweeney
Artistically, he is keen to have a wide range of choreographers to stimulate artists and audiences alike and to help ensure that Estonian ballet is noticed around the world.

Elvira Andrés, Artistic Director, Ballet Nacional de España
by Stuart Sweeney
All my life I have tried to learn as much as I can from Gades. Unfortunately I am not him! One of the big things I have learnt from him is that creation has to come from deep within you.

Karen Brown, Oakland Ballet
by Toba Singer
"There is so much to learn. It's good I didn't know how complicated it was before I accepted the directorship, or I might not have done it."

Irma Nioradze, Mariinsky/Kirov Ballet
Irma Nioradze in Don Quixoteby Emma Pegler
She hasn't appeared as a guest with other companies and she has found the repertoire at the Mariinsky sufficiently diverse to sustain a domestically focused career. The result of this is that she is adored within Russia.

Brigitte Martin, Nederlands Dans Theatre
by Jules Houben (courtesy NDT)

I always intended to stop at the high point in my career, and I seem to have stuck to that. I celebrated that farewell consciously, on stage with "Bella Figura". You know as a dancer that your chosen career is a short and painful one.


The New York International Ballet Competition

June 26, 2003 -- LaGuardia High School, NY
A report on the rehearsals from Kate Snedeker

June 27, 2003 -- Alice Tully Hall, NY
A report on the first round by Alyson Abriel

June 28, 2003 -- Alice Tully Hall, NY
The Gala Awards Ceremony and the winners of the NYIBC.

American Ballet Theatre

by Kate Snedeker, Mary Ellen Hunt, & Lori Ibay
June, 2003 -- Metropolitan Opera House, New York

'Swan Lake' - June 28
Mixed bill - June 25
'Swan Lake' - June 19, 21
'Don Quixote' - June 2
'Romeo and Juliet' - June 10, 11
'Romeo and Juliet' - May 29
'La Fille mal gardée' - May 23, 28
All Around is Light: 'Artemis' - May 20
'Hereafter'- May 16, 17
'La Bayadere' - May 10
Opening Night Gala - May 5
'A Rose by Any Other Name...' - April 27
'ABT's Corps de Ballet' - April 6

ABT Studio Company
'Continuo,' 'Revelry,' 'Tea and Temptation,' 'Heavenly Bodies' - April 15

New York City Ballet

by Kate Snedeker, Mary Ellen Hunt
Spring Season, 2003 -- New York State Theater, NY
'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
'Thou Swell,' 'Ballade' & 'Western Symphony'
'Carousel,' 'Piano Pieces,' 'Brahms-Schoenberg Quartet' & 'A Steadfast Tin Soldier'
'Le Tombeau de Couperin,' 'The Steadfast Tin Soldier,' 'Ballade' & 'Vienna Waltzes'
'Interplay,' 'Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux,' 'Vespro' & 'Vienna Waltzes'
'Le Tombeau de Couperin,' 'Tarantella,' 'Liturgy,' 'In the Night' & 'Symphonic Dances'
'Carnival of the Animals' & 'Guide to Strange Places'

School of American Ballet
Annual Workshop: 'Chopiniana,' 'The Flower Festival at Genzano,' 'Ballabile,' 'Swan Lake,' & 'Aurora's Wedding'

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Pacific Northwest Ballet gala preview
Summerfest/Next Wave
• Elizabeth Streb
Mary Cochran
The Kirov in London
Lithuanian National Ballet
Healthy dancing for Aussie students

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National Dance Company of Spain - 'Fuenteveojuna'
by Emma Pegler and Stuart Sweeney
June 16, 2003 -- Sadler's Wells, London
The fusion of well-selected, atmospheric music with passionate dance is all consuming.

Matthew Hawkins - 'Silent Rhythms'
by Thea Nerissa Barnes
June 13, 2003 -- Royal Opera House, London
...feet are primed, and hip sockets are tweaked, with concentration and purpose.

Joe Goode Performance Group- 'Folk'
by Mary Ellen Hunt
June 28, 2003 -- Yerba Buena, San Francisco
For the first time in my experience with the Joe Goode Performance Group, I had a real twinge. I think I was offended.

by Shanti Crawford
June 22, 2003 -- Public Theater, New York

Expertly curated, Danceshow 's eclectic mix of downtown dance scenesters often heralded the latest and greatest in performance.

Joffrey Ballet

- 'Suite Saint-Saens,' 'I/DNA,' 'L'Air d'Esprit' and 'Light Rain'
by Art Priromprintr
June 28, 2003 -- Music Center, Los Angeles
Saturday night's program of works choreographed by the Joffrey's artistic director Gerald Arpino was an entertaining, though hit-and-miss affair that brought out the technical virtuosity of the dancers.

- 'Parade,' 'L'Apres-midi d'un Faune,' 'Le Sacre du Printemps'
by Jeff Kuo
June 27, 2003 -- Music Center, Los Angeles

Even predating that feverish dream which is Hollywood, "Parade" realizes the insight that sometimes the previews are more entertaining than the feature films themselves.

- 'Les Noces,' 'L'Apres-midi d'un Faune,' 'Le Sacre du Printemps'
by Toba Singer

June 19, 2003 -- Flint Center, Cupertino
...a focal homage to the natural world, deftly centered in the program, book-ended by two energetic works.

Vancouver Goh Ballet - Silver Anniversary Gala

by Leland Windreich
June 12, 2003 -- Vancouver, BC

For the past quarter of a century the school has turned out a remarkable roster of accomplished ballet artists who are dancing in companies all over the world.

Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet - 'Where Are You My Love,'In C,' 'Ex Machina'
by Cassandra

June 17, 2003 -- Peacock Theatre, London

On the choreographic side, Rogers produces attractive works that are involving though without breaking any new ground.

Moscow Stanislavsky Ballet - 'Giselle'
by Toba Singer

June 14, 2003 -- Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco

Right from the start, this production bears the Stanislavsky imprimatur.

Birju Maharaj - Kathak Heritage
by Cassandra

June 11, 2003 -- Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

...as much about education as it was about entertainment.

East as CenterEast as Center
by Karen Drozda
June 7, 2003 -- ODC Theater, San Francisco

The ODC Theater's penchant for hosting dance events that educate as well as entertain thrilled dance fans again last week.

Royal Ballet - 'Romeo and Juliet'
by Stuart Sweeney
June 7th, 2003 -- The Royal Opera House, London
Ferri, returning to Covent Garden after many years, remains at the height of her powers and her dancing has an ease and grace that is very beguiling.

Moya Michael - 'Hatch,' ‘Invoking the First,' 'Escotilla,'‘Chamisela'
by Thea Nerissa Barnes
June 4, 2003 -- Purcell Room, London

There is a lot happening in British contemporary dance but these choreographers seem to be carving their own niche in the canon.

New Paradise Labs - 'Stupor'
by Lewis Whittington
May 29, 2003 -- Philadelphia, PA

Simply enthralling movement theater with the surreal power of a recurring dream.

Boston Ballet - 'Romeo and Juliet'
by Stephen Arnold
May 20, 2003 -- Boston, MA

Compelled by the dramatic and perceptual force of Sarah Lamb's performance ... one discovered in the welcome geometry of her arabesque and in the backward sweep of her arms and torso the dance images that illustrate the conflict of Shakespeare's play--divine reason vs. earthly passion.


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